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					                                          ACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS


(ADM) 99-14     Equal Opportunity Officer Designation                                 Vickie L. Armstrong
(ADM) 99-17     Insurance Coverage of State and Personal Vehicles used on State and   Risk Management
                Personal Business
(FN) 99-18      Interactions with External Auditors                                   Melvin Madden
(FN) 99-19      Processing of State Forms Center Requisitions                         Leslie M. Shenefelt
(FN) 99-27      Cash Receipt Procedures                                               Susan Meade
(FN) 99-28      Accountability of Cash Receipt                                        Susan Meade
(FN) 99-30      Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Reporting                                  Leslie M. Shenefelt
 (ADM) 99-37    Protection at Agency Meetings                                         John Wilson

(ADM) 00-06     Job Sharing                                                           Glenda Barry
(ED) 00-08      Use of DOLE FAX Machines                                              Vickie Armstrong
(ED) 00-10      Providing Quality Customer Service                                    Vickie L. Armstrong
(ADM) 00-15     Interpretive Guidelines RE: Temporary Employment Terms                Glenda Barry
(UI) 00-20      Unemployment Insurance (UI) Ethics Policy                             Donald B. Peitersen
(ADM) 00-21     Governor Romer’s Executive Order on English Only Amendment            JoAnna Miller
(ADM) 00-22     Work Policies                                                         Glenda C. Barry

(RM) 01-02      Safety and Health                                                     Patricia Moore

(ADM) 02-03     E-Mail Messages                                                       Drew Durham
(UI) 02-10      Changes to the Regulations Concerning Employment Security             Donald B. Peitersen

(UI) 03-01      Unemployment Insurance Program Forms                                  Donald B. Peitersen
(CO) 03-03      Approval of Out-of State Travel                                       Leslie M. Shenefelt
(UI) 03-04      Unemployment Insurance (UI) Release of Information Policy             Donald B. Peitersen
(CO) 03-05      Modification to CDLE Travel Policies-Executive Order D 005 03         Leslie M. Shenefelt
(CO) 03-06      Modification to CDLE Travel Policies-Travel Cards                     Leslie M. Shenefelt
(CO) 03-07      Summary of 2003 Legislation Affecting the UI Program                  Mike Cullen

(HR) 04-01      ID Badge System for Employees, Visitors, and Others                   Glenda Barry

Standard Operating Procedures
SP-82 (6/92)   Hours of Availability for On-Line Services (CICS)                      Al Sardello
SP-160 (9/96)  Electronic Mail Privacy                                                Robert Okonski
SP-162 (2/97)  Microcomputer Systems Management                                       Larry Clark
