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Newsletter - December 2010 - Seasons Greetings from the Happy

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					        UK Charity Number: 1123529 / South Africa Charity Number: IT373/2010 / Zambia NGO Registration Number: ORS/102/53/267

 Seasons Greetings from the Happy Africa
Welcome to the charity’s third newsletter and all the latest news on how with
your help we have been continuing to support communities in eastern and
southern Africa.
Despite the worldwide economic downturn, 2010 has proven to be an even
more successful year than previous years; the charity has paid out over
£48,000 and is currently supporting more than 30 community projects and
The Happy Africa                     about the programme please         We aim to educate, motivate and
                                     contact                            encourage and with the support
Foundation in 2010                   of donors affect the lives of the
News update                                                             vulnerable and disadvantaged.
You can find THAF on Twitter         This year has seen a special
and Facebook, to keep you                                               None of the work that we do
                                     focus on specific projects to
updated with all the charity’s                                          would be possible without our
                                     support local communities.
news and project updates.                                               generous donors; a huge thank
                                     Kenya, Mozambique, South
                                                                        you on behalf of all the
                                     Africa and Zambia have
THAF is now registered as a Not                                         communities that we support.
                                     developed programmes to benefit
for Profit Organisation (NPO) in     communities and individuals.
South Africa, which is fantastic                                        Best wishes for the festive
news in our mission to become                                           season!
                                     Identifying future programmes is
registered in all of the countries   a key aspect of our assessment,
that the charity operates in.                                           Lucy Pollock
                                     which is done in conjunction
                                                                        Chief Operating Officer
                                     with local stakeholders. This
We are excited to start THAF’s       helps to ensure that we can
internship programme in May          reach those most in need and
next year; interns will spend 12     can really make a difference to
months living at one of the          their lives.
African Impact project bases in
South Africa. Their primary role     THAF projects
will be as a representative of       Our objectives are always to
THAF and they will be                empower local people and work
responsible for managing the         with them to find sustainable
charity’s projects at that           solutions to the challenges that
location. For more information       they face.
Antelope Park,
                                              Medical and Community Support                 Teaching Project
                                              Although Gweru has good private sector        Mkoba 4 Primary School is our first
                                              health care facilities, unfortunately very    teaching project in the area and is much

Zimbabwe                                      few people have access to them as most
                                              simply cannot afford them. We have
                                                                                            in need of resources and materials. The
                                                                                            school has no access to running water.
                                              identified Mkoba Polyclinic and Mtapa         Currently over 2,000 children are
Antelope Park in Gweru is the home to         Polyclinic as centres that are most           enrolled at the school, but it was
our sister project; African Lion              desperately in need of assistance.            originally built for just 500 students!
Environmental Research Trust (ALERT).                                                       With over 50 children per class, ensuring
With the rapid decline in free-ranging lion   Before we got involved the two clinics had    all students have equipment has always
populations ALERT supports assisted lion      very few facilities and what they did have    been a problem. Thanks to volunteers at
reintroduction into specific areas.           were basic and rundown; they did not          the park we have been able to donate
                                              even have basic lifesaving equipment          books, stationary and sports equipment
                                              such as stethoscopes and blood pressure       to the school. This was well received by
                                              machines.                                     the school and the parents at a special
                                                                                            handover ceremony of the donations.
                                              Since then we have managed to source
                                              this vital equipment as well as providing
                                              medical supplies and stationery for the
                                              clinics. In addition to general repairs and
Antelope Park has been assisting in the       maintenance, volunteers have also helped
local community in Gweru for seven            to freshen up the clinics by painting the
years. They have been helping to provide      walls.
clothes and toys for young infants and
orphaned children in the local

                                                                                                        If you wish to make a
                                                                                                       donation to the project
                                                                                                           at Antelope Park,
                                                                                                       please visit the website
                                                                                                           and click DONATE
Cape Town,
                                            either of these projects will help us to      We support two local clinics, Ocean View
                                            support them by: paying for school fees       and Masiphumelele. We are thankful to
                                            for the children whose parents are not        donors and volunteers for enabling us to

