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					Project Homeless Connect
     December 13, 2010
   Directory of Services and Providers
Directory of Services and Providers

Hall B                                            Housing (Rooms 101 J/I)

Alliance for the Streets (Hall B) – Help with     Single adults enter at 101J, Families enter
out-of-state birth certificates. 612-870-0529     at 101 I. There are “expert tables” for each
Basilica of Saint Mary’s – Provide shoe/boot      at the entrance of the room to answer
vouchers for Homeless Connect attendees           questions. Some youth housing programs
who have not received a voucher since 9-1-10.     in 200C/H.
Identification Cards and Birth
Certificates - Hennepin County Service            AEON – Information about their affordable
Center (Hall B) Help with in-state birth          housing for individuals and youth.
certificates, state identification cards and      612-341-3148
driver’s licenses. For new IDs you must have      American Indian Services – Information
certified birth certificate and one more form     about admission criteria and applications for
of ID (out-of-state driver’s license, marriage    housing. 612-813-1155
license, DD 2, Social Security card, tribal ID,
government issued ID, etc.)                       Ascension Place – Transitional, sober housing
                                                  for single women working on mental health,
                                                  chemical dependency or domestic violence
If the person needing a State ID has a            issues. 612-588-0861
developmental or physical disability,
                                                  Cabrini Partnership – Transitional Housing for
or has severe and persistent mental
                                                  individuals with chemical dependency and/
illness, they are eligible for a $0.50 ID         or mental health goals. Permanent Housing for
and do not need to stand in line. They will       individuals currently in shelter. Referrals come
need a form signed by a doctor or case            from shelter staff. 612-454-4460
manager; these forms are available at the
ID intake table.                                  Catholic Charities Glenwood Residence –
                                                  Housing information regarding the Glenwood
                                                  Residence: A wet/dry house for chronic
                                                  alcoholic men. 612-204-8405
Yellow Zone                                       Christian Restoration Services – Transitional
                                                  housing for men and women coming out of
Eye Care                                          prison. 763-566-2888

Eye Care (Room 101 F) – Eye exams, glasses,       CommonBond – Accepting applications for
and reading glasses.                              housing waitlists for both single adults and
                                                  families. 651-291-1750
Community Action Partnership for                  HousingLink – Affordable rental housing in
Suburban Hennepin County – Information            the seven-county metro area. 612-522-2500 or
on homeless service programs in suburban
Hennepin County, transitional housing,
                                                  LaSalle Management Group – Accepting
energy assistance, food support, foreclosure
                                                  applications for various affordable housing
counseling and a matched savings program
                                                  waiting lists at locations in metro area as well
for low-income families. 952-697-1320
                                                  as Mankato, St Peter and St Cloud.
Community Involvement Program –                   952-854-8800
Information on mental health services
                                                  Minneapolis Public Housing Authority –
including permanent supportive housing,
                                                  Subsidized housing information. 612-342-1400
Adult Foster Care, Independent Living
Services, Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health      Our Saviour’s Housing – Emergency shelter,
Services and Home Health Services.                permanent supportive and transitional
612-362-4417                                      housing for homeless single adults with
                                                  income and a commitment to sober living.
Day One® of Cornerstone – a statewide
network of domestic violence programs that
works together to connect victims to safety       RS Eden – Information about various sober,
and services in one phone call. To learn more     supportive housing projects. 612-287-1600
about Day One® call 952-884-0376.
                                                  Rapid Exit – Singles will be screening for
If you or someone you know is being abused,       eligibility for Rapid Exit Program. Eligibility
call 1-866-223-1111 to be connected to the        includes at least $600 month in income a
nearest domestic violence program.                month and staying in a shelter or outside.
Emerge – Camden Apartments and FACT               St. Stephen’s Human Services – Screening
Program offers transitional and permanent         for rent and deposit assistance for Minneapolis
supportive housing targeting custodial fathers.   residents. 612-874-0311
                                                  Simpson Housing Services – Emergency
Hennepin County Project Connect –                 shelters for men and women, transitional
Intensive case management services to             housing for families with children in the single
homeless families including collaborating         Rapid Exit program. 612-874-8683
with landlords, connections to community
resources, budgeting, parenting and               Health Care Resources (Room 101 G)
transportation. 612-348-4895
Hennepin County Shelter Team –                    Avalon Prospect Park – Rule 25 Assessments
Determine eligibility for shelter.                and information on inpatient and outpatient
                                                  treatment options.
House of Charity – Housing with services,
Rule 25 assessments for individuals wishing to
enter their outpatient chemical dependency
treatment, counseling, and case management.

