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•    THE
                              On Target!
                              V O L U M E       1 ,   I S S U E     2                                       J U N E     2 0 0 8
•    Who’s the
     new guy?

•    Battle of the
     Bod’s               The LG 1550 has landed
•    June Birth-
                        Target’s new LG1550 arrived                                                  23 May 2008. They arrived at
•    Stork Party        in Durban harbor aboard the                                                  the Wadevile premises at
                        Hoegh-Durban on Monday 19                                                    about midday, with the ensuing
•    Baby Boy
                        May 2008 from Liebherr Ger-                                                  offload reaching staggering
                        many, followed shortly by the                                                proportions with the truck
                        LTM1160. Excited and en-                                                      drivers turning up the pres-
                        thused to get their hands on                                                  sure to be relieved of their
                        this precious cargo, Michael                                                  loads and to be on their way.
                        Wall (Managing Director),                                                     By early evening all 25 trucks
                        Michael Hawkins (Technical                                                    had been dispatched, finally
                        Manager) and Wayne Cook Truck on the far right with boom sections             relieved of their respective
                        (Heavy Lift Operator) flew and to its left a load of counter weights          loads. The crane assembly
                        down to collect them. The                                                     took approximately three days
                        ‘collection’ was an arduous                                                   with the aid of rigging com-
                        project which required the                                                    pany, Vanhattan Lifting and a
                        coordination of the cranes and                                                Liebherr team (one German
                        its various bulky parts being                                                 and two South Africans) join-
                        offloaded from the ship, load-                                                ing the Target team lead by
                        ing the 650 tons on to 25 flat-                                               Wayne Cook and Richard
LG 1550            2
                        bed trucks and then finally the                                               Holtzhausen, using a simple
                        transit of the full convoy along                                              configuration with a 49m main
AIDS:              2    with Wayne Cook at the helm                                                   boom. See page 2 for
What’s your             of the LG1550 itself from Dur-                                                LG1550 gallery
IQ?                     ban to Johannesburg on Friday Assembly of lattice boom with the assis-
                                                          tance of the Liebherr LTM1160
Check your         3
score: AIDS

A word from        3
                       Transocean’s Deepwater Expedition
David Hey-
                       Transocean Inc.’s drilling                                                 440/220 ton, 130 ton, and 38
                       ship, the Deepwater Expe-                                                  ton mobile cranes, but has
Safety: Your       3   dition Project docked on                                                   changed on a weekly basis to
first priority         Table Bay Harbour in March                                                 include additional equipment as
                       2008 for an overhaul and                                                   well as the 55 and 98 ton mo-
                       repair. The ship, designed                                                 bile cranes.
                       by Aker Rauma Offshore                                                     Target’s function is to remove
                       and registered to the Mar-                                                 the 111 risers, i.e. drilling pipes,
                       shall Islands has an overhaul                                              each weighing between 19 to
                       length of 171m with the                                                    35 tons with an approximate
                       capacity to drill to a depth                                               length of 24m in order for it to
                       of 7km below the seabed.      Deepwater Expedition Project arrives in be stripped and reassembled.
                       The original contract with      Table Bay Harbour 18 March 2008             One of the heaviest lifts thus
                       Target was for a period of                                                 far was 58 tons and the highest
                       90 days, operating 24 hours per day . Their      lift, the crown block at the top of the tower at a height
                       initial requirements included a 7ton forklift,   of 81m.      Continued Page 2
         PAGE      2

                                Transocean’s Deepwater Expedition
                                   continued from Page 1
                                With Target’s Monica le Roux manag-
                                ing this job, the dedicated 1330 weekly
                                man-hours are contributed by staff
                                members Gerrit Arries, Ian Baron,
                                Arnold Cupido, Aubrey Fortuin, Cla-
                                rence Fortuin, Johannes Fortuin, Ebra-
                                him Hendricks, Hamilton Mamfengu,
                                Khaye Mamfengu, Shadreck Matola
                                Andrew Nuthall, Dawid Pietersen,
                                Patrick Wall, all under the watchful eye   440 ton Liebherr doing a lift from the Deep-
                                of site supervisor Gert Basson who has                  water Expedition
                                made an invaluable contribution to the
                                smooth running of this project.
Lifting of man cage with
  riggers for loosening
           slings           1                               3                              5

