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									Many seo OptimizationTutorial is for several years written , and the inside
knowledge , though they are the most basic knowledge, basic skills , but after all the
search engine algorithms are every day changing , and some seo company knowledge
will be out of date , which describes some of the ways Also will be with no effect, or
even failure. Therefore, seoThat to you keep to yourself discover , to innovate, to
practice . Although outside the chain a site is very important, but how to obtain one of
quality outside the chain is a lot of people trouble. One after another mass software
along with the students , first message board mass , again is a forum mass , blog
comment on mass , blog reference mass , etc., a large number of mass tool to the
entire Internet foul atmosphere of . so Those blasts have become spam links , not only
website ranking not improve , it may also make top down , some even be treated as
cheating the site to sealed .

a lot of Just started doing seoPeople are always more or less to go a number of biased
way , or is in optimization the process of made some does not need to do and even can
not be done steps , do not blindly looking for information and guidance , tutorials,
levels of participation to eat uneven , A master of writing , there are half-baked people
who write them , and which many things are similar , the newcomers started reading
the seo company tutorial is those bad books to learn , then it inevitably will be
misleading So wrong seo the first step towards . to do seo is the need a lot of patience
and perseverance , and if you think you he did not have these two things , then I
advise you not to learn seo a good . Do seo hong kong Need to study the website
code , streamlining the site code , analyze website keywords, optimizing your internal
structure, to find high-quality outside the chain, observe the keyword ranking so on
and so a lot of complicated seo hong kong work , which requires a lot of patience and
perseverance .

on the Internet Saw some words traffic is high, many people do seo hong kong of the
word website ranking earned how much how much money . So as a novice you to
follow along with the crowd , and quickly make a new site , registered domain names,
purchase of space , put up websites to start optimizing the word. Month, two months
later, how much thought on it, the result results that are not , wasted the number of
resources and manpower . We stop and think, think : As a novice as you did seo
optimization experience , two did not seo optimize resources , how do you with other
that optimize a veteran than . not a simple to learn seo This is thing , start easy , get
started is difficult . No seo companyPeople say he has to seo learn all of the . seo need
is their own study, found. If you always wait for someone his knowledge and
experience to share out of holding that seo knowledge silly of , you always can follow
in someone else's rear end turn .

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