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					FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

 FaCTS ABOUT Scandic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Table of content
                                        3   Our business concept
                                        3   Our vision
                                        4   Our values
                                       6    Hotel profile
                                       6    Growth strategy
                                        7   Hotel portfolio
                                       8    Key figures 2007
                                       9    History
                                       11   Our products and concepts
                                      15    Our contribution to a sustainable society
                                      20    Executive team
                                      22    Board
                                      22    Owners

2 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                 Our business
                 “By developing and operating hotels in Europe, we help people
                  recharge with our easy and accessible services”
                 Our core business is to develop and run hotels through tenancy agreements, franchising and our own hotel
                 operations in Europe, with the Nordic region as our home market. “People” are our guests and customers, and we
                 have chosen that word to make it clear that we are here for everyone. We exclude no-one. Our aim is to help
                 Scandic’s guests to recharge their batteries and to reinvigorate them by having an uncomplicated approach and by
                 offering simple and accessible accommodation. We achieve this by simplifying our procedures, offering hotels in
                 locations where people travel to and taking account of our guests’ various needs.

                 Our vision
                 “Creating value by being the place and inspiration for conscious
                 people in a better world”
                 When we say that we want to create value, that means creating value for all our key stakeholders: guests,
                 customers, owners, society and team members. We want to be more than just a hotel. We want to be a place where
                 people can come together, meet others and be inspired, whether they are visiting Scandic on business or for
                 pleasure. We want to be a source of inspiration for conscious people and we want to help make a better world. We
                 can provide the inspiration by making guests aware of simple, sustainable solutions that they can put into practice
                 at work and at home. We believe that people are going to become increasingly conscious of the choices they make
                 – and we want those conscious people to opt for Scandic because we are a good choice in every way – economically,
                 socially and environmentally. They know what we stand for and share our values.

3 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Our values
                Scandic’s entire business is based on offering easy and accessible
                accommodation. Just as our business concept sets out, we will offer a
                relaxed hotel experience for everyone, whether they are travelling on
                business or for pleasure.
                The idea of offering easily accessible hotel accommodation
                close to key transport routes has lived on since 1963, with a
                vital element of Scandic being our work on achieving an                Economic
                ecologically and socially sustainable society.

                In order to strengthen the culture within Scandic, we want the
                treatment of guests, customers, owners, partners and             ecological   ethical
                colleagues to be characterised by the following values:

                During Scandic’s whole history, and through many change
                processes, Omtanke (care and consideration for others) has
                been an important value for Scandic. Omtanke in how we
                relate to others and Omtanke in how we relate to the world
                around us.

                Will to win
                Committed to focusing on competitive and creative solutions,
                and always walk the extra mile to accomplish results beyond

4 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                 Able to set clear and measurable objectives and take responsibility for delivering promised results. Proactive, taking
                 unprompted actions when needed both within own area of responsibility and for the good of Scandic, with a
                 mindset of “no ugly surprises”.

                 Team work
                 Show inclusiveness in leadership style. Communicate and build relations, being flexible and sharing best practice to
                 maximise organisational effectiveness, utilising competence and energy.

                 High credibility, acting according to Scandic values. Perceived as honest, open and transparent. Show respect and
                 tolerance to individuals.

                 Fun for all
                 Create a working climate full of energy and humour. Celebrate successes and reward outstanding achievements.

5 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Hotel profile
                Scandic is a modern, refreshing and informal hotel company. The strength of Scandic lies in the breadth we are able
                to offer by having hotels in central locations or on the outskirts of key towns and cities. In the larger cities, we have
                both. This makes us accessible for guests coming by car, air or train.

                As Scandic is intended for everyone, the hotels are adapted accordingly. This means that Scandic represents neither
                luxury or budget, instead offering smart hotels with smart solutions, where nothing has been left to chance.

                Since 1995, all rooms added or refurbished are ecorooms, i.e. rooms with a longer lifetime, constructed and
                furnished based on a lifecycle perspective, using an increased proportion of natural materials.

                Growth strategy
                Scandic is a company that has always been characterised by change and growth.

                Our aim is to increase todays 150 hotels to over 200 over the next couple of years. This rapid rate of growth will be
                realised through chain acquisitions, newbuilds, franchising and the conversion of hotels purchased.

                As the Nordic region is Scandic’s home market, this is primarily where we will be focusing on full coverage. Beyond
                that, Scandic is looking towards Northern and Eastern Europe, for example Germany and Russia.

