Roofing -Hiring a Contractor vs. Doing It Yourself

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					When the ceilings of our houses start leaking, it can lead to bigger and bigger
problems. Things may start at a level of minor annoyance and progress to catastrophic
rotting of the wood framing of your home. As severe as the necessity of a leak-tight
roof is, so is the cost it takes to repair one. As with most home improvement goes, the
age-old question comes to mind: Do I hire an expensive contractor or can I do some
research and do this myself? Well, here are a few factors to consider before you
decide on either option.
  Whether you decide to undertake the project yourself or if you decide to hire
someone else to do it, you should know either route requires a good amount of both
time and money. If pursuing a contractor, be responsible and ask if they are licensed
by the state with liability and worker’s compensation insurance. While you’re at it, be
sure to inquire as to what references workers have in regards into jobs they were hired
to do in the past.
  Duration of a repair job can determine whether it’s worth the trouble or not and in
some cases, can be more important than cost. If workers take too long on a job,
further damage can be done to your home. Make sure and ask any roofers you may
consider for the job how long they plan to take in finishing the task. Weather can be a
factor in the repair process, so inquire how storms will impact the progress of the job.
The longer workers take, the more money it will cost. In addition to expenses, a
prolonged repair also prevents your life from getting back to normal.
  Before taking on the endeavor of shingling your house and sealing it against leaks, it
is very important that you understand the scale and skill it requires. Before buying any
supplies or starting repairs, isolate all locations of leaks. Know what needs repair
before taking on a venture larger than need be. Common places for leaks to develop
are the flashing around the chimney, loose nails in shingles, any flashing around heat
and gas vents, dried out or damaged caulking, and any section where the roof meets a
wall. Routine inspection and maintenance of these areas should be done periodically
to prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Keeping an eye out for leaks and
damages can be worthwhile, as they demand modest expenditures and require a
reasonable amount of time.
  Most people do not realize the importance of a clean gutter system. So long as water
flow is impeded, the likelihood of mold and mildew growth is very high. These are
the leading causes of damage and maintaining a properly working drainage system
will prolong the life of your roof.
  As far as repair is concerned with the roof of your house, it is best to seek the help of
trained professionals. However, when considering doing the work yourself, it is more
cost effective and smart to take preventative measures and constantly set aside the
time for routine inspection. Catching problems before they persist to cause further
damage saves cash, time, and stress.
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