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									A wedding is the most special day of your life and the last thing you should be
worried about is arranging the transportation. If you have the budget, you can
consider renting a limousine. Having a booked limo is going to take off a little bit of
worries who is going to drive, when and where.
  Remember that you have to plan your limousine service ahead. If your wedding is on
the weekend, keep in mind that a lot of people will be competing with you since the
weekend is the busiest time for limo companies in Chicago. It is a good idea to
reserve the limo 3-8 months before the big day. A good limo company will offer a
flexible cancellation policy with a full deposit refund if you change your mind couple
months before the event. It is also useful to know how long the company has been in
business. Older company has more experience when dealing with unexpected
  Before you book a limo, make sure you get quotes from several different limo
companies. You can also ask around couples that recently got married what services
they used. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not always the best choice. You can
check the company for reviews in a social review websites, such as Chicago
Citysearch. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask the company what is included in the price.
Most limo companies offer wedding packages with decorations, complementary bar
with champagne, red carpet and a "Just Married" sign on the car. Usually, the driver
will wear a tuxedo for the weeding and will decorate the limousine while you are at
the ceremony.
  Additionally, you can ask for more information about the company. Ask how many
cars are in their fleet. Some services do not own all the vehicles they offer. Also, make
sure you agree on the deposit. Usually, companies require 30% of the whole price to
be paid right away. It is a good idea to get the driver's cell phone number. If the limo
is late you will want to contact him and ask where he is. Once you book a limo, ask
for a clear written contract. It should include the date, schedule, the type of the vehicle,
and all the payment information. Additionally, you can agree to include some
important details as the color of the car or the type of decorations they will provide.
Also, the contract should state what overtime rate is for which vehicle. The least you
want to happen is to be overcharged. If they do not agree for the written contract,
leave that company behind.
  When shopping for a wedding limo, you will run into a lot of different companies.
Don't get scared, consequent planning and research will lead you to the best services
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