6 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Hotel portfolio
                Existing and planned hotels 2009-03-19







                                                                                                   Total: 152 hotels with 28 310 rooms

                For updated information about Scandic’s hotel portfolio, visit

7 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Key figures 2008
                  Revenue                       € 758,5m
                  EBITDA                        € 111,1m
                  RevPar Growth (07– 08)        2,6%
                  No. Team Members              6,599


                   55 %
                                                35 %

                                      10 %

8 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                How we became the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region
                Scandic’s history started back in 1963 at the edge of a road in Närke in central Sweden. In the US, motor hotels, or
                motels, had become an indispensable part of the infrastructure, and the model was transferred to the Swedish
                market. The “motor village” concept, comprising a number of motel rooms a gas station and an inn, became a
                reality. The concept attracted enormous media attention as there had never been anything like it before, and the
                idea was considered extremely innovative.

                In 1966 the concept was developed further through expansion on Sweden’s west coast in Mölndal outside Gothen-
                burg. With 55 rooms, a restaurant and inn, we opened an extremely modern hotel with pine furniture, wall-to-wall
                carpets, TV in all rooms, a pool and a gym. Competing with the standard of Sweden’s city hotels at the time, success
                was assured.

                And so began the long journey that Scandic has been on to get to where we are today. Three major company
                acquisitions have brought us here: in 1995 we purchased the Swedish operations of Reso Hotels, in 1998 it was the
                turn of Arctia (then Finland’s third largest hotel chain) and in 2000 we acquired Provobis Hotels – a small Swedish
                hotel chain that helped us to broaden our portfolio of city centre hotels.

                A year later, Scandic was purchased by the British Hilton Group Plc and delisted from the Stockholm Stock
                Exchange. The Hilton Group, which later became American, was our owner for over five years, before Scandic was
                acquired 2007 by the Nordic region’s leading private equity company, EQT Partners. This allowed Scandic to once
                again to continue developing as a company on its own two feet.

                By staying at the cutting edge and being used to change, we have managed over the years to become the leading
                hotel chain in the Nordic region.

9 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

               History in brief                                                                                               1963

               1963    The first hotel opens in Laxå, Sweden
               1966    A new hotel on Sweden’s west coast in Mölndal outside Gothenburg launches a major expansion
                       – 23 hotels in three years
               1972    First expansion abroad – into Norway and Denmark
               1973    Largest hotel chain in Sweden
               1979    For the first time, city centre hotels are acquired – Esso Scandic Hotels
               1984    The company and hotels are renamed Scandic Hotels
               1985    Ratos becomes sole owner of Scandic Hotels AB
               1986    The first hotel outside Scandinavia opens in the German town of Koblenz
               1995    Scandic buys up the Swedish operation of Reso Hotels
               1996    Scandic is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
               1998    Scandic acquires Arctia, Finland’s third largest hotel chain
               1999    17 hotels are purchased, including four with the Fines Hotel Group in Estonia
               2000    Scandic purchases Provobis Hotels, which has 16 central hotels in Sweden
               2001    Scandic is purchased by the London-based Hilton Group Plc and delisted from the Stockholm
                       Stock Exchange
               2002    Scandic begins the journey of moving the brand into the future with a new logo
               2004    Scandic Sweden becomes the world’s first ecolabelled hotel chain
               2007    Scandic is acquired by EQT and Accent, putting it back on its own two feet. A new phase of expansion
                       is launched.
               2008    Expansion continues with new hotels, for example in Poland

10 • Fa CTS A B O U T S c and ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Our products and
                Scandic’s frequent guest programme
                The programme has four membership levels: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor
                and Top floor. The higher up guests move, the better the benefits.

                One qualifying night earns 2,000 points. Extra points can also be earned
                based on the tier level/floor of the guest.

                1st floor (base level)
                2nd floor (after 5 qualifying nights within a 12-month period)
                3rd floor (after 25 qualifying nights within a 12-month period)
                Top floor (after 45 qualifying nights within a 12-month period)

                A free newspaper and discounted room rates at weekends and in the
                summer are just some of the benefits that Scandic’s frequent guests enjoy.
                The number of active members currently stands at more than 300,000.

                Sustainable meetings at Scandic
                Scandic is the meeting places for thousands of people every day. In our role as the leading Nordic organiser of
                conferences, Scandic offers meeting rooms for two up to several thousand participants. The objective is productive
                meetings and conferences in a relaxed atmosphere, with a focus on sustainability. The meeting rooms always include
                free Internet access and an LCD projector.