                                                                  Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services   1
    Brain Injury Association of Minnesota –            Minnesota AIDS Project – Provides
    Registering people living with a brain injury      harm reduction services including syringe
    with their Resource Facilitation department,       exchange, access to HIV care, Hepatitis and HIV
    a FREE two-year telephone support                  information, safer sex kits, condoms
    program. 612-378-2742                              and information on their services and
                                                       programs for people living with HIV/AIDS.
    Chiropractic Care (Room 102 A/F) – Neck            612-373-2452
    and low-back pain relief.
                                                       Narcotics Anonymous – Information about
    Children’s Dental Services (Hall C) -              free 12 Step Program for people who want to
    Dental Care for children 18 and under and          stop using drugs. 612-377-9023
    pregnant women. Screening for this program will
    be located in the Parent Resources Room, 202B.     Neighborhood HealthSource – Information
    612-746-1530 or    about accessing health insurance, the
                                                       programs at their three clinics (North and
    Cornerstone Solutions / Metropolitan               Northeast Mpls) and help navigating the
    Health Plan – Integrated care for disabled         health care system and information on stroke
    people. Coordinates medical and mental             prevention. 612-588-9411
    health care, prescription drugs and
    community supports. 1-866-601-8962                 Neighborhood Involvement Program
                                                       Mental health services, medical services and
    HCMC Positive Care Center – Information            dental services on a sliding fee scale.
    about HCMC clinics, including the Coordinated      612-374-3125
    Care Delivery System. Also information about
    HIV prevention, testing and counseling.            Park House – Information about their day
    612-873-2700                                       health/mental health facility for people living
                                                       with HIV/AIDS. 612-871-1264
    Hennepin County Community Outreach
    for Psychiatric Emergencies (COPE) –               Turning Point – Chemical dependency
    Counseling, assessment/intervention for            inpatient and outpatient program/relapse
    mental health crisis situations, information       prevention – opportunity to enter treatment
    and referral to mental health/chemical health      on the day of the event; HIV/AIDS/STD
    resources. 612-596-1223                            safer sex kits and prevention brochures;
                                                       and transitional and supportive housing
    Hennepin County Mental Health                      information. 612-520-4004
    Center – Mental health services including
    diagnostic assessments, medication                 Vail Place – Information about their
    management and individual and group                Community Support Program for people
    psychotherapy. 612-596-9438                        with serious and persistent mental illness,
                                                       the Clubhouse Program, and Long-Term
    Interprofessional Center for Counseling            Homeless Project. Hopkins: 952-938-9622 or
    and Legal Services – Provides screenings for       Minneapolis: 612-824-8061
    depression and/or anxiety. They provide free
    counseling, psychological testing and case
    management for people who can not afford it.

2    Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services
Internet Café (Room 101 E)                          Red Zone
Telephones (Room 101 E)                             Dental and Medical
Veterans (Room 101 H)                               Children’s Dental Services (Hallway outside
                                                    Room 103A) – Dental Care for children 18
Health Care for Homeless Veterans –                 and under and pregnant women. Screening
Assessment and referral to housing, medical         for this program will be located in the Parent
and mental health care. 612-467-1771                Resources Room, Hall C. 612-746-1530 or
Hennepin County Veterans’ Service –       
Information on veterans’ programs and               Dental Services (Hall C) – Extractions and
assistance with applications. 612-348-3300          appointments for more advanced dental work.
Minneapolis Vets Center – Provides a broad          Hennepin County Health Care for the
range of counseling and referral services           Homeless (Room 102 B) – Address “urgent
to help combat veterans of any era make a           care” needs (sore throats, coughs, asthma,
satisfying post-war readjustment to civilian        diabetes, etc.) foot care, health and disease
life. Also offers readjustment counseling,          screenings and referrals for ongoing health
bereavement counseling, and sexual trauma           needs. Vaccinations available for Tetanus
counseling. 763-503-2220                            (booster needed every 5-10 years), Hepatitis
Minnesota Assistance Council for                    A & B, and HPV (genital warts/human
Veterans – Housing, Employment and                  papilloma virus). 612-348-5553
rental assistance for veterans experiencing         Hennepin County Immunization Services
homelessness. 612-726-1327                          (Room 102 C) – Provides most recommended
Minnesota Department of Veterans                    immunizations and flu shots for children and
Affairs Outreach Division – Information             adults. Will review your immunization history
about veterans’ programs and help with the          and recommend shots you may need.
application process. 612-970-5662                   612-348-2741
Salvation Army VA Case Managers – Help
with service and housing needs. 612-767-3193
Veterans Upward Bound – Information about
their pre-college education program for low-
income and/or first generation military veterans.
The goal is to help veterans get into and stay in
college. 612-659-6580 or 612-659-6579

