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Some Natural Remedies for Gout


									Gout is metabolic arthritis and the main reason of gout is the deposits of uric acid in
the body. Uric acid is the breakdown of the purines which are the natural production
in the body. Some foods and beverages like the organ meats, mushrooms, beer,
anchovies and seafood contain higher amount of puirnes that leads to the
accumulation of the uric acid in the body that results in the painful disease of the gout
  Gout attacks are extremely painful with acute and intolerable pain in the joints and
tendons. Since gout has been around for centuries, a variety of natural remedies are
available for treating the pain and inflammation of the disease. Some natural remedies
are capable of reducing the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream. Good thing is that
they are harmless in nature and they do not have any side effect. When it comes to the
natural remedies, the cherries come first. They are the most popular natural remedy
for treating the gout problems. Recent studies have shown that the cherries have the
capacity to lower the uric acid level in the blood which is that main cause of the gout.
The compound present in the cherry is known as anthocyanins which is good for
relieving the inflammation and the pain caused by the gout. Cherries are also helpful
in the other types of arthritis and in colon cancer as well. It is proved that if a person
eats 30 to 40 cherries a day the uric acid level in the blood will be lower than the
persons who do not take the cherries. The gout patients can also drink the juice of
cherries which are also equally effective.
  Taking sufficient amount of water is yet another natural remedy for the gout patients.
6 to 8 glasses of water a day can really help the gout patient in preventing the
formation of the uric acid crystals and water also helps the kidneys to excrete the
extra uric acid from the body.
  Vitamin C is yet another natural remedy for the gout treatment. Vitamin C intake of
almost 500 mg a day really helps the body in lowering the uric acid level in the blood.
That is a reason why lemon or lemon juice that contains Vitamin C is good for
treating the gout problems. Lemon juice helps in reducing the uric acid level and it
also helps in relieving the inflammation and pain. However, those who have problems
of kidneys or those who are suffering from the medical condition 鈥 榟
emochromatosis 鈥 ?must consult the doctor before intaking the Vitamin C
  Bromelain can be yet another helpful choice of natural remedy for the gout problems.
The patients of the gout can take natural bromelain supplements to get rid of the
inflammation and pain of gout. You can get the bromelain from the pineapples and it
acts like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, they don 鈥檛 have the
side effects like the drugs. The protein foods are not generally linked to the high
purine foods producing the high uric acid level. Taking yogurt or milk every day can
really help in reducing the level of uric acids in the body.
  The natural remedies can work as the supplement medications. But you must consult
and be treated under a professional doctor when you have gout or potential gout
  Vicky Watts is the creator and webmaster for where she has
compiled information about natural cures and remedies for gout remedy related
problems and ailments. For more information about gout, go to my web page at Gout

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