Scuba Diving In The Barrier Reef

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					Whether you're staying on the Whitsunday Islands, Cairns, or Port Douglas you very
likely have at least one item on your sightseeing list and that's to see and experience
the Great Barrier Reef. One of the rare natural wonders remaining in the world,
everyone who visits this area wants to come and experience it for themselves. Quite a
few visit every year, however are unsure of the best ways to see the reef, and
truthfully this truly depends on your level of comfort in the water since the best way
to see it is to take a dive.
  Scuba diving is one of the most incredible ways to see the reef and the creatures that
call this region home. Several people take the opportunity to take a diving class and
learn the basics just to be able to get under there and take a look and there are many
various classes available to help you learn the ropes with trained instructors who will
dive with you and assist you if you need it. The dive groups and depths are very
constrained so be sure to give this a try and you'll love what you get to experience. Of
course experienced divers will be able to dive deeper into the reef so if you already
know how to dive then pick up some gear and go for it.
  For those who are nervous to dive right in, a snorkeling outing may better meet their
needs. Since most of the coral lies directly beneath the surface, snorkeling can still
provide you an up close view without having to go beyond their comfort zone. You
will discover that many of the day trips that are offered include the opportunity to
snorkel under supervision and they even provide the equipment for those who want to
get in for a closer look.
  Don’t want to get your feet wet? Then a Glass Bottom Boat may be the appropriate
answer for you. A number of tours will take you out on the boat and help you to see
all the sights from the waters surface. This is quite a lot of fun since tour guides know
the region as well as the different species of creatures and will help you to locate
some of the most wonderful sights.
  And if you are looking for a more intriguing way to tour the Great Barrier Reef then
you may want to pick up a helicopter tour for your Tropical North Queensland
experience. Flying above the region for either 30 or 60 minutes will afford you some
fantastic views and photo ops as you travel. These low level flights are sure to impress
and leave often out of Cairns.
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