Secured Credit Cards 101

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					Credit cards make the world go round. The fact that people all over the world use it
regardless of how big or small a purchase may be can be pointed out as one of the
reasons why credit cards play a very important role in most if not everybody’s life.
But most people can not help but screw up their credit this is why they end up with
secured credit cards in their efforts to repair their bad credit.
  For people with bad credit or low credit scores, secured credit cards may seem like a
gift from heaven. But there are things that people with bad credit need to know before
jumping straight in to the first secured credit cards offered to them. A thorough
understanding of the ins and outs of secured credit cards will help one in protecting
themselves against paying exorbitant interest rates and other secured credit cards
related problems which in the first place.
  Secured credit cards are the type of credit cards where a certain amount of cash
collateral serves as the credit line. Say you deposited $500 in your account. This
means one can spend up to $500 using the secured credit card. There are cases where
banks reward their outstanding creditors with an increase in credit line without
requiring them to make further deposits.
  There are a lot of secured credit cards issuers all over the country. This is to cater to
the needs of people who are in need of one. People who want to overcome the
temptation to spend overboard, people who want are battling with bad credit and
people who are trying to get rid of their bad credit. Credit union members are even
entitled to have much lower interest rates or a waived annual fee if ever they apply for
secured credit cards.
  Taking some time in shopping around for secured credit cards pays a lot as one can
look for better fees and charges. There are credit card issuers that require application
fees and the like but there are also who don’t. It is important to read the document and
print that comes along with your account and contract so that you won’t end up
surprised be fees and charges which you are not aware of in the first place.
  The amount of your initial deposit varies depending on the policies of the bank that
you are dealing with. It usually ranges from $300 up to $500. The rule of thumb for
secured credit cards is simple: your deposit will either be the amount or a percentage
of the amount of your initial deposit. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you
want it high or low.
  Unfortunately not all banks offer secured credit cards. In as much as it is very
advantageous to most people, some banks aren’t just willing to take the risk of
lending to borrowers who are trying to recover from bad credit.