Several Handy Abilities Of HP's LaserJet 3600n Printer by djsgjg0045


									A laser printer that's easy to operate yet delivers quality performance: that's what the
HP Color LaserJet 3600 Printer is all about. Because it has a compact designing, it can
be placed on a desktop, making it ideal for a small-scale office. When it comes to
productivity, your needs can be met by the available high-speed processor and
upgradeable input tray. Additionally, it has a new kind of HP 3600n cartridge within,
so professional-looking prints can be achieved.

 There's a fast-performing 300-MHz processor inside its body. Such allows the unit to
deliver up to 17 colored and black and white pages every minute. Also, it's capable of
dishing out the first page within 14 seconds, for both color and black and white tasks.
Such performance speed, however, also depends on a lot of factors. Some of them
include the mode of print quality, and the document size and contents.

  With printing resolutions of up to 600 dots per inch x 600 dots per inch, it's fairly
easy to achieve crisp details and vibrant colors each time. Speaking of colors, this HP
model takes color performance a notch higher with the introduction of the new
ColorSphere toner. With this inside, colors can be brighter and the range can be more
extensive. For most favorable results, it's best to use papers with five-layer coating
technology from HP.

 Another great thing about this printer is it makes it easier to maintain, especially
when it comes to the cartridges. There are only 4 print cartridges to worry about each
and every time. With such, regular maintenance can be hassle-free. What's more, the
ColorSphere HP cartridge and imaging drum are integrated into a singular unit. This
way, the entire imaging system is replaced, resulting to a more consistent

 A couple of standard trays are available upon purchase. But by attaching an optional
media tray, the input capacity becomes 850 sheets max. There's also a two-sided
printing feature, by purchasing and installing a duplexer. Such allows for reduced user
interaction and wastage of paper supplies. Additionally, this machine boasts of a
host-based innovation. It means that it relies on your PC to process the documents
before sending them out for printing.

 Media sizes that are compatible range from envelopes, letter, legal, to executive.
There's a multipurpose tray which can handle media sizes from as small as 3" x 3", to
as large as 8.5" x 14". Media types supported are varying. They include paper (plain,
bond, glossy, colored, rough, recycled, etc.), labels, transparencies, cardstock, and
many others.

 More than being simple to operate and replace the imaging system, it's also breezy to
install. By plugging it in and doing a few clicks, it automatically installs itself. And
just like similar laser printers available these days, there are two connectivity choices.
Enabling you to connect the unit either to a computer or small-scale network are the
USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX ports.

 With a compact design and price tag within means, the HP Color LaserJet 3600
Printer paired with HP printer toner cartridges is suitable for a small-scale office.
Through HP's technologies, toners and cartridges installation, operation, and
maintenance of this unit become hassle-free. Getting professional-looking printouts
each time is possible with the performance it boasts and its high-quality LaserJet 3600
compatible toners.

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