                Think Tank
                is a specially adapted meeting room for those in search of a more modern
                conference product which can provide more stimulation for the senses.
                It is influenced by Feng Shui, creating balance and harmony.

                The hotels’ lobby shops
                At the start of 2006, Scandic started rolling out hotel shops aimed at
                offering a new range of foods as a way to give better service to our hotel
                guests. The move was based on an in-depth study showing that the
                hotels’ biggest competitor foodwise was not the restaurant next-door,
                but fastfood restaurants, convenience stores and petrol stations. The
                shops are always located close to reception and the hotel entrance, and
                focus on food and drink, along with other convenience items such as
                toiletries, toys, books, newspapers and magazines, snacks and clothing.
                There are now more than 100 lobby shops in operation.

11 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a n d ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Gym and exercise facilities
                As part of our aim to become the healthiest company in the travel industry,
                Scandic has upgraded its gym and exercise facilities at all hotels. Scandic is
                investing a total of SEK 60 million in modern well-equipped gyms for our

                Free Internet access
                Scandic was the first hotel chain in the Nordic region to offer its guests free wireless Internet access in public areas,
                meeting rooms and hotel rooms. There is no usage limit in terms of time or data for hotel guests, but to connect to
                the system users need a W LAN card. For those guests who do not have a W-LAN card or a room with wireless
                access, there is a workstation available with a desktop computer, wireless and wired Internet access and a printer in
                one of the hotel’s public areas.

                Scandic’s restaurants
                One of Scandic’s many advantages is its size, which provides certain economies of scale. In order to ensure that all
                of Scandic’s restaurants maintain a consistent and good level of quality a common restaurant concept has been
                created, taking inspiration from several different cuisines. The idea is for the hotels themselves to decide which
                culinary focus suits them and their guests best. Naturally, vegetarian and healthy options are available on all the
                different menus.

                                                           The healthiest menu choice, inspired by the
                                                           Mediterranean, with olive oil and vegetables as
                                                           key ingredients. Includes several varieties of
                                                           Italian pasta dish and Spanish tapas.

                                                           Grill & Chill
                                                           This menu has the widest range, with a mix of
                                                           everything from grilled dishes to tapas, pasta
                                                           and pizza. Simplicity and choice are two

12 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                                     New Picante World
                                     Spicy and flavoursome food from “the New
                                     World” – India, China, Thailand – symbolises
                                     this menu.

                                     Scandinavian Way
                                     This is a classic menu of simple Scandinavian
                                     food with a modern twist. Old favourites and
                                     Nordic flavours are typical.

                                     Organic breakfast
                                     Since for many people breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
                                     Scandic has developed a unique breakfast concept to ensure that guests
                                     can always expect a particular range when staying at a Scandic. With over
                                     100 items to choose from, there is something for everyone. Because of a
                                     wide range of organic products the guests are able to eat a completely
                                     organic breakfast. At all Scandic’s Swedish hotels, breakfast has been
                                     KRAV certified as organic since 2001, while the coffee has been Fairtrade
                                     since 2006. To make life easier for people with allergies and other special
                                     dietary needs, nutritional information is available for every item.

13 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                                   Bonus Cheque
                                   One of Scandic’s well-known products is the Bonus Cheque, which
                                   gives companies great rates on hotel accommodation. A book of 12
                                   cheques provides a discount of around 17% on the usual room rate.
                                   Each Bonus Cheque is valid for one overnight stay in a single room,
                                   including breakfast. A supplement is payable at some hotels. The
                                   cheques are tied not to one person but to the company. This means
                                   that they can be allocated however best suits the company.
                                   Members of the frequent guest programme receive all their benefits
                                   as usual.

                                   Sigge – the children’s friend at Scandic
                                   Sigge is our mascot and children’s friend at Scandic. He is the figure
                                   that unifies Scandic’s children’s concept, the main aim of which is to
                                   make things convenient for parents while at the same time keeping
                                   the children happy. This convenience includes having cots available,
                                   changing tables in public toilets, and microwave ovens to heat baby
                                   food. Sigge himself makes sure that the children gets fun surprises
                                   and that there is a playroom in the hotels. All our restaurants have a
                                   kids’ menu of dishes that usually tempt most children.