  LG 1550 Gallery
 1. Fitting base section
 with third winch
 2. Triverse for outrig-                                    4
 ger pads
 3. Connecting strops
 4. Hook block
 5. Final assembly com-

     Do we know
                                                       What’s your IQ?
     enough to make
                            Many of us believe that we           3.    It is easy to tell
                            already know all there is to         whether someone is in-         through:
     the right choices                                                                                  Childbirth
                            know about this exploding            fected with HIV.
                            epidemic, and we’d like to                   True                           Blood Transfusions
     to protect our
                            challenge you to put yourself                False                          Injecting drugs
     loved ones?            to the test with our AIDS                                                   Unprotected hetero-
                                                                 4.    A vaccine is avail-              sexual sex
                            I.Q. TEST!
                            1.        HIV is a virus that        able to protect people
                                                                 from HIV infection.            7.    There is no link be-
                            attacks and weakens which                                           tween HIV and other sexu-
                            system?                                     True
                                                                        False                   ally transmitted diseases
                                      Digestive System                                          (STDs)
                                      Immune System                                                     True
                                      Circulatory System         5.    Which body fluid
                                                                 cannot transmit HIV?                   False
                            2.    Only drug users and                    Blood
                                                                         Semen                  8.    You can find out your
                            gay men need to worry                                               HIV status by asking for:
                            about becoming infected                      Vaginal fluids
                                                                         Breast Milk                    An HIV test
                            with HIV.                                                                   A general physical ex-
                                    True                                 Saliva
                                                                 6.    Most women be-                   amination
                                    False                                                               a gynaecological exam-
                                                                 come infected with HIV

              ON       TARGET!
  VOLUME           1,   ISSUE       2                                                                                           PAGE       3

      Check Your Score - AIDS I.Q. answers
  1.         Immune System. HIV, the          3.         False. You cannot tell by     vaginal secretions and breast milk.
  virus that causes AIDS, attacks and         looking at someone whether he or         HIV is not spread through casual
  weakens the immune system by target-        she is infected with HIV. It can takes   contact such as hugging or shaking
  ing certain cells that defend the body      as long as 10 years or more before       hands and cannot be spread through
  against illness. When the protective        someone starts showing visible           contact with sweat, tears or saliva.
  shield of the immune system has com-        symptoms of the disease. But even        6. Unprotected heterosexual sex.
  pletely broken down, the person is said     without any symptoms present, an         World wide, half of all people living
  to have AIDS and is vulnerable to op-       HIV-positive person can infect other     with HIV/AIDS are women and the
  portunistic infections. These opportun-     people. When a person’s condition        majority of them are infected
  istic infections are often the cause of     has progressed to AIDS, you still        through unprotected heterosexual
  illness or death, not the virus.            cannot necessarily tell by looking at    sex.                                  Getting tested is
  2.         False. Anyone can become         them whether they have the virus.        7.         False. People with STD’s the responsible
  infected with HIV. All sexually active      4.         False. There is no cure or    may be more likely to contract HIV. thing to do
  people, particularly those withmultiple     vaccine for AIDS. There are treat-       It is also easier for those STD’s to
  sex partners, whether gay or straight,      ments which will help people live        transmit the virus.
  should get tested for HIV. Most people      longer and delay the onset of AIDS.      8.         An HIV test. The only
  get HIV through unprotected sex -           But side effects are harsh and drug-     way to know for sure whether
  including vaginal, anal or oral sex - or    resistant strains of the virus can       you are HIV-positive is to take
  through injection drug use. Infected        render the best medication ineffec-      an HIV test. The test is designed
  mothers can pass the virus to their         tive.                                    to look for the presence of
  babies during pregnancy, childbirth, or     5.         Saliva. HIV is found in       antibodies, which confirm that
  while breast-feeding.                       body fluids such as blood, semen,        HIV infection has occurred.

