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					South India is the spice of tourism in India, the entire peninsular part of India covered
by sea on three sides and land on the other side is an ancient piece of land and has
very rich culture and heritage which have remained altered for centuries. The culture
and the traditions of South India is completely different from the Northern part of the
country but the common factor is the high marks of hospitality of the residents of this
part of the country. The South India tours should ideally cover all the states located in
this part of the country because each and every state has much to offer to the tourists.
To say in brief South India has every thing from beaches to backwaters, temples to
ancient monuments and wildlife to forts and palaces, hill stations to swanky modern
cities. The entire region is superbly connected to the different parts of the country and
that makes traveling a pleasure. · The Beaches- Some of the famous beaches located
in the peninsular part of the country are Alapuzzah Beach, Kovalam Beach,
Kanyakumari beach, Malpe Beach, Varkala beach and the Marina beach. The beaches
located in different states of Southern India are extremely beautiful and often offer
picturesque scenery for the tourists. Sea food is one of the many specialties of coastal
areas. A South India Tour package includes visit to these beaches. · The
Backwaters- The state of Kerala is famous for its backwaters, the boat races and the
many festivals celebrated here. Kovalam and Alleppy are some of the well known
backwaters with superb accommodation facilities at the houseboats that are used for
cruising upon the backwaters. The other specialty of the State of Kerala is the
Ayurvedic Spa resorts located at different pockets of the states. The miraculous
treatments offered by the Spa resorts are extremely famous among tourists because of
the rejuvenating feelings that they offer. It is one of the major attractions of any South
India Tour package. · Hill Station- In general South India has warm climate but then
the mountain ranges offer some of the most beautiful hill stations in India. Places like
Munnar, Kodaikanal, Nilgiri Hills and Ooty are famous tourist destinations. They are
excellent places for honeymooning couples for they offer the much coveted seclusion.
Many of the South India tour packages are specially designed for honeymooning
couples. · Temples- South India specially known for the numerous temples located
here. The temples form an integral part of the heritage of the land and are brilliant
example of the masterly artistry of the people of the land. Most of the temple exhibit
rock cut architecture. The entire decorations in the massive sized temples are stone
work that reveals episodes form Hindu Epics and mythology. Some of the famous
temples are Somenathpur temple, Meenakshi temple, Tirupati temple, Mahabalipuram
temple, Sabarimala temple. In addition to temples South India has many Buddhist
monasteries and caves with Buddhist imprints. · The Monuments- Some of the famous
monuments of South India are Char Minar, Golconda Fort, Gol Gumbaz, Mysore
palace, Jewish Synagogue. These are must visit spot for South India Tours.

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