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					Some would argue that the first cell phones were radios that were used in the 1920’s
by police officers. While others may say the first cell phone was introduced by
Motorola in 1973. Inventors applied the concept from the mobile car phone car in the
1940’s to help introduce the cell phone to the general public in 1984. Read on, to find
out more information about the history of the cell phone.
  Towers were established so that cell phone calls could pass from one tower to
another tower. This process was approved by the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) in 1968. Every city has a certain amount of cells that allows
phone calls to be made by way of the towers. Cell phone companies are then given
about 800 radio frequencies for each city they serve and the individual activates a cell
phone and pay for that service.
  The first cell phones were heavy and bulky with green and orange display numbers.
Motorola named the first cell phone, the DynaTAC 800X. Today, a cell phone can be
easily placed in your pocket. In fact, new technology has enabled the cell phone to
take pictures and sent messages. The competition has become so fierce among carriers
that they boast about which carrier has the fastest internet service and the best plans.
  As we look into the future, we can all see that the cell phone has almost replaced the
telephone in millions of homes worldwide. People are on the go, and they will not let
their cell phone go!
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