Russian women - the essence of beauty- by djsgjg0045


									A very common and famous quote everyone has heard for is that the 鈥淏 eauty lies
in the eyes of beholder.鈥?It explains that beauty simply depends on the thoughts of
the looker and on the eyes of the looker. Russian women are considered gorgeous and
good-looking, especially in the eyes of western men. The word beauty for Russian
women does not only stand for physical beauty. It is the characteristic that made them
precious, exclusive and different from others. They are said to be love-able and have
unique beauty. If we discuss the features of Russian women physically, they have the
power to charm any man. They have a fair color, good height, smooth texture of skin,
good shape of the body and complexion, as well that can stole heart of any man in the
world. A man can find Russian women great and they easily meet all the standards set
by a man. Russian women are said to be the essence of beauty, as they have beauty
that can easily captivate with big and beautiful almond eyes, long and shaped legs,
good complexion, body in shape and blond hair. They carry everything with ease,
great smartness and elegance. They are not only beautiful, but intelligent as well.
They easily reflect their beauty in their talks, their posture, their dress and their walk.
Their clothes are both fashionable and decent enough, showing the fusion of culture
and modernization. One will never find a Russian woman looking rough or walking in
a clumsy way. They look and walk with confidence and smartness. When you meet
them for the first time you will never find them as a dumb housewife or a woman with
old ideas or coming from conservative background. They can easily talk on
everything and on various topics with full confidence. You can actually have a
Russian companion, who will never let you down. Instead if she is your woman, she
will always make you proud amongst your colleagues, relatives and friends. Such
characteristics in combination with good upbringing make Russian women an ideal
material for marriage. Men actually look for Russian women in order to marry them,
as they have a very caring attitude for their husbands and children. Above all they are
very good at heart. They love decorating their houses, even if they have the least
resource. It shows their other quality of being talented. There is only one disadvantage,
which most of western men face and that is the language problem with these beauties.
They do not have very good English, it is not polished. Since, they are so beautiful
and talented a man can easily ignore this problem. Russian women are independent.
They do their chore themselves and make the home the best place to stay in. They can
easily do all kinds of things such as embroidery, stitching and other kinds of work
related to art. They are ambitious as well. But their first priority is their family. This
quality is loved by most of western men. They can easily handle their career and
home. Russian women are supposed to be the most beautiful in the world. The
essence of their beauty lies in a complex of things.
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