I am extremely honoured to be
assisting in running the new branch
of Target Cranes in Johannesburg.
The branch is very excited about     A Word from David Heyneke
our growth and also all the new
cranes we have been receiving but especially                                                    received an order for this crane for at least
about the arrival of the long awaited LG1550.                                                  3 months in Dwaalboom from 17 June.
The whole branch, including everyone in the                                                    A special thanks to Richard and Natasha for
office as well as each and every operator and                                                  being willing to move to Target JHB and
assistant are psyched about its arrival.                                                       assisting with getting everything in place, to
Key projects include a contract at Nampak, a                                                   Debbie, for hard work and patience. To
Furnace Installation with the 130 Ton, a job of                                                Mike Hawkins, ‘welcome’ for your coming
app. 2 months. We have been running at 24                                                      on board has made it much easier for us to
hours a day for two weeks.                                                                     go home on time instead of working to all
I’d like to thank all the operators having done   Back Row Left to Right: Richard Holtzhausen, hours of the evening. Hope you enjoy the
a great job working very long hours - all of us   Phillip Xhashimba, Thabu Mahlangu, Alphan    new crane as much as I will.
going the extra mile to make a success of this    Manasoe, Erasmus Fezikile                    To Wayne Cook and family- ‘welcome’, we
branch.                                           Front Row Left to Right: Natasha Holtz-      are looking forward to working with you
We have received our first two orders for         hausen, Wayne Cook, Elias Senyane, Michael and Karyn. And last but definitely not least,
the LG1550. One for Roymec, which is our          Hawkins, David Heyneke, Debbie Heyneke       to Michael, Gail and Matt, thanks for the
very first job with this crane. We have also                                                   opportunity to be part of Target’s success.
                                                                                               We will make you proud.

Safety: Your first Priority
  Cranes can accidentally come in                              Falling loads from mobile cranes
                                                                                                           the load. (www.scif.com)
  contact with electrical lines.                               pose a severe hazard to opera-
                                                                                                           IF YOU’RE UNCERTAIN ASK!
  Before you start work, survey                                tors and nearby workers. Never
                                                                                                           THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR
  the site for potential hazards.                              exceed the load capacity of the
  Consider all lines live unless                               mobile crane.
  they are certified by the owner/                             Load indicating devices, called
  operator and are visibly                                     load moment devices, can pre-
  grounded at the site. Always                                 vent an accidental overload.
  maintain the required clearances                             Properly secure the loads that
  from electrical lines and sources                               you will be lifting. Inspect all
  as required.                      Working close to power lines slings, chains, and hooks that
                                     can pose a safety hazard.    will be used to lift and secure
                                                   In his role with Target Michael aims to build

