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									Most of the models and actresses in today’s date who have short hair, look towards
having a new style for their hair. Since not much styling can be done on shot hair, they
wisely invest in hair extensions which very well suit their personality. The best part
about hair extensions is that if you get it done once, the natural process of hair growth
can continue, adding volume and growth to your existing hair. Most of the women
today have a fear that going for hair extensions would cost a lot or may lead to
problems like balding or have some kind of reaction with the skin of the scalp. But
this is not true. If one does a bit of a research in an appropriate manner, then you can
get the best of the hair extensions that would be just like having natural hair. This is
where Russian hair comes into picture. Russian virgin hair is considered to be one of
the best quality hair in Europe which comes packed in the form of ponytails directly
from Moscow. These hair can be colored into various shades depending upon your
skin color, existing hair quality and a lot other factors. It is important to keep all these
things in mind as at the end of the day, these wefts would become a part of your
present personality. The premium virgin hair from Russia is soft, shiny and glossy.

There are various methods by which these hairs can be attached to your already
existing ones. The various popular techniques today include gluing, bonding, clipping
or sewing. Fusion is one method that has come into vogue especially for Russian hair
as this is one of the kinds that requires a lot of care and handling. Fused hair
extensions lasts up to three to six months on an average, provided it is done skillfully
and with the proper technique. However, fusion can be of two types - cold and hot
fusion. Hot fusion is a method of hair extension which uses hot wax to fuse the hair.
But excessive use of this method may damage the hair. These extensions can last up to
4 months. On the other hand, the new method that has come into practice is cold
fusion which is considered to be very gentle for the hair. To attach extensions to the
roots, it uses a keratin based polymer. Since there is no heat involved in this process,
it is considered to be a much softer and delicate method of hair extension. The result
of this process is amazing and it gives hair the natural look because the polymer offers
more flexibility than the normal glue that is used in the Hot Fusion process. These
extensions can last up to 6 months.

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