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Soul stealing


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									In order for you to understand the following paragraphs, I have to say a few words by
way of introduction. The text of this article belongs to the field of religion and is
based on belief, that within our human society there exists a secret society of Satan,
whose members worship the demoniacal world and one of their main concerns is to
steal the souls of elected people, who are supposed to be accepted into the Kingdom
of God. However, they steal the souls of some other people as well. Many people
wonder that their soul can be stolen, but it is so. However, it is written, that to steal
someone's soul, especially for bad purposes, is the biggest crime, far worse than
normal murder. In fact it is a crime that officially does not exist and therefore cannot
be committed, which means that no one can be punished for it. Accordingly to all the
laws, no crime of soul stealing exists. The Devil's servants are often employed in
health service in order to have access to dying people. They often wait long enough to
catch the souls of the dying tightly before the moment of their natural death so the
death looks overall naturally and even autopsy should not recognize the little
difference (= "deadly values" should already be in the range for natural death, but
very little lower than if the person died very little later if his or her soul was not stolen)
and, by the way, often it is just these Devil's servants (in the position of a doctor) who
are performing the examination of a corpse to determine the cause of death and who
are deciding if there will be any autopsy at all. Such a soul stealing can be done by the
look of eyes at the dying person, eventually by standing near him or her or by
touching. The Devil's servant concentrates on the Hellish world, he or she will open it
and bad beings from the Hell will catch the soul of the dying in order to draw it in
their parallel demoniacal world. Problem is that dying people have weakened vital
functions and the lack of vital energy, thanks to which the stealing of their souls is the
easier. This thing is being done all throughout the world and is subjected to the
highest concealment. In order to stay safe, one should be dying alone without being
seen by any other person (= no one is allowed to look at him and this is valid for any
electronic equipment as well as for any distant observation from an opposite house
through uncovered windows, for example) and without being too close to any other
person. Never trust anyone in the moment of your death, since sometimes you do not
know who is who even after tens of years of "knowing" him. In the last hour, no
company is always better than any bad one. And because the dying person usually
cannot fully recognize who is good and who is bad (no normal person can recognize it
precisely), best is to choose no company. For always is better to avoid not only own
relatives (if some relatives belong to the Society of Satan as well, they can rob the
dying one of his or her soul regardless of the fact that they are relatives), but also all
the emergency doctors & nursing sisters (some can be very dark although externally
purveying the best care) and any other med personnel as such in general. The known
problem is that the secret dark often exude such a big trust, that many people choose
them for their companion in the hour of their death, having no idea how horribly-bad
consequences it can have to their after-life's existence. Remember that especially if an
elected one would be about dying distant off other people and without being looking
at, the secret dark would try to find a way how to get to him and how to gain control
over him. The reason would be a fake one, for instance: he must be better taken care
of = under the supervision of a doctor; police must talk to him; there was an accident
about the place where he is dying and he must be transported to a different place; just
one especially good nursing sister has to be present during his death; some relative
must see him before he will die; a priest wants to pray for his soul while he is dying
and similarly. Take care of the safety of your soul. It does not matter too much how
pretty will be the sepulchral stone on your grave, if you were dying in a
nicely-looking dress or fully naked, if you have been excellently taken care of or very
little worse (better is a bit worse care from somebody who is normal and then your
soul there where it was supposed to go, than the best possible care from some Satanic
servant and then your soul in the Hell). The main thing that matters here is whether
your soul was or was not caught by the Hell and if it can or cannot be moved to the
spiritual world, to which it belongs by it's condition. ____________________ If you
want to read more from me, please visit my web sites and

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