SP-179 (8/99)  Processing Complaints of Discrimination Involving U.S. Department of   JoAnna Miller
               Labor Funded Programs
SP-180 (8/99)  Retirement/Separation                                                  JoAnna Miller
SP-187 (12/99) Property Losses                                                        John Wilson
SP-189 (12/99) Employment Eligibility Verification for New Hires                      Glenda Barry
SP-191 (12/99) Threat Situation                                                       Glenda Barry
SP-197 (2/00)  Direct Deposit of Employee Salaries and Wages                          Glenda Barry
SP-198 (2/00)  Rule Making Policy                                                     Debrah Oswalt
SP-200 (2/00)  Supervisor’s Guide – Family/Medical Leave                              Glenda Barry
SP-201 (4/00)  Method of Filling Positions                                            Glenda Barry
SP-204 (4/00)  Procedures for Processing Unemployment Information Pertaining          Glenda Barry
               To Former Department Employees
SP-205 (4/00)    Voluntary Furlough Policy                                                 Glenda Barry
SP-206 (4/00)    Employment Reference Checks                                               Glenda Barry
SP-208 (4/00)    Moving and Relocation Expense                                             Mel Madden
SP-209 (4/00)    Coordination of Grants                                                    Mel Madden
SP-210 (4/00)    Accounts Receivable                                                       Mel Madden
SP-212 (4/00)    Bonds                                                                     Mel Madden
SP-214 (5/00)    Official Functions, Training Functions and Entertainment Expenses         Les Shenefelt
SP-216 (5/00)    Smoking Control Policy                                                    Patricia Moore
SP-217 (5/00)    Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse                                     Patricia Moore
SP-218 (5/00)    Standard Color Decorating Policy                                          Patricia Moore
SP-219 (5/00)    Workers’ Compensation Medical Referrals                                   Patricia Moore
SP-225 (8/00)    Guidelines for Written Correspondence                                     Debrah Oswalt
SP-227 (8/00)    Catastrophic Illnesses Policy in the Workplace                            Patricia Moore
SP-228 (8/00)    Purchase or Manufacture of Furniture                                      Patricia Moore
SP-235 (11/01)   Pre-Employment and Contractor Security Clearance                          John Wilson
SP-246 (11/02)   Contacts with Legislative and Congressional Delegation                    Michael McArdle
SP-247 (7/03)    Electronic Signature                                                      E. Ron Arthur
SP-249 (3/03)    Media Contacts                                                            Jeff Wells
SP-251 (3/03)    External Communications Policy (Printed Material & Speeches)              Jeff Wells
SP-252 (7/03)    Petty Cash Funds                                                          Leslie Shenefelt

