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Samsung Luxury Feast Strong Landing Infocomm2009


									Will be held in November 2009 held in Beijing from 16 countries and regions, more
than 200 exhibitors.

  As a leader in the field of audio-visual display Samsung Electronic Will also be the
first to carry its full line of LCD products appeared, both booth exhibition space or the
number of products are among the best, to build a huge audience of audio-visual,

 It is understood that at this InfoCommChina2009 show, Samsung will demonstrate
the industry users seamless 5 × 8 LCD video wall Whiteboard , 3 × 3 shaped stitching
programs, touch display Solutions Outdoor display solutions, multi-screen interaction
solutions, information publishing solutions, video conferencing solutions and many
other LCD products, practical application and the corresponding solutions, involving
Samsung's UT, UX, MX, DX four series full range of products, for public information
display, security monitoring, video conferencing and many other industries and new
user liquid product application ideas and experience high-definition visual impact.

 Order to allow the audience to participate in exhibitions of interest when a more
accurate understanding of Samsung Exhibits, reporters visited the Samsung Business
Headquarters specifically, the first to visit the barracks at the forthcoming exhibition
of the Samsung commercial LCD products.

 Samsung executives said the commercial display, UT series of LCD video wall will
be seamless in this important product exhibition, Samsung will use the building
blocks of the second generation of Internet technology at the show set up a group of 5
× 8 LCD video wall , then this will be the exhibition of the most impressive LCD

 Samsung LCD UT Ultra Vision seamless video wall is the world's first LCD
seamless splicing products, also unveiled this heavyweight Samsung booth one of the
products. By leading R & D and production technology of LCD, Samsung LCD video
wall seamless UT series has broken through a gap too large LCD splicing products of
chronic illness, to achieve the dual splicing LCD less than 7 mm away from a historic
breakthrough to a more mosaic picture effect full flow.

 The same time, Samsung's second generation of commercial Internet technology
building blocks were first used in LCD video wall formation process, multi style,
multi-angle, multi-functional three-dimensional mosaic, really out of the PDP, plasma,
DLP rear projection, etc. limited by the flat matrix display mosaic approach, the large
LCD video wall is another area of technical innovation and breakthroughs.

 Seamless addition to Samsung LCD video wall outside UT, 3 × 3 mosaic program
will be shaped for the industry to bring new users to the perception of the past, PDP,
plasma, DLP rear projection display technology by itself and other factors, only able
to form planar mosaic matrix display video content, while the Samsung is completely
subverted the traditional stitching pattern, Samsung UT, UX Series LCD display can
be flexible to achieve 40 degrees rotation stitching, making the entire post-splicing
achieved LCD video wall electronic screen, three-dimensional matrix and other
three-dimensional graphics. The stitching of this new approach will be effective in a
limited space to expand the overall area of display images for the viewer to bring a
more powerful visual impact strength.

  Not only that, the show will debut in Samsung Electronics White Board Large size
Touch Screen , Multi-screen solutions for a number of innovations linked liquid
crystal display products and solutions to reporters also left a deep impression, I
believe the day at the show, Samsung booth will be put on a sumptuous visual feast, to
lead people into innovation LCD horizon.
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