South Africa                                financially able to, maintaining and
                                            improving the school’s facilities and
                                                                                          assist with their valuable work.
                                                                                          Donations to these projects help us to
                                            vegetable garden, providing medical           support the needs of the clinics;
Cape Town has had a few changes this        supplies and educational materials and        supplying much needed equipment and
year; we said goodbye and a big thank       supplying fruit and vegetables for the        improving the general running of the
you to Amanda, Lindsey and Theo for all     children’s lunch so they can learn on a       clinics.
their hard work, and we welcomed            full stomach!
Warren and Kay Bernhardt.                                                                 Our partnership with T.E.A.R.S Animal
                                            We have been able to provide further          Rescue Centre helps to feed and care for
The team have been busy developing new      support to the Ukanhyo Sports Project         the animals as well as contributing
programmes to ensure that we focus on       by purchasing first aid kits for the sports   toward the maintenance and general
the communities that really need our        department. We are still raising funds for    upkeep of the shelter.
support. Our efforts will be concentrated   Project Fairplay with the help of Flamingo
on establishing sustainable projects in     and their generous supporters, to develop
the southern peninsular of Cape Town.       a sports ground for the school children of
                                            Ukanhyo School and the local community
We continue to support and partner Red      to use. Sport is hugely important for the
Hill Pre-School and Children of Hope        children; for both their health and
School.                                     general well-being, it is also an
                                            opportunity for children to play and
                                            interact with each other, as physical         The shelter rescues and rehabilitates
                                            education is often not on the curriculum.     abused and mistreated animals and
                                                                                          provides free treatment and sterilisation
                                                                                          for pets from local disadvantaged

                                                                                                       If you wish to make a
                                                                                                      donation to the project
The schools cater for infants between the                                                              in Cape Town, please
ages of 0 -6 and provide a loving and                                                                   visit the website and
caring environment for underprivileged                                                                      click DONATE
children in the community. Donating to
                                               the roof stage, the metal structures are      small area of land with a couple of beds
Livingstone,                                   now in place, and we are awaiting the
                                               metal sheeting from South Africa. The
                                                                                             is now a fully-fledged producer of
                                                                                             vegetables to the local community.

Zambia                                         next stage will be to complete the
                                               building, the flooring, plastering, install
                                                                                             African Impact volunteers have been
                                                                                             busy helping water and weed at the farm,
                                               door and window frames and paint the          providing invaluable support; as the
Livingstone has welcomed the arrival of        walls!                                        community work in shifts around their
Project Coordinator’s, Mary Reid and                                                         own jobs.
Laura Goble and Project Manager
Rachael Wood to the team.

After over a year, the charity’s application
for VAT and import duty exemption in
Zambia was finally approved. This is a
real milestone for THAF; and will now
enable materials to be purchased for the       We are excited to move closer to our          THAF’s next project, the Malota School
projects VAT free and donations to be          target to raise money for the Books for       Expansion Project is to build a twin
brought into the country without               Africa Project. The total raised is now       classroom and office block for the school.
attracting duty.                               nearly $10,500! Books for Africa is a         Approximately 150 children attend
                                               well-known name on American university        Malota School; but with only two small
This summer we held a talent show for all      campuses where students often donate          classrooms to accommodate all the
the schools in Livingstone that we             their used textbooks to be given to           children the children are forced to come
support, all 14 of them! It was a great        African recipients. There is a severe book    to school at staggered times, sometimes
day and fun was had by all; each school        shortage in Livingstone; we hope to help      for only as little as two hours. The new
group entertained us with poem recitals,       change this with the delivery of a            classroom block will reduce the need for
traditional dance routines, short plays        container of 40,000 books to Livingstone.     hot seating so that students can spend
and much more! We awarded trophies to                                                        more of their time at school rather than
the best act and best overall performer.       We have been busy working with a new          on the streets.
But of course there were no losers as we       community farm in the compound known
gave out a box of goodies for each school      as Railways. Thanks to generous                           If you wish to make a
for taking part in the day.                    donations THAF has been able to equip                    donation to the project
                                               the farm; enabling it not only to generate               in Livingstone, please
One of the three projects we are currently     income but to run self-sufficiently. The                   visit the website and
focusing on in Livingstone; Nakatindi          rate of progress and development of the                        click DONATE
Health and Education Centre is now at          farm has been phenomenal; what was a
Mozambique,                                  We have also built an exterior store room
                                             at the school, so that equipment can be
                                                                                         of the A Escolinha de Boa Esperanca
                                                                                         Farming Project, to generate income for

                                             kept safely and tidily away.                the pre-school. It has meant that more of
                                                                                         the land is now being used whilst
                                                                                         providing a sustainable crop to support
Mozambique welcomed new arrival,                                                         the children’s families in the future. The
Kerrie Hunt in June. Kerrie joined the                                                   volunteers have also completed the
team in June as Project Coordinator.                                                     chicken tractor, which houses three hens
Sadly Poppy has left the project to return                                               and is moved around to new land
home to the UK, we wish Poppy all the                                                    regularly, fertilising the soil; allowing
best and a huge thank you for all of her                                                 local worker Eddie to focus on other
hard work over the last year.                                                            areas.

We have been able to put a new roof on       The project to support Community
the pre-school, A Escolinha de Boa           Families in Vilankulos has been working
Esperanca. This has made a huge              well; we completed the house for
difference; previously leaking water had     Esperanca’s children, giving the family
ruined the paint work inside the             much more space, as they had previously
classrooms and the children’s classes        been sharing one hut. We have also
were continually disrupted during the        finished building a house for Carema,who
rainy season. We have now painted the        worked with us on our HIV positive
interior walls, making the much school       community project. She is very happy        The Sponsor a Child Programme has
brighter and fresher and now there are       with her new house!                         gone from strength to strength. All of the
no worries on rainy days!                                                                children most in need at the pre-school
                                                                                         are now sponsored. We have regular
                                                                                         meetings with the parents to establish
                                                                                         their child’s needs throughout the year.