                                                                   Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services   3
                                                       Parent Resource Room
    Room 103 A (Blue)                                  (Room 103 A)
    The Minnesota Department of
    Health, Sage Screening Program FREE                Screening for on-site dental services for
    mammograms and Pap tests. $20 to                   children and pregnant women
    eligible women today!
                                                       Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery –
    You can take part in the program if:
                                                       Provides voluntary overnight care for up to
    •	   You are between the ages of 25-39             72 hours for children newborn to age 6 as well
         (CBE and Pap test only)                       as information on child abuse and neglect
                                                       prevention. Coloring sheets and crayons
    •	   You are a women 40 or over (CBE
         and mammogram only)                           available for children. 24-hour crisis line.
                                                       763-591-0100 or administration 763-591-0400
    •	   You have no health insurance, or
                                                       Hennepin County Early Childhood
    •	   You are underinsured (i.e. co-payment         Intervention – Free program to monitor the
         and/or deductibles)                           development of children ages birth to three
                                                       years. 612-348-3839
    •	   Your gross household income does not
         exceed federal guidelines                     Hennepin County Child and Teen
                                                       Checkups – Information about no-cost
    •	   You do not have Medical Assistance (MA)
         or MNCare                                     health care for families on Medical Assistance
                                                       or MinnesotaCare. 612-348-4979
    Sign up today to get screened in Room              Minneapolis Public Schools – Information
    103E or call us toll-free at 1-888-6HEALTH         about early childhood and school readiness
    (1-888-643-2584) promo code PH9.                   resources. 612-668-0000
                                                       Parents in Community Action – Applications
                                                       for Head Start Program and referrals to
    Blue Zone                                          community agencies for children ages 6
                                                       weeks – 5 years. 612-377-7422
    Kids Corner (Room 103 B)
                                                       Resource for Child Caring – Provides tools
    Twin Cities Voice Mail (Room 103 D)                and services that strengthen parents and
                                                       caregivers skills. 651-641-0305
    Twin Cities Voice Mail – Free community
    voicemail for low income people trying to
    find housing, a job, schedule health care
    appointments or stay safe. 651-643-0883

4    Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services
Green Zone (Upstairs)
                                                    Homelessness Oral History Project
Legal (Room 200 D/E/F/G)                            (Main Lobby)
                                                    On behalf of Heading Home Hennepin
Legal intake is located in the 2nd floor            and Project Homeless Connect, we
lobby, behind the escalators. This                  are collecting photographs and oral
should be your first stop if you need               histories from people who have
legal services.                                     experienced homelessness. We believe
                                                    that these stories and images are an
The Legal Section is a centralized, integrated      important way to educate the public
section of approximately 90 legal providers,        about homelessness. Participants are
including: lawyers, law students, paralegals        interviewed and photographed on-site
and Court staff. We offer brief legal advice,       and copies of the photos are printed for
brief legal service and referrals for full          the participant to take with him or her.
representation on a wide variety of legal issues
and needs, including: family law (divorce,
child support, custody, OFP’s); criminal            Education (Room 200 C/H)
law (records information, expungement,
warrants); housing law (landlord/tenant,            Guadalupe Alternative Programs –
mortgage foreclosure); and general civil            Serves communities challenged by poverty
law (consumer, government benefits,                 through: Accredited High School, Adult
employment, contracts).                             Literacy, Mental Health Services and
                                                    Employment Services. 651-222-0757 ext 318
Providers include but are not limited to:           Hennepin County Library – Information
Faegre & Benson, LLP, The Legal Aid Society of      about free lifelong learning programs for
Minneapolis, Central Minnesota Legal Services,      babies to seniors, new immigrants, job
Volunteer Lawyers Network, The Council on Crime     seekers, person re-entering the community
& Justice, Tubman Family Alliance/Chrysalis, MN     after incarceration, small business owners and
State Bar-Family Law Section Members, Volunteer     students of all ages. 952-847-8500
Lawyers Network & its Members, Minnesota
Justice Foundation, William Mitchell College of     Minneapolis Community and Technical
Law, Hamline University Law School, University of   College – Information about financial
St. Thomas Law School, University of Minnesota      assistance, educational programs and the
Law School, The Hennepin County District Court      admission process. 612-659-6000
Self-Help Centers, the Hennepin County Public
                                                    Minneapolis Public Schools – School
Defender’s Office, Hennepin County District Court
Bench, Hennepin County Child Support Division,      information and student placement;
and NightOwl Document Technologies.                 immediate referrals and information about
                                                    Adult Basic Education, English as a Second
                                                    Language and GED preparation.