Standard Policies and Procedures
SPP-0001 (2/04) Email Storage Limits                                                       Cynthia Pacheco
SPP-0002 (3/04) Computer Equipment Turn On/Off                                             Harvey Nakayama
SPP-0004 (4/04) FLSA Exemption Procedures                                                  Robert Cropp
SPP-0005 (4/04) Travel Policies                                                            Les Shenefelt
SPP-0006 (4/04) Fixed Assets                                                               Susan Meade
SPP-0008 (8/04) Remote Access and Security                                                 Harvey Nakayama
SPP-0013 (11/04)Layoff Matrix Procedure                                                    Robert Cropp
SPP-0015 (2/05) Workers’ Compensation Claims and Injury Leave Policy                       JoAnna Miller
SPP-0016 (3/05) Access to CDLE Data Center Facilities                                      Harvey Nakayama
SPP-0017 (4/05) Procurement Activities                                                     Lisa Eze
SPP-0018 (5/05) Firearms and Weapons Policy                                                Ron Arthur
SPP-0025 (3/06) Employee Political Activity                                                Robert Cropp
SPP-0026 (3/06) Information Technology Security & Usage Policies and Procedures            Rich Helton
SPP-0027 (4/06) Shift Differential                                                         Glenda Barry
SPP-0028 (4/06) Administrave and Other Employer Provided Leave                             Robert Cropp
SPP-0031 (5/06) Code of Ethics                                                             Robert Cropp
SPP-0032 (5/06) Orienting New Employees to CDLE                                            Robert Cropp
SPP-0033 (6/06) 2006 Legislative Update                                                    Mike Cullen
SPP-0034 (7/06) Outside Employment and Conflict of Interest                                Bob Cropp
SPP-0037 (8/06) Leave Bank/Leave Transfer Program                                          Bob Cropp/Debra Blesh
SPP-0038 (8/06) Volunteers                                                                 Bob Cropp
SPP-0041 (8/06) Standard Policy and Procedure Format and Procedure                         Bob Cropp
SPP-0043(11/06) Alternate Holiday                                                          Robert Cropp
SPP-0045 (2/07) Policies on Hiring, Promotions, Discretionary Pay and In-Salary Movement   G. Barry/W. Peel
SPP-0046 (3/07) Policy on Alcohol and Substance Abuse                                      Sara Wood/JoAnna Miller
SPP-0047 (3/07) Workplace Violence Prevention                                              J. Miller/Drew Durham
SPP-0048 (3/07) Sexual Harassment                                                          JoAnna Miller
SPP-0049 (3/07) Grievances                                                                 Mike Dawson
SPP-0050 (3/07) State Owned Vehicle                                                        Patricia Torres
SPP-0051 (3/07) Departmental Listings for Telephone Directories                            Patricia Torres
SPP-0052 (3/07) Forms Clearance & Services offered by the Comm. And Records Section        Patricia Torres
SPP-0056 (9/07) Exit Interview and Separation Checklist                                    Mike Dawson
SPP-0057 (9/07) Delegated Appointing Authority                                             Mike Dawson
SPP-0058 (10/07)Non-Salary Incentives                                                      M. Dawson/S. Weston
SPP-0059(10/07) Pre-retirement & Financial Planning Workshop Guidelines                    Shannon Weston
SPP-0060 (11/07)Professional Dress Guidelines                                              Mike Dawson
SPP-0062 (12/07)Departmental Facilities Usage & Employee Org. Usage                        Mike Dawson
SPP-0063 (1/08) State Temporary Employment Program                                         Andrew Gale
SPP-0064 (2/08) Confidental Records Storage and Destruction                                Patricia Torres
SPP-0067 (5/08) Budget Quality Control Process                                             Jody Pyott
SPP-0068 (6/08) Early Certification                                                        Glenda Barry
SPP-0069 (6/08) Flextime Policy                                                            Mike Dawson
SPP-0070 (6/08) Teleworking Policy                                                         Mike Dawson
SPP-0072 (11/08)Requirement of Secure & Verifiable ID for Services provided by the Dept.   Drew Durham
SPP-0073 (12/08)Time, Attendance, and Leave Tracking – KRONOS Workforce Timekeeper         M. Dawson/D. Blesh
SPP-0075 (1/09) Inclement Weather Procedures                                               Drew Durham
SPP-0076 (3/09) Creating the Building Committee and establishing the Committee’s duties    Drew Durham
SPP-0078(10/09) Travel Approval Protocol                                                   Wayne Peel
SPP-0080 (3/10) Procedures for Processing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation            JoAnna Miller
                Under the ADA
SPP-0081 (4/10) Family Medical Leave (FML)                                                 JoAnna Miller
SPP-0082 (4/10) State Owned Vehicle                                                        Patricia Torres
SPP-0083 (4/10) Use of Departmental State Pool Vehicle                                     Patricia Torres
SPP-0084 (5/10) Access Policy for Certified Employee Organizations to Communicate          Drew Durham
                With Department Employees
SPP-0085 (8/10) Employers Appeal of Assigned North American Industry Classification        Paul Schacht
                System (NAICS) Codes
SPP-0086 (10/10)2010 Legislative Update Affecting the Unemployment Insurance Program       Gary Estenson