                                                                                                     If you wish to make a
                                                                                                    donation to the project
                                                                                                    in Mozambique, please
                                                                                                      visit the website and
                                             We have planted mango, papaya, avocado                       click DONATE
                                             and lemon trees at the pre-school as part
                                               stage of development creates not only          Mary runs a small bakery which helps to
Nairobi, Kenya                                 tangible outcomes but also the best
                                               options for the community.
                                                                                              support the teacher’s salaries at the
                                                                                              school. THAF believes that investment in
                                                                                              Mary’s bakery will accelerate the
Kenya has had another busy year. The
                                               Mekeu Special Needs Project                    development of her small home enterprise
team have worked hard to develop three
                                               Mekeu School is a boarding school for          into a fully functioning bakery. This will
focal projects, as part of the charity’s aim
                                               children with a learning disability. The       help to make the school self-sufficient
to concentrate its support.
                                               children's needs range from learning           and thus sustainable over time.
                                               disorders to severe epilepsy and heart
It has been a successful year for the
                                               conditions. The school has no running          Thanks to the help of past volunteer
Hope School Development Project.
                                               water and is seriously understaffed. The       Roger Trask, we have had printed a
The school caters for over 55 children
                                               school is overpopulated with few desks         special calendar for the school. All funds
aged between one and eight. The school
                                               and limited sleeping space (usually three      from the sales of the calendar will go
is small and lacks even basic facilities.
                                               to four children in a bed).                    directly to the school. Please contact
                                                                                     if you would
                                               THAF has been able to provide the school       like to buy a 2011 calendar.
                                               with six tables and 12 benches for their
                                               dining room. The children are now very
                                               happy to have a place they can sit down,
                                               relax and enjoy their meals!

The founder of the school, Mary has had
no formal training and is the only staff
member. We were able to get Mary on a
certificate course and she is now
studying Early Childhood Development;
equipping and empowering her in her role                                                                  If you wish to make a
at the school. THAF plans to engage in a                                                                 donation to the project
three tier programme in partnership with                                                                  in Kenya, please visit
                                               Body Of Christ School
Hope School; training, relocation and                                                                     the website and click
                                               Body of Christ is a fantastic initiative run
development. By looking at a longer term
                                               by Pastor Mary. It is a school for                                DONATE
program we hope to ensure that every
                                               underprivileged youths and orphans.
St Lucia,                                      The crafts are sold locally in St Lucia and
                                               also at the volunteer house, much to the
                                               delight of the volunteers! The groups
                                                                                             Our Ten Families Project is proving to be
                                                                                             really successful; our vision is to
                                                                                             implement sustainable development

South Africa                                   meet regularly to discuss a variety of
                                               topics, including healthy living and both
                                               social and health issues. The feedback
                                                                                             opportunities to families most in need, as
                                                                                             chosen by the Induna of the community.
                                                                                             We provide support and assistance to the
                                               from the group has been really positive,      family for approximately six months.
The project saw Sam, Natalie and Sean          and we look forward to another                Earlier this year we refurbished a shelter
leave at the end of the year, thanks for all   successful year working with them.            for one family to run a tuck shop from
your hard work! We look forward to                                                           and later erected shelves in their shop,
welcoming Michelle Lindsay and Jo                                                            which is now in operation.
Craven in the New Year to join Michelle
and Andrew and the rest of the team in                                                       We also completed a fence around a
St Lucia.                                                                                    family’s vegetable plot and have provided
                                                                                             seedlings to families and helped them to
We continue to support a team of                                                             maintain their own plots.
volunteer carers to help them visit more
homes and to provide palliative and social     As part of our building and
care to patients in rural areas. We are        refurbishment programme in the local
able to provide food parcels and medical       communities we completed the
supplies to those most in need.                renovation of four classrooms at the High
                                               School in Khula as well completing the
We work with Snenhlanhla and                   roof and refurbishment of a new
Ndabenhle crèches in Khula, supporting         classroom at Snenhlanhla Crèche.
the day care centres that look after           We recently completed the building at
children aged 0 – 6 years. Volunteers          Zinhle crèche. We have started to work
work together with community volunteer         with Zinhle Creche, in the Dukuduku
teachers to provide care, education and        community this year.
games to prepare the children for primary
school.                                                                                                  If you wish to make a
                                                                                                        donation to the project
It has been another successful six                                                                      in St Lucia, please visit
months for the Support Groups in Khula;                                                                  the website and click
through sales of crafts they have raised                                                                        DONATE
over R16,000 (approximately £1,500).

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