                                                                   Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services   5
    Minnesota Literacy Council – Free service           The Bridge – Information about resources
    through which adults can find free programs         and programs for youth such as crisis
    offering basic educational opportunities,           shelter, transitional living, independent
    including GED preparation and testing sites,        living, counseling, therapy, support groups,
    adult diploma programs, English language            youth empowerment program and case
    and citizenship classes, computer classes,          management. 612-377-8800
    basic reading and math classes. 651-645-2277
                                                        YMCA Point Northwest – On-site intakes for
    Ext. 236
                                                        referrals to community agencies, youth food
                                                        shelf information, Transitional Living Program
    Youth Services (Room 200 C/H)                       and outreach for youth. 612-386-5012
                                                        YouthLink/Kulture Klub – Information about
    Ain Dah Yung – Learn about their shelter (for
                                                        the drop-in center, mental health, education,
    youth 5-17) and Transitional Living Program
                                                        housing and case management services.
    (for youth 16-20). 651-227-4184
                                                        Kulture Klub will provide information about its
    Avenues for Homeless Youth – Resources for          art programs for homeless youth.
    homeless youth and information about their          612-252-1200
    GLBT Host Home program. 612-522-1690
    Catholic Charities Hope Street Runaway              Benefits (Room 200 A/J &
    and Homeless Youth Services – Direct access         1st Floor Hall B)
    to available shelter beds and applications for
    transitional housing for youth ages 16-20.          Chamberlin-Edmonds – Help completing
    612-204-8211                                        applications for Social Security benefits for
    Freeport West – Information about                   people receiving county benefits.
    youth housing, case management, family              612-872-2080
    reunification and life skills training to support   Disability Specialists – Advocacy for
    homeless and at-risk youth. 612-874-1936            Social Security Disability claimants.
    Minneapolis Employment and Training –               1-800-642-6393
    Employment opportunities and job search             Hennepin County Community Services
    resources for youth. 612-673-5298                   Outreach – Information and assistance with
    Reaching Immigrants with Care and                   Hennepin County applications for cash,
    Education – Adult Foster Care program for           medical and food support benefits. Will check
    Asian youth who may have been disowned              case status and provide referrals to community
    by family, run away or couch hopped.                resources. Issue expedited food support
    612-522-4834 / 612-376-7715                         benefits to eligible applicants. 612-596-1300

    StreetWorks – Information about community           Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging –
    resources. 612-252-2735                             Provides information on health care and
                                                        prescription drug programs. Promotes Senior
                                                        LinkAge Line (1-800-333-2433).

6    Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services
Portico Healthnet – Will check eligibility for    Minnesota Dept of Employment &
MN Health Care Programs and help complete         Economic Development/Workforce Center
the application. If not eligible, will refer to   of St Paul – Information on MnDOT/DEED
other resources. 612-341-3358                     Highway Heavy Construction Training Program
                                                  for women and minorities, WorkForce Center
Salvation Army – Help people apply for Social
                                                  programs and resources. 652-642-0704
Security benefits. 612-659-0711
                                                  Minnesota Department of Labor &
Social Security Administration –
                                                  Industry – Information on laws that protect
Disability, retirement and Medicare claims;
                                                  the rights of workers and resources about
replacement cards; appeals of denied benefits.
                                                  apprenticeships. 651-284-5005 or
                                                  People Serving People – Information
Employment (Room 200 B/I)
                                                  on their Culinary Arts training program.
Catholic Charities Branch III – Information on
their employment services. 612-204-8300           Project Pride for Living (PPL) – Employment
                                                  and training services including access to lab
Doherty Staffing Solutions – Staffing
                                                  and workshops, upcoming classroom-based
services for light industrial, clerical and
                                                  training programs, career and education
professional employment. 952-835-8885
                                                  advancement services and financial coaching
Goodwill Easter Seals –Information about          services. 612-455-5303
placement, retention and advancement
                                                  Twin Cities RISE! – Training for participates to
services, industry specific skills training
                                                  get and keep employment. 612-338-0295
services, transitional employment services
and adult mental health services .
612-824-7810                                      Community Resources
HIRED – Information on networking, job            (Room 200 A/J)
search techniques and job retention strategies.
651-999-5655                                      Amicus – Provides employment services
                                                  and programs for those returning from jail
Mall of America – Employment opportunities.
                                                  and prison. 612-348-8570
                                                  Breaking Free – Resources and programs
Minneapolis Workforce Centers – Provides
job seeker service “Employment Ready U”, New
                                                  for women and girls escaping sex trafficking
Leaf, Employment Ready Youth, FREE Basic          and prostitution. 651-645-6557
Computer Classes, and Dislocated Worker           Community Action Minneapolis –
Programs. 612-821-4005                            Information on Energy Assistance and their
                                                  Children and Family Development program.

