; Short Flights- Ideal for Autumn City Breaks
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Short Flights- Ideal for Autumn City Breaks


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									Great holidays don 鈥檛 have to mean long flights; with so many great destinations
less than three hours away, there 鈥檚 an ideal holiday for everyone within easy reach.
UK airports offer so many heading to top destinations, those looking for this autumn
needn 鈥檛 suffer long journeys to find a perfect location.
  Need to escape the UK and unwind? Consider a trip to the Hungarian capital of
Budapest where you can find some of the world 鈥檚 most impressive spa and bath
houses. The spas are built above naturally occurring thermal springs which bubble up
from the fault-lines along the river Danube. The water is regarded as having medicinal
properties and many travellers visit the baths to treat conditions such as arthritis. The
Kir 谩 ly Baths are among the most popular due to the magnificent Turkish-built
structure which dates back to 1565 when the city was under Ottoman occupation. This
fantastic building is in keeping with the picturesque Hungarian capital which includes
Art Nouveau, Gothic, Classicist and even Roman architecture. What better place to
relieve stress and recharge this autumn than in the soothing warmth of a Budapest
  Portugal is a popular choice with those is need of some autumn sun. With fantastic
beaches situated just 20 minutes from the city centre, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon
is an ideal choice for those who like to mix sun, sand and city-life. Take the train from
Cais Sodre to Oeiras where you can relax by the sea, the marinas or in any of the
popular cafes or seafood restaurants. Oeiras is surprisingly peaceful for a place of
such beauty and you 鈥檙 e unlikely to see many tourists. With regular which last
around two and a half hours, Lisbon is the perfect choice for a city-break this October.
  If you 鈥檙 e more suited to city culture than beach-life, consider a flight to Dublin
this season. The Irish capital has a rich history of art, music and literature that will
ensure your trip is crammed with the highest quality plays, concerts and exhibitions.
Visit the famous Abbey Theatre and catch an evening performance of 鈥楤 for Baby
鈥?or if you prefer a more interactive experience, book tickets for the acclaimed 鈥
榃 erk 鈥?performance art club which takes place after 10pm. If you 鈥檙 e a fan of
Irish literature, visit the Dublin Writer 鈥檚 Museum for fascinating information and
anecdotes on Joyce, Yeats and Wilde among others. If you 鈥檝 e got children be sure
to take them to Imaginosity, the Dublin Children 鈥檚 Museum for an unforgettable
child-centred creative experience. Dublin offers an extensive range of events and
activities that guarantee visitors to have unique cultural holidays.

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