Rural Countryside Into A Water Heater Home Appliance Maker Blue Ocean

					Gradually saturated the market with the city, more and more of the water heater
manufacturer is paying attention to a broader rural market. The state

 Bringing home appliances Promulgation of a policy, no doubt for rural rapid
formation of this emerging market has created favorable conditions.

 Order to fully use to the full policy, individual companies to make all the stops, from
product development to channel construction, all under the feet of the work, looking
forward to the vast rural areas the water heater industry to become the next blue

 With the water heater to the countryside and rural areas increased the product range
of step by step, on the water heater producers to raise the overall strength of the
deeper levels of demand for both products and energy efficiency, technical indicators,
electricity and gas operations security, water heater installation, or

 Sell Channels, after-sales network and so on must be able to fully meet the needs of
the rural market.

 Farmers want to know what 5 14, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of
Finance jointly announced the latest round of the national "home appliances to the
countryside" products and as a result of which, according to

 Gas Water Heater And storage-type Water Heater Successful results of the two
products statistics, 10 000 and 59 models were successful, winning the United States
of 55 species of 39 species Haier bid. Million and the number of home water heater
industry, winning the first, reason, million and Group

  Marketing Qian Gong, director of training that is that farmers want. According to
him, combined with differences in the rural market and the special water heater
industry, products are able to adapt to the rural market has become the "home
appliances to the countryside," an important part of the work to enable farmers to buy
it, with the assured, for, million and the countryside products from the product
structure, materials, packaging development and design aspects of the re-make the
products for users to adapt to the rural market power.

 He also said that as related to water, power, gas and other factors, gas water heater
on the security requirements than other household electrical appliances, so the sales
network and professional network installation requirements higher, install gas water
heater installation officer must obtain professional qualifications recognized by the
State to posts. At the same time, sales staff should timely explain to the consumers of
expertise. Reporter learned that, for different market conditions in rural areas, to
protect home appliances to the countryside to work smoothly, 10000, and to develop a
detailed security measures and contingency plans, and according to the different
characteristics of various markets, developed new channels

 Service The management rules. At the same time, water heater manufacturers
Vantage, Haier, forward, etc. are also active operation, in order to best meet the needs
of the rural market.

 Can not get away with selling products

Also in May 14, leading enterprises from Shandong solar power Norit, published in
the results of the bidding also received the first orders from Beijing, became the first
sold during the rural areas water heater brands.

 Solar energy as a green Energy , Can be included in the ranks of home appliances to
the countryside first, building a new socialist countryside positive.

 Solar water heaters Is a very high dependence on the services of consumer durables,
by the realities of rural China, the impact of light with excellent skills can not meet
the needs of rural consumers. Reporter learned that power Norit began to spend more
than one million a year to create CRM customer management system, now in the
country opened the 15,000 service sites, while promoting the "service every village"
work in the country into nearly 10 000 service vehicles, specifically for rural solar
energy users to send professional service.

 Reaffirming that the civilizational force Norit

vice president told reporters: "Power Norit the countryside products are tailored for
rural consumers, at the same time, in order to better serve rural consumers, solar
power Norit The countryside brought solar energy to rural consumers spread use of
the knowledge of professionals, so that rural consumers really master the correct use
of solar energy technology, really enjoy the convenience of living brought about by
solar energy. "

 Home appliances to the countryside will no doubt improve the quality of life of rural
residents, at the same time, manufacturers also make sincere service to farmers in the
same time, the market should also be given space.
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