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Simple Steps To Successful Cat Training _00002


									Well, we all know that cats can be very stubborn and that they usually have a mind of
their own. This unfortunately makes it very difficult to train a cat. But, does this mean,
a cat cannot be trained? No, not at all, contrary to what most people think, cats can be
  However, to make this work, you need to start training your cat when it is still very
young. I would even say, anyone who uses the right approach can train a little kitten.
On the other hand, training an older cat is very difficult and in many cases even
  The secret to training a little kitten is to make it think that you are her mother and
soon your little friend will start imitating what you are doing. But first, you have to
gain the trust and confidence of your cat. This may take some time and patience, and
it is really important that you don't shout at your cat or display any other aggressive
  The fastest way to get your cat to do what you want is to be tender and loving with it
and to encourage and reward it when it does the right thing. Cats, like most animals
like praise and they learn quickly that it pays off nicely when they do what you want
them to do.
  If you do have to reprimand your kitten don't use its name when doing so, because
you don't want it to associate its name with something that might upset her.
  As I already mentioned, it requires some patience to train a cat and it is important to
remain consistent and diligent at all times until you obtain the desired results. This
also means that other family members and even friends that may visit you should use
the same kind of commands and routines with your cat as you do.
  Of course, this is not absolutely necessary to successfully train your cat. I'm also
aware that this might be something a bit awkward or difficult to ask from someone
else, but it will surely help and allow you to train your cat in less time than it would
normally take.
  So, what should you do when your kitten doesn't want to follow your instructions?
By all means, never hurt it. What you can do to reprimand your cat when it is doing
something wrong is to flick a little bit of water at it or to clap your hands slightly to
frighten it.
  So, now you know the basic cat training techniques and as I already mentioned, be
patient and don't give up too quickly. A cat can be trained, especially when it is still
very young and as you will see, a trained cat is just so much more fun and it is well
worth the time and effort.

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