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									Recently, by the China Institute of Standardization, China Association for Quality
Promotion, the Chinese Renewable Energy Society jointly organized a "national
standard solar water heater Solar Energy Conference & Wong Ming Detection
Technology Center opening ceremony" was held in Dezhou City, Shandong Province .
Easy to use in accordance with the standards of consumers to judge, currently on the
market nearly Qi Cheng solar water heater hidden troubles. In response, the meeting
discussed the solar water heater changes the direction of national standards and, based
on solar hot water use of the Committee's proposal to form a "Chinese solar energy
heat utilization industry standard Texas proposal" for the industry and consumers that
the purchase direction.

 The latest "status of China's solar water heater consumer report" shows that nearly
70% of the market potential safety hazard solar winter. From the national authorities
in the more than 30 seminars on the national standard for the industry status quo, the
quality and performance from the solar energy in terms of in-depth analysis leading to
this Qicheng hidden reason for the existence of solar water heaters. The experts
agreed that the hidden reason behind the first is to test standard, the product
"congenital disability." Existing lack of national standards and methods of the
corresponding detection index, due to technical limitations of small manufacturers
simply can not do testing. These flows have not been tested in the solar market, like
"bomb", which could "explode", Harbin had occurred within one month of 5 causes of
the cracking of solar pipe valve is leaking into ice crushing people's events; Secondly,
a lack of accessory options, a "semi" take advantage of. China's solar thermal
Professional Committee Luozhen Tao pointed out that this Qi Cheng "hidden solar
energy," not only affects the social, public safety, damage the reputation of solar
energy, but also triggered a consumer crisis of confidence in solar energy products. If
the "standard issue" is not solved, is bound to impede the pace of development
throughout the solar industry, solar energy the next development is worrying.

 View of this situation, the participating experts drafted and signed the "standard of
China's solar thermal industry in Texas proposal." They pointed out that solar hot
water systems must be provided, including the production of hot water piping hot
water main and transmission parts, and neither is dispensable, less hot water, like all
can not get home; Second, the product quality to reliably detect critical. Solar water
heater in winter to 40 degrees below zero low temperature resistance, resistance to
summer heat on Baidu, so the need to strengthen detection to protect the quality;
again, select Do not listen to vendors when verbal buy-free technical support have
detected hidden products.

 Experts agree that national standards should upgrade as soon as possible and to
avoid the "hidden solar energy" to happen.

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