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					At present, China Solar water heaters Industry on the whole, but there is a big part of
the small businesses, the absence of core technology without focusing on product
quality, leading to "products can not be used, no service pipes, fittings without
protection" of the "three noes" products abound.

 From a technical point of view, high-quality solar energy Water heater , First vacuum
tube solar collector water heater more efficient; followed by better insulating
performance of the water tank; once again be able to solve the problem of secondary
pollution of water quality and avoid the hot water tank stuck in the breeding of
bacteria, scale and harmful chemicals.

 Overview of the 500 Group won the most obvious factor is innovation. As a solar
water heater industry leader in technology research and development, Four Seasons
has 20 more songs Mu intellectual property rights, including a number of widely
followed technology industry, a strong impetus to the rapid development of the

 President Li Jun Song of Four Seasons MU that include selected 500 Chinese
enterprises of different industries in China, in different parts of the backbone of a
representative, a community observation about the state of development of Chinese
enterprises "wind vane" and "rain or shine Table. " Song of Four Seasons Mu target
these enterprises should become the solar industry advertised.

 Current priority is the "city to the countryside," exploring the Four Seasons song Mu
broad market space.

 In urban markets, the main solar water heater Sell Channel is still stores. But with
the professional Home Appliances Chain store expansion in the size and channel
status show also attracted a number of enterprises to move closer to the same time,
units of concentration Heating Engineering and residential developers to buy the bulk
of the Channel has become more uncertain.

  In rural markets, the spending power of farmers is relatively weak, and the markets
are more dispersed, the channel efficiency generally not high, so now most solar
energy enterprises in the rural areas without a sound sales network, after-sales service
is also not be guaranteed. Solar water heater "countryside" policy was unveiled, and
Four Seasons songs Mu, power Norit, and many companies have stepped up efforts to
open up sales channels in rural areas.

 "World to those who have channels." In the city, Four Seasons songs in addition to
consolidating the existing channels of Mu, also increased in emerging channels such
as home appliance chain development efforts; in the rural market will be the main
direction as a strategy to vigorously deep plowing secret agents, played a "million
service car project" and "Sunshine entrepreneurial action," the two hitting hard.
  The birth of China's solar water heater industry 20 years ago, initially as small
businesses, operating by geographical constraints, in the longer period of time, attach
little importance to brand communications. As the number of enterprises have
continuously developed products to the national market, highlighting the growing
importance of brand. Since 2003, the industry's brand-building significant warming,
some companies spend huge sums of money to hire stars as the image of the voice,
some companies through the sponsorship Olympics Venues and other channels to
boost its profile and brand image, a variety of ways, Marketing Promotion of
investment has increased significantly. Over the years, Mu-song has been the Four
Seasons brand promotion efforts in the industry's largest companies.

 "Technology", "channel" and "brand" in three areas of strengths, is to determine
whether a solar water heater companies in the industry shocks for the survival,
development and even the rise of the critical factors. Mu-song battle through three
seasons, has successfully seized the opportunities, development prospects.

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