                                   Jamie Oliver + Scandic = True
                                   Good and healthy food has always been a matter of course at
                                   Scandic, and now we’ve taken it up a level by initiating a collabora-
                                   tion with world-famous chef Jamie Oliver. A cooperation that runs for
                                   three years with a different focus each year. First year’s winners are
                                   the children, already in summer 2009 will be able to try the brand
                                   new children’s menus at all our hotels. Much of the traditional baby
                                   food will be renewed and be joined by new wonderful dishes, of
                                   course, cooked with organic ingredients.

14 • Fa CTS A B O U T S c and ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Our contribution
                to a sustainable
                Scandic sees taking responsibility for the environment as an obvious
                necessity. Through active work and awareness, we can influence
                others to help make a sustainable society, which is, of course, also
                our own objective. Scandic is today considered the world leader in
                environmental work. This work started in 1994 and has led to a host
                of measures that have brought about considerably more efficient
                use of resources.
                Environmental policy
                No company can avoid taking responsibility for the environment and focusing on environmental issues. Scandic
                shall, therefore, lead the way and work continuously to promote both a reducing influence on our environmental
                destruction, and a better environment.

                Car policy
                Our company car policy prioritises vehicles which run on alternative fuels such as biogas or ethanol and hybrid
                vehicles. As of January 2008, Scandic Sweden has 90% environmental cars and the remaining 10% will be replaced
                during 2008.

                Travel policy
                When travelling on business, the cheapest, safest and most ecologically sustainable transport option is to be
                chosen. This means prioritising the train over the plane, unless the trip would be made considerably shorter by
                flying. Public transport options are to be prioritised over taxis, and environmental taxis should be used wherever

15 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Reporting consumption
                Since 1996, all our hotels have reported monthly statistics on energy
                consumption, water consumption, quantities of unsorted waste
                and the use of cleaning chemicals. These figures are available at

                Energy:               –34% (kWh per guestnight)
                Unsorted waste:       –40% (kg per guestnight)
                Water:                –22% (litres per guestnight)
                Carbon dioxide:       –72% (kg fossil CO2 per guestnight)

                By placing high demands on ourselves and our suppliers, we aim to
                cut fossil carbon dioxide emissions from our direct activities to zero
                by 2025. We will achieve this in part by requiring local district
                heating suppliers to phase out their fossil energy sources.

                Swan ecolabelled hotels
                The Swan is perhaps the world’s toughest ecolabelling system, examining the environmental impact of goods and
                services throughout their entire lifecycle – from raw materials to waste. The stringent environmental criteria are
                coupled with requirements in terms of function and quality. The Swan’s vision is for a sustainable society with
                sustainable consumption. By continually tightening up the criteria, the system aims to create a sustainable society
                step by step. In 1999 Scandic gained its first Swan ecolabelled hotel, Scandic Sjølyst in Oslo, and now in early 2009,
                110 of our 124 Nordic hotels carry the Swan ecolabel. Scandic Sanadome Nijmegen in the Netherlands carries the
                EU’s Flower ecolabel.

                Scandic has developed a standard for building, refurbishing and furnishing our buildings with the least possible
                environmental impact. The standard, called the Scandic Environmental Refurbishment Equipment and Construc-
                tion Standard (SERECS), lies behind the 17,000 ecorooms that have been built so far.

                Our own water in a cool bottle
                We don’t serve bottled water in restaurants and bars at Scandic. Instead, all hotels
                have installed their own taps, where the water is chilled, filtered and – for those
                guests who want it – carbonated. The water is served in our own water bottle,
                designed specially for Scandic by the Olympic swimmer Therese Alshammar in
                collaboration with designer Jonas Torstensson. One eurocent per bottle goes to the
                Scandic Sustainability Fund, which supports initiatives that contribute to a more
                sustainable society.

                Thanks to the water project we don’t have to transport millions of bottles of bottled
                water to our hotels. Thus, we reduce the fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 160 tons per year.

16 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Scandic in Society
                Scandic wants to be a good company in a good
                society. It is important to take responsibility for
                the positive development of the local community
                in which we operate. We contribute towards this
                with “Scandic in Society”. Back in 2001 we held
                meetings with all our team members to discuss
                what Scandic could do. The result is a whole host
                of local initiatives and a number of chain-wide
                activities. This may be anything from giving
                blankets to hostels and serving lunch to the
                homeless to providing coffee for parents on night
                patrol. The key element is that Scandic in Society
                is more about personal initiatives than fund-

                Everyone has the right to be treated equally and everyone should feel safe and well cared for. With so many
                nationalities among our guests and team members, the issue of diversity arose when developing new uniforms
                in 2006. One result was that we now have a hijab or headscarf as an option in our collection.

