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					09 3 5, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance jointly announced a national

Appliances to the countryside Products?? Air conditioning , Water Heater , Gas Water

, Computers and motorcycles to the countryside tender results

Cherry Gas water heaters and electric water heaters both Championship. The Winning
products were fully considered the needs of the rural market characteristics, and gas
water heaters, electric water heaters after use of property, a safe, practical, easy to use,
affordable, energy saving, environmental protection features to develop.

 By the global economic recession, the domestic impact of the economic slowdown,
many home appliance manufacturers, as home appliances to the countryside as the
key to business growth in 2009. The cherry blossoms as a socially responsible
enterprise, the spirit of "taking from society, used in the interests of society" concept,
a positive response to the state "home appliances to the countryside" policy, for the
majority of rural consumers with reliable, quality assurance, reasonable price home
appliances, and provide circulation to meet the needs of rural consumers and the

  Service . Cherry has 31 years background as a professional company, dedicated to
driving the evolution of life, create more comfortable, more green, more healthy ideal
life. Cherry has set up more than 50 in the country directly under the branches, more
dense than 700 professional service centers cherry, and the establishment of SIS
(ServiceInformationSystem) service system, to service quality and superior product
quality simultaneously.

 Cherry production kitchen, Range Hood , Gas stoves, disinfecting cabinets, cleaning
counters, sinks, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, faucets,

 Yuba Full line of kitchen products, all with leading technology and excellent quality
home and abroad. Among them, gas water heater was "China Top Brand" award, so
that Sakura became the first foreign-funded enterprises to obtain this honor, and still
retain a row this award.

 , Of course, besides the quality of the product itself, the cherry only intention to
maintain the interests of consumers know the brand, consumers can win the respect
and support, creating a "permanent free to send oil net" and "permanent free security
check "The two proceed from the interests of consumers, job of devoted service free
of charge. Among them, the "permanent oil net to send free" service has been upheld
for 31 years, cherry blossoms are free to send oil each year to the user home network
so that users can cherry hood permanently exempt from washable, will be clean and
healthy indoor environment to bring consumers and family members. The "permanent
free safety checks" service has insisted for 23 years, from June to August every year,
"security season" period, the cherry blossoms of home service professionals will be
free for users water heater safety inspection, for each consumer permanent peace of
mind protection.

 Sakura will continue to enhance product development, always good service, efforts
to promote science and technology and the evolution of life, efforts to provide
consumers with high quality products, and create a high quality of life.
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