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Shopping For Barbeque Grills


									When you start a No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping tour, you will have to listen to
the tour guide very carefully to make sure you understand everything there is to know
about buying barbeque grills. As you gain knowledge about the barbeque grills, you
are also developing a No Fear attitude about life and learning what is needed to cook
for people.
  As your confidence builds, you venture into learning about smokers and all of the
backyard accessories you will need to buy on your No Fear Barbeque Grill Shopping
Tour. You want to learn all you can about smokers, because you have big plans ahead
of you to compete in the World Championship BBQ Smokers and Grillers
Championship one day, and you heard that the last one was held in Las Vegas.
  As you go on your No Fear Barbeque Grills shopping spree, you know that you will
have to find one of the championship t-shirts that all of the professional cookers wear,
along with the standard black apron with pockets. You know you can not wear the
shirt until you have finished your No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping expedition. Only
when the training course is over, will you have earned your very own No Fear T-Shirt
  Part of the assignment is to enter any electronics area in a store and use their
computer systems to read up on testimonials of seasoned backyard grillers from
across the country. During your No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping course, you will
have to recite verbatim what seasoning is used for pork sauces, as opposed to pork
ribs. You have a photogenic memory and feel very sure that your No Fear T-Shirt is
almost yours.
  The hard part of the No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping Course is memorizing entire
history of barbeque grilling. Even harder is the requirement to learn the history of
smokers. Your dreams of owning your very own No Fear T-Shirt are waning, and you
feel very despondent about the fact.
  Your mind starts wandering and your fingers hit the links listed on many web pages
and you start browsing through all of the photo galleries that are listed on the internet
that show all of the No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping graduates of the past, and you
begin to feel better. You begin to realize that all of these people are wearing their No
Fear T-Shirts and you plan to own one too.
  Your plans for graduation day are in sight when, instructor hands out the No Fear
T-shirt's in class. Announcements are made about the day the photo shoot will be that
will capture everyone in their own No Fear T-Shirt. Final exams will make the final
determination on who graduates from the No Fear Barbeque Grill Shopping course.
  In the final exam, you are given a rack of ribs, two bottles of sauce and a jar of
seasoning. The instructor gives you a piece of paper, and stands everyone in front of a
grill. The question on the paper read, "If you have successfully completed the No Fear
Barbeque Grills Shopping Course, you will know what to do with this paper." You
ponder the sentence, and ponder some more. The question is not a question at all. The
ribs sure looked good though. What do I do with this paper?
  In typical No Fear fashion, you ball it up, and decide to use it as a light, for your
barbeque grill. Grill on, food on. No Fear Barbeque Grills Shopping Course
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