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					What else you would be expecting a phone to offer you? great looks, high speed
browsing, social networking applications, high quality music player and of course
great resistive camera and probably few more features, here the Samsung presents
Samsung corby series of mobile phone which are there to solve all your purpose, and
the top end variant Samsung Corby TV allows you to enjoy live TV as well, but we
will talk about the basal corby phone that is named as Samsung Corby GT-S3653 that
in itself a complete advanced package ready to deliver all what you must be expecting
in a high price tagged top end mobile phone, and the best part is its price, it is quite
  The all new Samsung Corby S3653 has been designed targeting the technology freak
people who stay online always and love socializing, this phone provides you the direct
access to 9 social networking website, so you can just stay connected with your online
circle 24x7 where ever you are, and its high responsive touch screen makes the
execution of every application & feature more exciting & fun loving, then the other
exciting feature is the provided multi-codec supported music player that allows you to
playback any music stuff of your choice no matter of what format it is, so as with the
stereo FM radio that permits you to tune into any of your favourite radio station that
too would deliver a high quality sound both on headphone and hands-free options.
  The all new Samsung Corby S3653 is offered with the changeable, stylish &
colourful jackets that you can change as per your liking, or just to get it dressed in
some other style to make it looking fresh, the phone has also got the built-in mobile
dictionary having the collection of unlimited words, so now checking out some
complicated words while reading something is no more a problem, you can directly
check this on your Samsung Corby mobile phone, and the best part is explanation
would be in great way that you won’t be left with any question. Furthermore the
phone is outfitted with the superb quality 2 mega pixel camera that authorizes you to
record videos as well whenever you want of real long duration, though the built-in
memory is enough capacious to store practically unlimited number of phonebook
contacts and messages but to store other bulky stuff including audio and video tracks,
text files and some other applications, you can expand it up to 8 GB using microSD
  And all these features and applications you can get in comparatively lesser price go
check it out for you if you are making up your mind to bring an all new mobile phone
having multi functions.
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