Who’s the                                         on Target’s leadership and reputation in the
                                                  Western Cape and Gauteng, establishing
                                                  Target as the leading national crane hire
                                                                                                          Baby Shower
new guy?                                          industry name.
                                                                          Jörg Reinecke joined
                                                                          Target Cranes on 26
                                                                                                        With Gadija Davidson now waddling
                                                                                                        around in her 7th month of pregnancy,
                                                                                                        the Cape Town branch surprised her
Target Cranes made two                                                    May 2008 and is based         with a baby shower on 16 May 2008.
key appointments during                                                   at our Bellville South        She got beautiful gifts from all the staff
May 2008 to the posi-                                                     Head Office. He was
tions of Technical Manager, Michael J. Hawkins                            born and raised in Rho-       as well as from Target Cranes & Pumps,
and Jörg D. Reinecke, National Financial Man-                             desia (Zimbabawe) and         Rig Perfect and Hassiem Transport. But
ager. We’d like to welcome them both on                                   later Botswana. He            these definitely came at a price - our
board and look forward to sharing their success   completed his schooling and education in              opportunity to laugh at her expense!!
stories with everyone in the years to come.       South Africa with an engineering degree from
                                                  WITS in Johannesburg and worked in the
Michael Hawkins, joined Target Cranes on 5        mining industry for six years. He then fol-
May 2008 and is based at our Wadeville, Johan-    lowed an opportunity to study further for a
                    nesburg branch. From Jo-      degree in commerce and complete his ac-
                    hannesburg,, he completed     counting training. After completing his articles
                    high school at John Orr       obtained eight years experience in engineer-
                    Technical High School and     ing-related companies and qualified as a char-
                    went on to complete both      tered accountant in Cape Town. He enjoys
                    his National and National     reading good books and literature on a vari-
                    Higher Diploma in Mechani-    ety of topics, listening to music, excursions in        Flanked by Directors Matt Jack
                    cal Engineering at Cape       nature and visiting a quiet gymnasium when              and Gail Canovi, Gadija David-
Technikon. He has had extensive experience in     time and the will permits. He has admittedly            son sports her adult diaper as
the construction as well as related industries    developed a growing fascination for beautiful           she goes on a walk-about in the
namely, John Allen Design Associates, Fideco      old things and pandering to the needs of an             Bellville South warehouse
Homes, Group 5 Projects and later Anglo –V3       antique 4X4 which also keeps him busy.
Crane Hire having fulfilled roles such as         He hopes to make a valued contribution to
Draughtsman, Site Manager, Field Engineer,        the growth and future success of the com-
Technical Supervisor and Heavy Lift Coordina-     pany in addition to becoming an effective
tor. He has also spent 8 years as a lecturer at   manager.
Newcastle Technical College offering subjects
such as Mathematics N3 to N5 and all the me-
chanical subjects from N4 to N6 including the
likes of Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials
and Mechanics of Machines.
                                                                     Battle of
Michael enjoys spending his free time windsurf-
ing, playing squash, road-running, motorcycling                      the bod’s
and model aircraft building.                                                                              Gadija Davidson prepares
                                                  The competitive spirit amongst the Target staff
                                                  has been ignited. The men-only challenge is             to change her baby’s nappy
                                                  focused on determining which competitor has             only to reveal a chocolate-
                                                  best reached their personal physical enhance-           marmite concoction in
                                                  ment goals from May to November 2008. Hav-              which she had to fish out a
                                                  ing taken a photo ‘before’ and then ‘after’, the        smartie using her mouth!
                                                  Target ladies will be given the riveting task of
                                                  deciding on an overall winner. Should anyone be
                                                  interested in taking on this challenge, please feel
             Target Cranes                        free to contact Riaan Geldenhuys, Wayne Cook
                                                  or Richard Holtzhausen.
           Cape Town Offices:
      P.O. Box 190, Kraaifontein, 7569
    1 Van Eck Street, Bellville South, 7530

          Johannesburg Offices:
       P.O. Box 123802, Alrode, 1451
      264 Murray Road, Wadeville, 1428
                                                                                                          Congratulations to Clarence
   National Tel.:     0861 535 535                              “ The More Candles,                       Fortuin and Prudence Willemse
   Cape Town Tel.: +27 21 951 8088                      The Bigger the Wish!” (www.squidoo.com)           who’s little boy was born on
   Johannesburg Tel.:+27 11 827 9227               Wishing all employees with birthdays in June a
                                                                                                          Sunday, 25 May 2008.
   Cape Town Fax: +27 21 951 8033                  memorable birthday.
                                                   4th      Debbie Heyneke Operations Jhb
                                                                                                          “Baby fair, baby sweet,
   Johannesburg Fax:+27 11 827 9688
                                                            Alphan Manasoe Crane Operator                 Angel kisses on your feet.
   E-mail: enquiries@targetcranes.co.za
                                                   6th      Qetelo Mokotso Crane Ass.                     Tiny dancer on the wing,
                                                   7th      Dirk Matsoso        Crane Operator            Your new voice is here to sing,
                24 hours a day                     15th     David Heyneke       Sales Manager Jhb         Baby precious, baby mild, Wel-
                7 days a week                               Laverne Brown       Operations C.T.           come, welcome brand new
                                                   28th     Clarence Fortuin Crane Operator               child.” (www.simply sentiments.com)
  Editor: Gadija Nakidien                          30th     Simphiwe Msimamga Yard Assist.
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