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Family Camps


                                                                                                                  Baptist Camping
                                                                                                                   CAMP WILKIN BURNSIDE CAMP

                                                                                                              Burnside Camp

 “the best of both worlds,
  bush and beach with a
   friendly atmosphere”
                                                                                                               Camp Wilkin
Outside activities..                                    For bookings or further information...
There are many people in the area providing                  contact the Camp Staff at               Family Camps
activities for all groups such as surfing, canoeing,              CAMP WILKIN                           Camp 1 ~ 27 Dec 2010 - 2 Jan 2011,
horse riding, bike riding, bodyboarding, indoor        57 Noble Street, ANGLESEA, Victoria, 3230   Camp 2 ~ 2-8 Jan 2011, Camp 3 ~ 8-14 Jan 2011
rock climbing, kayaking, as well as educational          Ph: 03 5263 3222 Fax: 03 5263 1854
talks/walks at the beach, at night, or in the bush.
                                                            Email:                           Anglesea
                                                                                                                       Baptist Camping
                                                                                         CAMP WILKIN BURNSIDE CAMP
 summer Ho                                                  Things you need                                   Registration Form
                                   lidays                   to know:                                number of people
                                                                                                                                                      Price per week
The word is out, Camp Wilkin is holding its annual          • A fridge is available in which to           University students / Pensioners $240.00
                                                              place your lunch requirements in.
Summer Holidays Camps again. Camp Wilkin is                                                               12-18 years old                             $195.00
situated in Anglesea Victoria, just off the Great           • A daily bread order can be made             5-11 years old                              $145.00
Ocean Road, opposite the famous golf course. We               from camp.                                  3-4 years old                               $100.00

have kangaroos on site, within walking distance to          • Bikes are available under new               Under 3 years                               $20.00

beaches, parks and shops.                                     guidelines, a fee or a bond                                                             total:
                                                              may be required to cover              Please indicate which week/s you are attending
Bookings are for 1 full week or you can                       maintenance and damage costs.
                                                                                                         Week 1                       Week 2                       Week 3
stay for 2 full weeks.                                      • Children are the responsibility of
                                                              the parents.                          name
come and holiday in a relaxed christian
                                                            • First aid is the responsibility of
atmosphere.                                                                                         address
                                                              the parents, the Camp Wilkin
We provide you with your breakfast and evening                staff are first aid trained for
meals, then join in our evening programs which is for         assistance.
all ages.                                                   • All activities are to be supervised   Postcode                                   Phone
                                                              by the parents.
During the day you’re free to do what pleases you.                                                  email
                                                            • Special dietary requirements can
That may be spending time on the beaches, enjoying            be catered for.                       church affiliation
the many camp activities, playing a round of golf or
                                                            • Please keep noise in the lodges
visiting families and friends. Walk down to the many          to a minimum at all times.            name of family members                                         age of children
coffee shops. The Wilkin bus will be doing some day
                                                            • All families will be required to      1
trips during the week.
                                                              be on a roster for setting up of      2
There are markets on the riverbank on Sundays, they           tables and dishes.
are a good day (before or after church of course).          • The Camp Committee has
                                                              directed that there be No Alcohol     4
                                                              on site


                                                                                                    Special diets:
                                                                                                    rsVP:      13th December 2010 with a $100.00 deposit.
                                                                                                               Payment by cheque or cash, no credit cards,
                                                                                                               direct debit available.
                                                                                                               57 Noble Street Anglesea 3230
                                                                                                               Ph: 5263 3222 Fax: 5263 1854

                                                                                                        You have been added to our mailing list for future camps,
                                                                                                        if you would like to be taken off the mailing list please tick.

Camp Wilkin is an accredited camp-site by the Camping Association of Victoria. The property is owned by the Baptist Churches.

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