Program Guidance Letters

97-04-P1        One-Stop Center Core Services                                              Wayne Drummond
97-11-P4        Universal and Equal Access to Services                                     Marie Valenzuela

98-02-M1        Data Access Policy Regarding Assignment of User ID’s                       Marie Valenzuela

99-05-M2        Data Security                                                              Kathie Stenzel
99-23-WP1       Provisions and Reporting of Voc. Guidance Services                         Nina Holland

00-10-L1        Release of Information/Confidentiality                                     Nina Holland
00-11-WIA1      Supportive Services                                                        Janice Mirshab
00-12-WIA1      Priority for Adult Employment & Training Services                          Rick DuVal
00-15-WIA1      Individual Training Accounts                                               Rick DuVal
00-16-WIA1      Sequential Delivery of Service-Title 1 and Adult & Dislocated Workers      Sharon Barnes
00-17-F1        Workforce Investment Memo of Understanding and Cost Allocation Guides      Scott Toland
00-19-F6        Audit, Audit Resolution, Audit Appeals and Debt Collection Procedures      Scott Toland
00-20-V2        Veterans Workforce Investment Program                                      Alan Folkestad
00-25-Y1        WIA Youth Program – Procurement Requirements                               Rick DuVal/A. Johnson

01-02-L3        Discrimination/Grievance & Equal Opportunity                               JoAnna Miller
01-04-WP1       Guidelines Regarding Job Orders and Employer Services                      Nina Holland
01-08-WIA1      On-the-Job Training and Customized Training                                Elise Lowe-Vaughn
01-09-WIA1      WIA Internal and Subcontractor Monitoring                                  Sharon Barnes
01-11-WIA1      WIA Complaint Procedures                                                   Wilbur S. Sanchez
01-12-F4        Property Management                                                        Scott Toland
01-17-WIA1      America’s Workforce Network (AWN) Toll-Free Help line and                  Mona Barnes
                America’s Service Locator (ASL)
01-22-WIA1      Older Dislocated Worker Discretionary Fund Grant Guidelines                Dawn Garcia
01-27-I         Program Guidance Letter Format                                             Chrystalynn
01-28-V     Veterans’ File Search Activity                                        Alan Folkestad

02-03-L     Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Assurance                     JoAnna Miller
02-04-L     Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Corrective/Sanctions          JoAnna Miller
02-05-L     Universal Access                                                      JoAnna Miller
02-06-L     Processing Discrimination Compliants                                  JoAnna Miller
02-07-L     Discrimination & Equal Opportunity                                    JoAnna Miller
02-08-L     Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as of 1973      JoAnna Miller
02-12-WP    Unemployment Insurance Claimants                                      Nina Holland
02-15-WIA   Debt Collection Procedures for ETA Unallowable Costs                  Harry W. Whitenight
02-18-WIA   Needs Related Payments for Adults and Dislocated Workers Under WIA    Mona Barnes
02-19-F     Reallocation of the Workforce Investment Act Funds to Local Areas     Liza Butterfield
02-20-WIA   Reporting Obligations and Accrued Expenditures                        Harry W. Whitenight
02-23-TN    Placement/Assessment Testing; Training at Non-Accredited Providers    Ron Busby
02-27-TN    Choice of Providers of TAA-Approved Training                          Ron Busby
02-34-P     Employment Services and VETS Performance Standards                    Larry Lemmons

03-18-WIA   WIA Layoff Reserve Funds                                        Wayne Drummond
03-20-AD    Leave Procedures for State Employees in Colorado County-run One Stop   Jody Pyott
            Workforce Centers
03-21-WIA   Introduction of the Technical Assistance Notices (TANs)                Dawn Garcia

04-16-V     Veterans Performance Incentive Awards                                 Tim Amthor

05-14-V     LVER and DVOP Duties and Responsibilities                             Tim Amthor

06-01-V     Veteran Traige Policy and Intensive Veteran Services (VS) Program     Tim Amthor
06-03-V     Vetearans File Search & Veterans Preference in Job Referrals          Tim Amthor
06-07-WIA   Guidelines for Implementing Colorado HB 1023                          Nina Holland
06-09-WIA   WIA Waiver: Formula Fund Set-Aside for “Local Activities”             Nina Holland
06-11-P     Functional Oper. Supervision Issues & Leave Authorization in          Tim Amthor
            Colorado County-run One Stop Workforce Centers
06-12-F1    Subrecipient Financial Procedures                                     Sandy Tsai

07-01-WIA   Eligible Training Provider List & Consumer Report Card                Larry Lemmons
07-04-L     Language Assistance Services                                          JoAnna Miller

