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					                    HOPE Cape Town Trust                                  HOPE Kapstadt Stiftung
                       Board of Trustees                                   Administrative Board
                              Board                                           Dr. Ulrich Heide
                 Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler (Chair),                            Dr. Christop Uleer
     Dr. Carl-Heinz Duisberg Mr. Dibhesi Sam Tuntubele,                    Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler
                         (Deputy Chairs),                                   Dr. Susanne Reuther
                   Mrs Carol Armstrong-Hooper
         Prof. Brian P. O’Connell, Dr. Susanne Reuther,                   HOPE Cape Town Trust
               Dr. Monika Esser, Mrs. Pat Gorvalla,                          Advisory Board
   Mrs. Evelyn Chimombe Munyoro, Advocat Bob Groeneveld                       Mrs. Viola Klein
                                                                             Mr. Hardy Fiebig

               HOPE Cape Town Association
                 Management Committee
                   Dr. Monika Esser (Chair),
        Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler, Dr. Susanne Reuther,
     Dr. Carl-Heinz Duisberg, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Preiser,
      Prof. Dr. Mark Cotton. Prof. Dr. Bernd Rosenkranz
 Attending employees: Mrs. Yasmin Smith, Sr. Pauline Jooste,
            Dr. Sadeeka Williams, Mrs. Patty Peier

       Consultant                            PA to chair                     Project Coordinator
 Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler                    Kerstin Behlau                      Mrs. Yasmin Smith
Office Tygerberg Campus               Office Tygerberg Campus               Office Tygerberg Campus
     Health Sciences                       Health Sciences                       Health Sciences

    Team Secretary                           Training &                         HOPE Doctor
          N.N.                         Compliance Officer                   Dr. Sadeeka Williams
    Ithemba Ward G7                       Sr. Pauline Jooste              Office Tygerberg Campus
         (TAHC)                       Office Tygerberg Campus

                                             Staff Meetings
                               Rev. Fr. Stefan Hippler, Mrs. Yasmin Smith,
                   Sr. Pauline Jooste, Mrs. Kerstin Behlau Dr. Sadeeka Williams, N.N.

   Ongoing Training (every fortnight)                              UNISA Study Group
   Mrs. Yasmin Smith, Sr. Pauline Jooste,                            Sr. Pauline Jooste,
      Dr. Sadeeka Williams, all HCHW                            all newly appointed HCHW,
                                                                   sponsored participants

                            HOPE Community Health Workers (HCHW)
                                   Primary Health Care Facilities
  Mfuleni     Goodwood      Wallacedene     Hermanus       Zwelihle Grabouw (2)   Delft (2)
  Delft South      Mbekweni       Paarl      Belhar       Bloekombos Scottsdene    Valhalla Park
  Durbanville     Fisante Kraal   Bishop Lavis Elsie’s River Ithemba Ward G7 Blikkiesdorp (2)

                     Portfolios                                   Networking & Cooperation
Community Outreach                                         • Ministry of Health (Western Cape)
Work in Primary Health Care Facilities (HCHW)              • Department of Health (City of Cape
Support of local grass root projects                         Town)
Food parcel programme & soup kitchens                      • Faculty of Health Sciences
Antiretroviral Therapy                                       (University of Stellenbosch)
Counselling & Emergency Fund                               • Tygerberg Academic Health Complex
HIV/ AIDS Awareness & Prevention Training                  • KID CRU (Research)
Workshops for companies, NGOs, schools etc.                • Family Clinic TAHC
Peer2Peer, HIV policies for companies                      • Partnership Bavaria – Western Cape
Traditional Healer (TH)                                    • Be your own hero e.V.
Cooperation between TH and western doctors                 • Association of Traditional Health
Referral system                                              Practitioners (Western Cape)
Ithemba Ward (TAHC)                                        • HOPE Gala Saxonia Systems Dresden
Ward support, education & support for caregivers           • German Aids Foundation
Career Planning                                            • Dr. Alfred Biolek Stiftung
Development of HWSETA accredited HCHW training             • Local NGO’s
Support Programmes
Volunteer & Elective Student Programme
Research and Academic work
Cooperation with the University of Stellenbosch

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