                                                                      Safety & security at Scandic
                                                                      Safety & security at Scandic is one of the cornerstones of our
                                                                      philosophy. Our safety & security policy is a vital part of our
                                                                      hotel operations – “No guest or team member’s safety must
                                                                      be put at risk.”

                                                                      All team members who start at Scandic go through an
                                                                      interactive safety & security course and at least twice a year all
                                                                      team members must take part in fire and evacuation drills at
                                                                      the hotels. Other tools include our safety & security handbook,
                                                                      which is available at every hotel, our own ongoing reviews of
                                                                      safety & security and a well-established crisis group

17 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                In order to understand the challenges of and make life easier for disabled
                guests travelling and staying at Scandic, we have had a Disability
                Coordinator since 2003. His main task is to give support and advice to
                hotels on how to make them more accessible and to create increased
                understanding of what daily life is like for disabled people, and how we
                can make their stay easier and remove obstacles.

                The criteria for a good hotel stay vary depending on whether a person is
                wheelchair-bound, allergic, blind or deaf or has some other disability. It is
                therefore important to know about the different needs. A cornerstone of
                this programme is that all team members at every hotel go through
                accessibility training.

                Scandic’s accessibility standard
                The standard was created so that Scandic could guarantee a clear route
                from arrival at the hotel and during the stay up until departure. As well as
                the 93 points, 77 of which are compulsory, that make up the standard,
                priority is given to accessibility during refurbishment and newbuild

                • Some of the 93 points in the minimum standard:
                • Hearing loop in reception, clearly signed with a symbol.
                • Vibrating alarm clock/fire alarm available from reception.
                • At least two walking stick holders at the reception desk.
                • No garnish on the buffet plates.
                • Door opener in the elevators if they are not automatic.
                • At least one meeting room with no carpets (for allergy sufferers and
                  wheelchair users).
                • Single-grip mixer tap in the bathroom.
                • Shower stool in disabled rooms as standard and available for other

                Accessibility is also given due consideration in all Scandic’s concepts, including the meeting rooms, breakfast, the
                lobby shops and the children’s concept Sigge.

18 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                2006 we launched our health initiative internally, with
                an increased focus on the health of employees and
                guests. Our aim is to become the healthiest company
                in the travel industry.

                Healthy activities
                For our guests, this includes us clearly setting out the
                exercise options in or around the hotel, having bicycles
                and walking poles to lend out and making sure that
                there are healthy options available at breakfast, for
                conferences and on our menus. Scandic has modern
                well-equipped gyms and exercise facilities at all hotels.
                Our hotels have been smoke-free since 2005, with the
                exception that some hotels offer a small number of
                rooms for smokers.

                For team members this has meant a whole range of
                activities, including health reviews at all hotels, as well
                as the opportunity to take a lifestyle test and get help
                in drawing up an individual health plan. All team
                members must also have the option of eating healthily
                at our hotels, so brown bread, low-fat margarine,
                salads, semi-skimmed milk and fruit are always
                available. Help to stop smoking is available for any
                team member wants it.

                For more information on Scandic’s sustainability work, visit

19 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd i c
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

               Executive team
                                                Frank Fiskers, 1961
                                                President & Chief Executive Officer

                                                Frank Fiskers was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2007.
                                                Before coming to Scandic, he worked at Hilton as Vice President Operations and
                                                has been stationed in Frankfurt, Stockholm, London and Johannesburg. Frank has
                                                also been managing director of First Hotels. Before that, he worked for a number
                                                of years at Rezidor SAS, where he held a number of key posts, latest as head of
                                                Nordic operations.

               As a Danish citizen, he went to school in Copenhagen, after which he took various courses at Cornell University in
               the US, London Business School and IMD Business School in Lausanne. Frank is a member of the World Travel &
               Tourism Council, a network of 100 global Chief Executive Officers, working in the travel and tourism industry. As well
               as being a devoted and passionate hotelier, he is a keen runner – having completed in September 2008 the Berlin

                                                Martin Creydt, 1965
                                                Senior Vice President Hotel Operations

                                                Martin Creydt’s Scandic career started on 1 September 2007, when he was
                                                appointed head of Swedish operations – an area of responsibility which just a few
                                                months later was expanded to include all of Scandic’s hotel operations. Martin has
                                                first-rate experience in the hotel industry. He came to Scandic from the Rezidor
                                                Hotel Group, where he was an extremely successful head of Scandinavia. He was
                                                also a managing director at Choice Hotels Sweden and before that held the same
                                                position for First Hotels.

