Solis SL 70 and other Espresso Makers by Solis by djsgjg0045


									Many espresso machine and coffee companies originate in Italy, a country known for
its coffee products. However, the home of Solis Espresso Machines is Switzerland,
and these machines have become known for having stylish features yet easy operating
  The Solis SL 70 and Solis SL 90 are basic espresso makers that can make beverages
using both loose coffee grounds as well as ESE pods such as illy espresso pods. If you
would like to use easy serving espresso pods instead of regular coffee grounds, both
models come with a basket in which the pods may be inserted. The SL 70 is
semi-automatic; the beverage flow is controlled by the user. The SL 90 is a fully
automatic appliance.
  The Solis Palazzo is a more sophisticated espresso maker than the SL 70 and SL 90
but is operation remains straightforward and not time consuming. The Palazzo's
display panel features a mere five buttons. These buttons control the Palazzo's many
features. This machine has a coffee grinder built into its design, so gone are the days
of brewing coffee from stale grounds that were ground in a factory months ago. After
pressing a button to activate the coffee grinder, your grounds will be deposited into
the brewing chamber, and your beverage will begin brewing. The Palazzo allows its
users to program preset brewing volumes, so that you can easily brew the perfect
amount of coffee into your favorite cup or travel mug. Even if your machine is
unplugged or shut off, the Palazzo will save this information for your convenience.
  As previously mentioned, the Solis Palazzo includes a coffee grinder. The coarseness
of your coffee grounds can be adjusted, so your grounds will be the perfect size
whether you are brewing strong espresso or light breakfast blend coffee. For those
who also like to make hot water for tea and cocoa, the Palazzo also includes a hot
water dispenser.
  Since the Palazzo is loaded with many features, it also includes a large price tag of
approximately $900. The SL 70 and SL 90 are available at a lesser cost.

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