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									Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has gained a lot of attention these days. A
Manchester Web Design company says if your website should stand out from millions
of websites and get quality visitors, focusing on natural listing on search engines to
your website is a better choice compared to buying ads at other websites. You can
have many visitors from search engines if your website is well optimised for search
engines. You must have interesting content on your website to have visitors come
back regularly and new visitors find you on search engines.
  The main goal of Manchester Web Design Elite Web Studio Ltd is to make your
website visitors and search engine friendly also known as (web crawler or spider
friendly). SEO is not rocket science even you can gain much SEO knowledge online.
There are two parts of SEO tasks, first one is onsite optimisation, this involves writing
your web page title, description, tag well, keep your keywords density between 3-7%,
checking your robots.txt file, creating a sitemap for your website, writing alt for your
images and so on in order for search engines to crawl your site effectively and
efficiently. The second one is offsite SEO. It is about link building tasks, you can have
many quality back-links from social bookmarking services, top web directory
submission services, yahoo answers, and do-follow blog comments and so on. SEO is
a long term investment and usually it takes a while for your return on investment
(ROI). Keeping the keyword ranking well in search engines is the prime goal of any
SEO. But the most important factor of SEO is your website contents. Updating your
blog quite often with good and quality content will make your website sizzling hot
among visitors. Every website needs to have a customized web design to suit the
nature of the business, so does yours. Even if yours is a world renowned brand name,
unless your website is designed with an eye for SEO, websites of imitators promoting
a product similar to yours or impersonators promoting your branded product itself
with ulterior motives, could emerge high in the rankings (higher levels of search)
leaving your website behind. The layout of the website plays an important part in the
SEO. In view of the SEO, there are numerous factors that are necessary to be taken
into account while designing a website.
  Our designs achieve clean source codes so that the search engine spider bots would
be made free to crawl the website and index all the pages. We assign a suitable
location of prominence for the menu in the order of the code in the source of the
website, in the event of menu containing certain key words. Our designing also aims
for swift loading of the website since Google has made page load time an important
factor in SEO. You may have noted Flash installed websites. Some of these websites
are unable to present text content to the visitors of the website as well as to the search
engines. Avoid over using flash contents and whenever used make sure to embed text
so that the crawlers will be able to crawl and index.

 Do not hesitate to contact Manchester Web Design for creative and SEO friendly
web designs.

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