slide show using java script

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					in java script tag
 function slideshow()
 { var x=settimeout(slideshow1,3000); }
 function                                                            slideshow1()
{ document.getelementbyid("imageid").src="images/imag2.jpg";
var y=settimeout(slideshow2,3000); }
 function                                                            slideshow2()
{ document.getelementbyid("imageid").src="images/imag3.jpg";
 var z=settimeout(slideshow3,3000); }
function slideshow3() {
 var a=settimeou(slideshow,3000); }
 //slideshow();(starts autometically after page load)
 script tag close
in bodyy tag
 img src="images/imag1.jpg"id="imageid" runat="server" onclick="slideshow()">
body tag close after loading the 1st image you must mouse click on the image
 2.if you want slide show start autometically after page load then you call the
function at inner script tag shown above on comment line.