Salary Ranges and Figures for ESL Teachers

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					As the United States welcomes more immigrants, the demand for English language
instruction will increase every year. Because of this high demand, you might want to
consider a job in this recession-proof field. While you are looking for location, you
also want to look for how much you will get paid depending on where you choose to
work and how much education you will need.
  The salary that you will be earning as an ESL/EFL teacher is based on a few criteria:
your credentials, experience, and location. As with any job, the higher the education
level you have, the higher the salary you will be paid. Yet, it doesn 鈥檛 matter which
path you choose. What 鈥檚 important is that you find the job that is right for you
offering you the best benefits.
  To show you what is meant by this, below is just an estimate of the type of money
you could earn easily as an ESL/EFL teacher depending on where you want to work,
and at what level you are looking to teach:
  Elementary ESL/EFL teachers: $50,000 Secondary ESL/EFL teachers: $52,000
Adult education EFL/ESL teachers: $32,000 - $57,000 University level ESL/EFL
professor: $73,000 鈥?$98,000
  When searching or choosing the right place to teach EFL/ESL, you will want to look
at their benefits package that includes health care and insurance as well as vacation
time. Those who teach in public schools or university will have the best benefits
because they will have a lot of vacation time as well as a pension plan. Those who
choose to teach in private schools will get similar benefits in health care and vacation
time, but they will not have the luxury of the pension to go with it. If you are thinking
of going independent and want to become a tutor or part-time ESL teacher, especially
at a community college or center, keep in mind that the pay is hourly and you often
have to provide your own health care coverage.
  If you are looking at teaching EFL (English language overseas) you will want to
look more carefully at the salary requirements. This is especially important when
doing your research because some countries seem are more lax than others when it
comes to payment and often times what you are paid out there isn 鈥檛 as much as
what you are paid as an ESL teacher in your own country. However, if you do your
research thoroughly, you might be able to find some good-paying jobs out there.
  For example, if you are thinking of working in Asia or even South America, you can
find a wide range of teaching opportunities from being an in-house teacher in a
well-known company like Samsung or LG to working at a private school that a friend
of yours might have personal connections with. Most of these countries in these areas
appeal to the adventurer and traveler, and are usually the areas of the world that have
the highest demand for English teachers. Thus, depending on the economic structure
of that country, how well the economy is, and other societal factors such as violence
and the like, the salary can be pretty minimal. However, if the cost of living is low,
then you won 鈥 檛 have any worries about what you can or cannot afford,
particularly housing which is the most important area. Special note: Most schools can
only afford to hire on the spot and not internationally as you might often see online
while doing your job search, and some of them may pay you lower than what you
read in their advertisement.
  So what is the pay range abroad?
  Considering Brazil for a moment, you could find a job pretty easily in the big cities
of Rio or Sao Paulo. Depending on where you plan to teach, the typical salary of $900
per month. This is will offer a pretty decent and comfortable lifestyle, especially if
you consider the economic situation of the area.
  In Korea, which has a totally different economy from that of Brazil, most language
schools will pay from $1,700 - $2,300 per month as well as severance pay which you
receive as an extra month 鈥檚 regular salary after you finish your full contract. You
will also get medical benefits through the Korean Medical Insurance Union and
Government Heath Organization that is covered by your employer and only about
2-3% from your own salary. Housing, and airfare (which is mostly a one-way ticket
home) are also included in the package deal (depending on the school 鈥檚 individual
criteria), as well as vacation time (including observed Korean holidays), and at least a
few days sick leave in case of emergency.
  Whether you are considering teaching overseas or in the confines and comfort of
your own home, getting the degree and working for good money are what are
important to ensure the stability of one 鈥檚 life. When it comes to teaching EFL
overseas, it is considered a good option in case you are thinking about teaching ESL
at home, but you are not sure if you 鈥檇 like to and are looking to complete your
education or certification in the field. And no matter what kind of certification you are
or are not thinking of getting, it will cost a lot of money. You will also need good
payment to help you with expenses if you want to travel elsewhere or for the journey
back home or to another country when you feel that it 鈥檚 time to move on to
somewhere or something else.
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