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					HC Network: Not long ago, you go to Germany to participate in the international
trade show?? FES PA Do you think the participation 2005 FE SPA The biggest gains
are feeling and what?

 Liang Guosheng: To go through this exhibition in Germany, the biggest gain
experience and is: we better recognize and believes that China is the largest screen
printing market. In the show, were set up five halls, but the real museum is only one
screen-printing professionals. There is an impression that most Printing Equipment
Side. Comparison, the domestic and international screen printing equipment in the
design of structures there is no great difference, but still room for domestic equipment
to improve accuracy. It is also the standard of living. The higher standard of living of
the higher product quality requirements.

 HC Network: From "AGF Trading Limited" to "Wang Fu Industrial Co., Ltd.," from
"Tanaka of Japan Ink Agent "Tanaka to be awarded the" development Southeast Asia
Sell Rights ", from pure ink to independent research and development agency of new
equipment ... ... In this nine years, AGF has experienced much change gave each leap
brought AGF, AGF development power you feel that?

 Liang Guosheng: I think the strength of being the size of a business is not important,
the key task is to where to develop. Some enterprises to immediate interests and the
pursuit of short-term benefits. AGF Co. was founded in 1996, when only one Operate
Screen printed materials agency staff, but 3; after 9 years of development, our
company has become more than 200 employees of a screen printing equipment in the
industry quite well-known export-oriented private enterprise, from simple trade,
development to the present trade, industry, technology integration. This course of the
past decade, the rich have a macro for each one conviction?? People-oriented, creative
hundred years old! It is this faith sustained development and growth one step at AGF.

 HC Network: Modern, corporate culture is more and more respected, a Health The
growth of corporate culture can enhance communication and solidarity employees to
enhance corporate cohesion, encourage enterprises to rapid growth. AGF's corporate
culture has always been a good reputation in the industry, AGF yes yes how to create
a corporate culture? What do you think of this culture?

  Liang Guosheng: Each enterprise culture for each individual has a different
understanding. I think the corporate culture mainly in five areas: management systems,
benefits, training, vision. Different companies with different starting point. On one
side, from the training we will not only provide professional training for every
employee, but also for different people who Planning Personalized Career These
training for a staff, is cherish forever. Although the five aspects, but all are around the
person, people-oriented, so I think a hundred years to do business, key people, how do
the people want is key to the rapid development of enterprises.
 Analogy: If the company likened to a car, then the business interests of petrol, every
employee is auto parts, only one less, but also often to protect them, we do not rule
out the corporate interests key, but we firmly believe that corporate staff is most
important. As the company helm, is the need for better maintenance of these parts, let
the car run better AGF farther.
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