               Martin has a degree in economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, specialising in
               Service Management (1986-1989). Martin has also taken part in several management programmes at Cornell
               University in the US.

20 • Fa CTS A B O U T S c and ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                                                 Roger Olofsson, 1964
                                                 Senior Vice President Human Resources

                                                 Roger Olofsson was recruited as Senior Vice President Human Resources for Scandic
                                                 in early August 2007. His career in human resources (HR) started in 1989 when, after a
                                                 brief spell at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm, he started at automation and power
                                                 technology company ABB, where he held several HR management positions during
                                                 his thirteen years there. Roger was also HR manager at life science companies
                                                 Amersham Biosciences and GE Healthcare.

                                                 Roger Olofsson has an MSc in Human Resources Development and Labour Relations
                                                 (1985-1989). He has also completed several specialist HR courses during his career.

                                                 Thomas Engelhart, 1967
                                                 Senior Vice President Commercial

                                                 Thomas Engelhart was made Senior Vice President Commercial Operations at
                                                 Scandic in August 2007, taking on this new post focusing on brand communication
                                                 and commercial activities. Areas of responsibility include sales, marketing,
                                                 distribution, revenue management, Internet, Scandic’s frequent guest pro-
                                                 gramme, third parties, strategic partnerships and sponsorship.

                                                   Before Thomas came to Scandic, he worked as Vice President within Establish-
                                                   ment Services for American Express located in London and with responsibility for
                                                   the Airline Industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He was also a managing
                director at First Hotels, started and ran his own venture capital firm and has previous experience at Scandic, where
                he worked as General Manager at Scandic Järva Krog in Stockholm and Scandic Hotel Triangeln in Malmö between
                1996 and 1998. During his first time at Scandic, he was involved in developing Scandic’s kids’ concept, Sigge. Thomas
                has an MA in Business Administration from CERAM (1998-2000) in Sophia Antipolis, France, and a BA in Hotel
                Management from Glion Education Group / Hosta in Switzerland.

                                                 Gunilla Rudebjer, 1959

                                                 Gunilla Rudebjer took up the post of Scandic’s CFO in January 2009. Gunilla has
                                                 extensive experience of equivalent positions, most recently at Cision, a global listed
                                                 company in the field of business surveillance, where she worked first as CFO and then
                                                 as head of the group’s strategic projects. Before that, Gunilla worked as CFO at Parks &
                                                 Resorts Scandinavia, a company that owns and runs theme parks, the formerly listed
                                                 IT consultancy company Mandator and the Fritidsresegruppen travel company.
                                                 Gunilla also held numerous positions as controller and finance manager in the
                                                 Nordstjernan Group. Gunilla has a degree in economics from the Stockholm School
                                                 of Economics.

21 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c a nd ic
   FaCTS ABOUT Scandic

                Vagn Sörensen, Chairman                  Austrian Airlines
                Barry Sadr-Hashemi                       Azure Properties
                Per Braathen                             Malmö Aviation
                Caspar Callerström                       EQT
                Erik Sterner                             EQT
                Roland Nilsson                           Accent Equity
                Jan Samuelsson                           Accent Equity
                Frank Fiskers                            Scandic

               EQT Partners is a leading private equity firm with an industrial focus, operating in Northern and Eastern Europe and
               China. EQT Partners has over 200 staff at twelwe offices. They have a varied background, providing industrial and
               financial expertise from different parts of the world.

               EQT’s funds have a history of generating growth and value for the companies that are acquired. EQT’s twelwe funds
               manage a total of over EUR 12 billion and since the start they have acquired and funded over 70 companies. EQT
               makes aggressive investments in medium-sized companies with great potential for growth, and then provides them
               with strategic support and advice in order to promote that growth and create greater value in the company. Almost
               half of the value created within EQT companies comes from growth.

               EQT Partners, which functions as financial adviser to all the EQT funds, is located in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen,
               Helsinki, Munich, Frankfurt, Hongkong, New York, London, Shanghai, Warsawa and Zürich.

22 • Fa CT S A B O U T S c and ic

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