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					The City of Atlanta, found in the Georgia state, could be the states most growing
metropolis in population. To know this metropolis means that you must know its

In 1837, near a forest clearing, a stake was pounded inside the ground. A railroad
surveyor used this to mark the beginning of Atlanta. This stake has now turned out to
be an vital centre for the railroad industries.

Atlanta was burned within the act of your Civil War. In 1864, General William set the
metropolis on fire, bring it to ashes. With post-war reconstruction monies people
today re-built the city. They used these monies smartly and it really is shown now by
how good of a city it has turn out to be.

The Civil Rights action commenced in Atlanta by Dr. Martin Luther King in 1963.
Since of Dr. King, Atlanta's many years of interracial agreement brought forth the
Centennial Olympic Games to Atlanta in 1996. These Olympic Games were played
just two miles from where Dr. King delivered his "I Have a Dream" address.

"Gone with the Wind" written by Margaret Mitchell can be a book about romance. It
really is set in Atlanta, Georgia throughout the American Civil War and
Reconstruction. It tells from the encounters of Scarlett O'Hara. This e-book may be
the most printed e-book within the globe.

Numerous things have originated from Atlanta, including the Delta Airlines, CNN,
Coca-Cola and many much more.

Atlanta is one from the greenest cities in the U.S.

Should you go on into Metro Atlanta, you'll observe that it can be a high tech business
growing area. Atlanta receives new enterprise options each day.

A number of Atlanta's quite a few destinations are: Atlanta Botanical Gardens, The
Wren's Nest Home Museum, Carter Presidential Center and Museum with the Jimmy
Carter Library, Georgia State Capitol. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site,
Margaret Mitchell House & Museum, the World of Coca-Cola and CNN Studio Tour.

At this time Atlanta can be a business oriented, financial and industrial capital state of
Georgia. Southern living in Atlanta produces an aura of gracious air. Driving a car
across the city, it is possible to go from southern mansions to awesome skyscrapers.
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