Safari Holidays - For An Adventurous And Exciting Vacation

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					Safari holidays are a recreational activity, more popular with people who love
adventure and excitement. These generate major revenue for several African nations,
which are the most common safari destinations of the world. The primary goal of
visitors is to watch animals in the wild, especially the Big Five which refers to
Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Rhino. They offer great pleasure and memories
for a lifetime.
  Safari holidays are an amazing travel experience. The rich wildlife and diversity
make Kenya and East Africa, the best safari locations. They are famous for their
scenic beauty, diverse cultures, abundant wildlife, beaches, and warm tropical waters
completing a holiday experience. Usually safaris operate using 4-wheeler drive
vehicles. It can also be on foot, horseback, elephant back or boat depending on the
type of terrain.
  Kenya safari provides a lifetime experience with its best game reserve - the Masai
Mara. The dry winter and warm spring are the perfect time to visit. The rolling
grasslands and wide-open savannahs are heaven to its vivid and finest wildlife. It
hosts the spectacular annual wildebeest migration and the Big Five. Amboseli is
another classic wild life destination with snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro in the
background. Safari holidays at Lake Nukuru with its complete stretch of brilliant pink
flamingos are another popular choice.
  Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and Serengeti, offer a huge array of
game reserves and national parks. The natural abundance of wildlife and the annual
wildebeest migration ensure a perfect Tanzania safari holiday.
  South Africa boasts of the largest and most diverse game reserve, the Kruger
National park. The most varied and enchanting countries of the world have a
combination of landscapes, people, history and culture. The endless savannah
grasslands, dense undergrowth and amazing wildlife provide the thrill to South Africa
Safari. The Big 5 in a malaria-free environment at the Eastern Cape makes a perfect
holiday for families.
  Travellers can opt for adventure travel, luxury tours or beach holidays. Selecting the
best game-viewing period to travel makes the safari holidays worth every penny.
Tourists can opt for simple, shorter tour packages to longer, comprehensive ones
depending on their affordability. The type of accommodation also varies a great deal.
Expensive lodges with excellent facilities and game viewing opportunities are
available. The luxurious lodges combine exciting game drives with superb cuisine and
plenty of time to relax by the pool. Traditional houses with thatched roofs can also be
opted for. Suites and standard rooms which feature a large living area and bedroom
are the other choices.
  The safari operators make Safari holidays easy, convenient and hassle free.
Combined with beach holidays, they provide a relaxed laid-back vacation. The
operators organize personalized itineraries as per the individual's interests and
requirements. A perfect all round schedule include safaris on full board basis,
accommodation, return flights, transfers, taxes and park entry fees. With these, people
can relax and enjoy their tours and safaris to the maximum.
  what are you waiting for? Plan your Tanzania Safari holidays with and explore the exotic beauty of African Safari Holidays. Enjoy
thrilling camps, natural game reserves and superb food; the place has much more to
offer to visitors of all the ages.