Rizhao Steel- Stranded On Those Tactics In Order To Left For The King by djsgjg0045


									Half-hour drive from the sunshine to reach the urban Arashiyama area, while the
coastal highway, while far away you can see a Rizhao Iron and Steel Group
(hereinafter referred to Rizhao Iron and Steel) blast furnace and chimney. The
sunshine is very compact steel located in the low hills of the sea.

 Rizhao Steel and Arashiyama near to the sea port distance, so with the famous and
the resulting low freight over one billion "relative profit."

 2003, the Du Shuanghua for the Rizhao Iron and Steel site, to avoid the national
planning to the Kui-shan, Shandong Iron and Steel, are close to the mortar in Hong
Kong. According to "Rizhao Port Master Plan", Rizhao Port, including mortar,
Arashiyama two ports, Arashiyama port handling capacity will be more excellent
vision. Another direction in the Port, Rizhao Iron and Steel had planned to build its
own Iron ore Terminal, the corresponding reclamation work has been ongoing for
some time. But now stop work and wait for the results of restructuring and

 Addition to terminal projects, including Rizhao Steel in May 2008 signed by the two
H beam production line engineering design contract (put into operation in 2010),
including planning, to the second half, both re-enter the waiting period.

 Some extent, Arashiyama side by side the two million-ton port edge of the iron and
steel production base is not possible, determine the most likely proposed

  12 2, Shandong Iron and Steel Group (the Shandong Iron and Steel) to employ the
financial audit team: Goldman Sachs Asia, Ernst & Young accounting firm, law firm
Fonda, United Kingdom Freshfields firm, with presence Rizhao Iron and Steel.

 And on November 5 letter of intent by both parties at the signing ceremony of the
reorganization of different, Du Shuanghua consultant at the firm Cooperation The
signing ceremony.

 This is since the Iron and Steel Group, Shandong Iron and Steel signed the
restructuring agreement with the sunshine since the first public statement Rizhao Iron
and Steel area: "to respond to the national industrial policy, actively cooperate with
the Shandong Iron and Steel Industry layout adjustment, effectively promote the
restructuring plan implemented in Shandong Iron and Steel."

 This period, on November 10, Rizhao Iron and Steel starts job cuts; November 15,
the trade rumors emerged: Rizhao Steel and do not want to be reorganized, but the
parties have resorted to "off loans," Henzhao funding strand breaks caused
circumstances, Du Shuanghua forced into submission.
 But this time, the market has been banking on sunshine steel "off loans," and the
Supremacy of mass layoffs have not yet dispersed. Rizhao Steel has experienced what
kind of market ups and downs? "Off loans," true or false? Generous cuts of the real

 Loss of season 2008 the first half of iron and steel enterprises have encountered the
crazy market, so that Rizhao Iron and Steel sales revenue reached 23.7 billion yuan,
total profit of 5.7 billion, has almost completed the full year 2007 results, while little
accumulation of iron did not ore.

  Dealer store goods chasing strategies and price increases in steel prices push each
other again succeeded so optimistic about the steel market is expected to occur. When
finally shrinking downstream demand for steel prices fell in mid-July in the form
shown in the market, the 3-month period, the domestic steel prices decline 38% deep,
completely wiped out in the first half rose 30%.

 9 29, Hebei Iron & Steel, Shougang, Jinan Steel, Laiwu Steel, An Steel cut 20% to
reach a "consensus." Rizhao Iron and Steel, but chose to step up production.

 11 early iron and steel plant that's in the sunshine, blast furnace and production line
are at full capacity, the production of good order. Two volumes per truck Strip
products The flatbed, 5, 6, a team from time to time to drive the factory district, not
far from Arashiyama to Hong Kong in preparation for water transport.

 Insider told the reporter, in addition to 6,7-month limit electricity, sunlight-scale iron
and steel production has been relatively stable average monthly 700 000 -80 million
tons, now, is best consumed early accumulation of iron ore.
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