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Scentsy Sweet Smell of SUCCESS_


									The Scentsy story, starts out like many home based businesses. Begins with an idea
and grows beyond your dreams. The people behind the story makes Scentsy unique.
Orville Thompson was 10 years old when he presented an idea to his father to raise
sheep. His father had enough belief in his son, and allowed him to take on this
opportunity. Orville Thompson showed he was worthy of this challenge, by earning
money from his flock through auctions and to youth for community programs.
  He was definitely a young entrepreneur with huge dreams. After high school he soon
married. He went into business with his mother-in-law developing a car wax formula
and selling it at various trade shows. This business plan worked well for awhile, but,
Orville new there had to be a better way. He continued to pursue his dreams and
found himself in debt because of a failed business venture. He did not give up, he had
a strong belief that this was the path he was meant to follow. He again attempted to do
direct his energy towards building a business from a dream. Many of you can relate to
this, also, many quit due to lack of desire to reach their why. We are all born with the
ability to dream, fear is allowed to get in the way of many of our paths. Where do you
want your path to lead you, if you could remove the fear that stands in the way?
  Because of Orville Thompson, Scentsy has grown to be one of the most booming
direct selling companies,in the industry. Scentsy is defined as a safe, wick less
alternative to traditional candles, through the use of a warmer. It has been proven that
particular scents evoke memories and continue to be used with elderly with
Alzheimer's disease, as well as other aroma therapy techniques. Familiar scents bring
fond memories of days long ago. That is what drew Orville and his family to this
particular product. Orville's wife, Heidi became an integral part in launching this
product line as a party plan company. Their mission statement states; "To bring value
to the world by providing an industry-leading, family-friendly business opportunity,
selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the
Senses, and Inspire the Soul." A great mantra to live by, for anyone in the direct
selling business.
  Like any new business venture, it started out rocky. Also, requiring a lot of hard
work and researching the best business model to suit their company. The next few
years continued to be a struggle. Orville and his family, did not lose sight of his dream.
In 2009, prior to the company's fifth anniversary, Scentsy was given the first Rising
Star Award. This award is given to a company that has shown outstanding growth and
has proven excellence following the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics.
  Orville Thompson had plenty of opportunities to quit, why didn't he? Ultimately, we
all find ourselves in the same situation. That crossroad, success or failure, since
failure appears to be closer we opt for that road. The inner belief in self and that we
ARE worth it, it difficult to imagine. In any multi-level marketing company, we are
asked to define our "WHY". Your "Why" should overcome all fears, that produce
themselves as stumbling blocks. If your "WHY" is greater than your fears, I would
like to show you how to achieve your dreams, and help you reach your"WHY"!
  Kathy Adkins is a professional Network Marketer, who helps people to learn
successful marketing techniques. Click the link below to explode your
SCENTSYsuccessfullsuccess home based business business!

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