Semiconductors- The Economy Show Signs Of Bottoming Out Reverse Recovery by djsgjg0045


									Announced in February North American semiconductor equipment bookings and
billings (Book-to-BillRatio) to only 0.48, but with the urgent and short single-speed
single-back, the semiconductor equipment market has seen Chunyan. Analysts
estimate foreign capital, Intel, TSMC, Nanya, Toshiba, Samsung and many other
manufacturers, has begun purchasing wafer equipment, UMC also began plans to
purchase 45 and 40 nm devices.

 The world's largest semiconductor equipment according to Applied Materials, the
estimated plant, equipment market last year by the financial tsunami, the scale of
expenditure has been reduced to 23.9 billion U.S. dollars, the annual reduction rate of
about 31%, 50% this year may be further reduced to 100 billion to scale of 12 billion
U.S. dollars, setting a minimum investment amount in 15 years. SEMI has announced
in February the North American semiconductor equipment B / B value of 0.48, the
order amount is SEMI statistics compiled since 1991, B / B value is low since.

 On the occasion of pessimism in the market one, with the wafer foundries and IDM
plant capacity utilization in the acute and short-single-single-driven rebound after
another, top semiconductor manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have begun
to discuss the procurement of equipment plan Let is experiencing the worst recession
in the history of semiconductor equipment market economy, show the bottom of the
sign inversion recovery. According to Needham & Co.LLC

 EdwinMok analyst estimates in its latest research report, Intel, TSMC, Nanya,
Toshiba, Samsung and other manufacturers have the opportunity to see the purchase
of equipment. Wafer foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, for
example, plans to 10,000 per month for 65 nm production, conversion of 45 and 40
nm in the hope that less than 1% of total revenue of 45 and 40 nm revenues, In the
fourth quarter to improve to 10% weighting. The TSMC is expected to be required for
45 nm devices began shipping in late May, the procurement value of about 3 to
400,000,000 U.S. dollars. As the impact of this wave of depression

 IDM works, many of IDM plant will reduce capital spending and to accelerate the
outsourcing contract, and therefore estimates foundry capital spending in 2010,
returned to temperature, in addition to TSMC in the second quarter on will begin the
procurement of equipment, the report noted that UMC will begin preparations for and
investment in the 45 and 40 nm production, and begin to use capital expenditure

 Part in the memory market, DRAM factory still faces losses despite the pressure, but
the Taiwan government has made it clear that it will not provide direct financial
assistance to the DRAM factory, so Nanya order to remain competitive, must invest in
upgrading technology this year, the Church Dream up the trench process (trench)
Micron Technology Transfer into the stack-type process (stack). Mok expected the
park will be about 580 million U.S. dollars through a (NT 20 billion yuan) of the
budget, but spending this year, of which only a part.

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