                                                                 Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services   7
    Community Emergency Services –
    Information on rental assistance, utility          Did you know?
    payments, travel vouchers/auto repair, and
    food shelf for residents of south Mpls.            All shirts are printed by Elpis Enterprises,
    Mon-Thur 1:15 - 4:00. 612-870-1125                 a program that gives homeless youth job
                                                       skills and training.
    Metro Transit (Main Lobby) – Bus and rail
    route and schedule information. Will also
    assist with public transportation information
    need. No bus passes available.
                                                       United Way 2-1-1 – Twenty-four hour
    People Incorporated (Main Lobby) –                 community information and referral services
    Provides outreach/engagement to adults             to people in need of food and shelter, job
    experiencing long-term homelessness.               resources, health care, child care and other
    651-774-0011                                       vital services. 211
    St. Stephen’s Street Outreach Team                 VeTouch, Veterinary Outreach for Urban
    (Main Lobby) – Works with individuals              Community Health – Information about
    sleeping outside or in substandard places in       their clinics for the care of pets. 612-624-
    Hennepin County. 612-879-7624                      9372 or Hennepin Avenue United Methodist
    The Dignity Center of Hennepin Avenue              Church for clinic day/hours at 612-871-5303
    United Methodist Church – Help and
    support to those who wish to become                Haircuts Room 200 End of Hallway
    stabilized. 612-435-1336

8    Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services
Clothing Closets
Clothing Resources (all available off-site).
Please call ahead to make sure agency will be open.

Central Lutheran Church                           Saint Stephen’s Free Store
333 S. 12th St. • 612-870-4416                    2211 Clinton Ave. S. • 612-874-0311
Monday, 10 a.m. - noon; Thursday, 1 - 2:30 p.m.   Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Cornerstone Ministry (Park Ave Church)            Salvation Army
3400 Park Ave. S. • 612-825-6863                  1604 E. Lake St. • 612-767-2700
Tuesday, 1-4 p.m.; Thursday 2-5 p.m.              2024 Lyndale Ave. N. • 612-522-6581
                                                  2727 Central Ave. N.E. • 612-789-1512
Marie Sandvik Center                              Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and 1 - 4 p.m,
1112 Franklin Ave. • 612-870-9617                 Clients must call for appointment
Call for hours
                                                  Sharing and Caring Hands (Mary Jo’s)
Oak Park Neighborhood Center                      525 N. 7th St. • 612-338-4640
1701 Oak Park Ave. N. • 612-377-7000              Monday - Thursday, 10-11:30 a.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.    and 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.,
                                                  Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 -10:30 a.m.
Sabathani Community Center
310 E. 38th St., Rm 20-LL • 612-821-2347          Steeple People
Monday - Thursday                                 2004 Lyndale Ave. S. • 612-871-8305
9 a.m. - noon and 1 - 3:30 p.m.                   Monday Noon - 6 p.m., Tuesday - Friday
                                                  10:30 a.m -5:30 p.m., Saturday
Salvation Army Hope Harbor                        10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
53 Glenwood Ave. • 612-659-0711
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - noon and
12:30 to 4 p.m.
Clients must call for appointment

                                                                  Project Homeless Connect: Directory of Services   9
           Project Homeless Connect
         would like to thank its sponsors:
                                Apple Tree Dental
                                    ADT Dental
                           Central Lutheran Church
                           Children’s Dental Services
                                Cities 97 Sampler
                               City of Minneapolis
                              Common Roots Cafe
                              Faegre & Benson LLP
                              Family Housing Fund
                             First Christian Church
                             First Unitarian Society
                            First Universalist Church
                              Hands on Twin Cities
                                Hennepin County
                       Homeless against Homelessness
                                 Kelber Catering
                           McNallen Office Systems
                       Minneapolis Convention Center
                        Minnesota Dental Association
                Open Your Heart to the Hungry and Homeless
                                   Peace Coffee
                      Plymouth Congregational Church
                                Priority Networks
                      St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church
                 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation

   Today’s hot meal was created, cooked, and served by Kelber Catering,
with food donations from: Bix Produce Company, Hockenberg Newburgh Sales,
         Juhl Brokerage, Karlsburger Foods, Midwest Venture Partners,
                    R&W Foodservice, Reinhart Foodservice

This event would not have been possible without sponsors like these as well
as a host of other businesses, faith communities, and committed individuals.

                        Thanks to you all!