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									In the time I have been running my internet home

business I have realized that there is a wealth of information

available about 鈥榳 orking at home 鈥? Unfortunately a lot of this info

does nothing more than waste your time and money. It has become very

difficult for the beginner entrepreneur to get started successfully

in the online world. I am writing this article because I believe I

have found the 5 essential tools necessary to run a successful home

business as an affiliate marketer. The tools outlined below play the

biggest role in the operation of my home business and they don 鈥檛

break the bank either. Essential Tool #1 - Your own

WebsiteThe first step is finding a good product to sell along

with a nice website to promote it. For the average person this can

be a little overwhelming, but it doesn 鈥檛 have to be. Thanks to

PlugInProfit, anybody can now have a fully functional website up and

running and accepting orders within 24 hours. What you get is a very

professional looking website as well as memberships into 5 of the

internets most successful affiliate programs. When I found

out about this opportunity I really couldn 鈥檛 believe it. Thanks to

Plug in Profit I was really able to kick-start my home business and

start promoting my products almost instantly. You can find out more

by clicking the link

ntial Tool #2 鈥?An Email Auto ResponderNow you will need a means

to drive traffic to your website and that 鈥檚 where our 2nd essential

tool enters the picture, the email autoresponder. Where do you get

such a program? Well, you see what I didn 鈥檛 tell you about

PlugInProfit is that you also get your very own 360 day business

newsletter which is in turn hooked up to an email autoresponder, so

basically whenever someone signs up for your free newsletter, they

will receive 360 days of emails from your business promoting your

website. Doesn 鈥檛 that sound great? If you would like an

example of the newsletter that comes with PluginProfit click on the

link below and then enter your first name and email address in the

box at the left of the screen. That will sign you up for my

newsletter.http://www.homeworksolutions.bizOk, now

you are probably wondering how someone would find your newsletter

and get entered into your autoresponder. There are basically 2 ways

to get potential customers into your autoresponder. 1. Visit your

website and signup. This requires your website to rank fairly well

in the search engines or be advertised somewhere. We will talk more

about that during essential tools #3 and #4. 2. Buy leads that get

entered into your autoresponder automatically. There are many places

out there that sell leads for this purpose. Here are 3 examples:

List Opt, Leads Factory, Traffic Oasis. Once the leads get entered
into your autoresponder it becomes completely automated. You can sit

back and watch your business grow. Having an email autoresponder has

really made my work a lot easier and definitely continues to play a

key role in the success of my business.Essential Tool #3 鈥?p>
Reciprocal Linking CampaignA key factor that determines your

website rank in the search engines is often how many and what kind

of websites are linking to your site. If you can partner with a

couple hundred relevant websites your search engine rank will

skyrocket. I learned how to do this with Jack Humphrey 鈥檚 e-book

PowerLinking. I highly recommend this e-book; it provides all the

tools and information necessary to produce a highly effective

Reciprocal Linking Campaign which is sure increase the traffic to

your website. You can find out more by clicking


com/swres/c6798.htmlEssential Tool #4 鈥?Word Tracker

SoftwareAlong with your linking campaign you will also want to

optimize your website around a select a number of keywords. However,

you will want to choose your words carefully. Select keywords that

not only describe your website but are also popular with the search

engines. Word Tracker is a great tool for tracking the popularity of

selected keywords. This tool will tell how often each keyword is

searched for in Google, Yahoo, Excite, etc. You can try it for free

at Tool #5 鈥?The Warrior
ForumThe Warrior forum is the #1 marketing group on the net for

6 years. When you become a member you will get the opportunity to

chat with some of the internets top affiliate marketers and in my

experience they are always willing to help those who want to work.

Just browsing through all the forum topics can generate tons of

ideas and answer any question you may have. The Warrior forum is an

excellent resource and when you sign up for the Plug in Profit site

discussed in 鈥楨 ssential Tool #1 鈥?you will automatically get a free

membership. If you are interested in becoming a successful

affiliate marketer I suggest you at least check these tools out. If

you go as far as to learn how to use them and then invest about $100

a month to make them work you could have a full blown affiliate

marketing business that will eventually generate a six figure income

quite easily.Click here to read more.
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