08-02-M     Updated Poverty Income Guidelines for Program Year (PY) 2007          Kathie Stenzel
08-03-WP    Guidelines Regarding the approval of Web Employers                    Kathie Stenzel
08-04-WIA   Lower Living Standard Income Level                                    Kathie Stenzel
08-06-WIA   WIA & WP Discretionary Grant Quarterly Reporting                      Sue Rusch
08-08-P     Employment Elig. Verification Requuired for Temp. H-2A & H-2B Refs.   Jim Shimada
08-10-TAA   Training Mileage Calculations                                         Jim Roberts
08-11-WIA   SECTRS Initiative: Soliciation of Grant Applications                  Kate Anderson
08-14-WIA   Wagner Peyser and WIA Program Review Process                          Danny Sisneros
08-16-WIA   Degree/Certificate Requirements for Youth Common Measures             Robin Foote
08-17-WIA   WIA Eligibility Determination and Documentation                       Robert Hanni
08-18-WIA   Annual Compliance Monitoring and Risk Assessment Guidelines           Mona Barnes
08-19-V     Transition Assistance Program (TAP)                                   Brian Gault
08-20-V     Referrals to Veterans to Federal Contractors                          Brian Gault
09-02-V         REALifelines (RLL) Program Guidance Letter                                  Brian Gault
09-03-WIA       Colo. SECTORS Planning Grants: Solicitation for Grant Applications          Kate Anderson
09-04-WIRED     WIRED Monitoring Guidance Letter and Instrument                             Kathy Otten
09-05-P         Annual Outreach Plans from Significant office Re: Migrant Seasonal          Olga Ruiz
09-06-P         ES Complaint System                                                         Olga Ruiz
09-07-WIA       Recovery Act-WIA Youth Year Round and Summer Youth Employment               Mona Barnes
                Opportunity Programs
09-09-WIA       Rapid Response Guidelines                                                   Terry Bohannon
09-11-WIA       State Definition of Training Services                                       Nina Holland
09-13-P         Collaborative Online Workforce Education and Training Portal                Laura Hahn
                Demonstration: Online Innovation 4 Talent Development
09-15-V         Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP)                                Sharon S. Lindell
09-18-P         Colorado Enhanced Approved Training Program (CEATP)                         Nina Holland
09-19-P         Microsoft “Elevate America” eLearning and Exam Vouchers                     Laura Hahn

10-01-WP        Governor’s Summer Job Hunt 2010                                            Julie Berge
10-02-WIA       Colo. SECTORS Implementation Grants: Reporting & Eval. Requirements Kate Anderson
10-03-WIA       WIA Work Experience Opportunities and Youth Incentives                     Sue Rusch
10-04-WIA       Colo. SECTORS Implementation Grants: Solicitation for Grant Applications Kate Anderson
10-05-V         Implementing Priority on Svc for Veterans & Elig. Spouses in all qualified Brian Gault
                Job training prog. funded in whole or part by the USDOL
10-06-HC        Hire Colorado Program                                                      Marie Valenzuela
10-07-P         Expenditure Authorization Procedures                                       Chrystalynn
10-08-WIA       PY10 WIA & Wagner-Peyser Local Plan Modification Guidelines                Nina Holland
10-09-WIA       Energy Sector Partnership & Training Grant Program Guidelines              Glenn Little
10-10-WP        Use of Funds for Outreach, Advertising, Public Relations and Informational Nina Holland
10-11-P         Guidelines for Use of MSFW Program Supplemental Funding                    Olga Ruiz
10-12-WIA       Guidelines for the WIA Annual Report                                       Nina Holland
10-13-V         Colorado Negotiated Goals for Services to Veterans for PY 2010             Brian Gault
10-14-TRA       Guidance on the Issuance, Renewal & Revocation of Waivers for TRA          Melissa Pratt
10-15-TAA       Guidance on Providing and Documenting Case Management Services to          Ron Busby
                All TAA Participates                                                       Melissa Pratt
10-16-WIA       “Earn to Learn” OJT NEG Project                                            Angel Moreno
10-17-WIA       PY09 Data Validation Procedures                                            Rob Hanni

Technical Assistance Notice

04-02           Questions related to eligibility and case file documentations for WIA       Nina Holland
                programs and discretionary grants

05-01           Additional Guidance Regarding Local Veterans Priority of Services Policies Nina Holland
05-2            Guidelines for Documenting Hurricane Katrina Evacuees                      Nina Holland

06-1            Documenting Veteran Status and Meeting the Vetearns Priority of Service     Nina Holland
                Standard for WIA Programs
06-2            Guidelines for Equal Opportunity Notification to Wagner-Peyser Applicants   Karyn Baylon
06-3 2nd Rev.   Avoiding Data Validation Errors                                             Rob Hanni
06-4            Colorado Minimum Wage                                                       Nina Holland

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