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					I am here to discuss the truth about Herbalife Products, not as anything other than a
fellow consumer like you. I have taken some and want to provide for you all my
review of them.

Herbalife products mainly focus on weight reduction and energy enhancement. They
have put more emphasis in expanding their product line in hopes to revive markets
they were clearly losing ground in, especially in the U.S.

Herbalife also has products for increasing digestive health, personal beauty car,
immunity boosters and heart health supplements.

Competition is fierce and Herbalife had gotten bad reviews from many based on an
obtuse plan for compensatory issues and products that were no longer relevant in this
current time. The question has remained on many minds, what will it take for
Herbalife to once again win the hearts of society? Will Herbalife prove to better than
the competitors?

Everyone is concerned with health, and I am one of them. In fact, I do not advocate to
my clients the products put forth by Herbalife because I believe in proper Research
and Development that demonstrates the effects their products might inflict on the
patient. Has the new Herbalife proven that they are no longer concerned only with
results they were trying to achieve?

As I have dabbled with a few herbalife products, I have never taken any consistently
enough to really their benefits but then again, I make my own products and at an
incomparable quality to anything herbalife could produce and therefore never needed
to test this avenue.

And how many people can honestly say they have 12 years experience in working in
the Natural Health and Medicine realm?

I have gathered together an assortment of diverse Herbalife Product reviews to
summarize the benefits of using them, however the results were staggeringly

People are looking for a quick fix to their problems and Herbalife can provide that for
them. It's a mutually beneficial partnership where Herbalife gets the results they want
and people get the weight reduction they desire or the ability to remain awake for long
amounts of time, even if there are negative effects that come with that. Most people
are short term minded and do not think about the future and what problems could
arise by this short term fix they have short-cutted to.

There are two schools of thought surrounding dieting. One, you put in the time and
effort it takes to diet and exercise appropriately and two, you use a product that speeds
up the weight loss process. While the first may decrease your chances at negative side
effects, it does take longer to achieve results and you must work harder for them. It all
depends on what you are willing to forego to get what you want.

To make myself clear, many herbalife users have reported great results with no side
effects, but being a naturalist... analyzing the contents of many of the herbalife
products, I can see the potential for some more sensitive people to have these side

There is one key creation in production review by Herbalife and it is a Nutritional
Shake which contains a 750g concoction.

An Herbalife user of this shake mixture had some opinions on this product which I
want to share with you all as a means of a range of impressions on these reviewed

While research has shown that soy wreaks havoc on your system and is generally
negatively altered, one of the main ingredients listed in this mixture is sugar. But, this
isn't any type of sugar, it's sugar from fructose and this is descendent from soy. There
is nothing on the package to denote if this soy is chemically altered in any way. You
can imagine my dismay upon realizing this fact after I had signed up for an Herbalife
plan, bought the kit, and came home.

Yet another main ingredient in this mixture is Corn Bran, which can also be altered
negatively. Beyond that, there are numerous others listed that were there as fillers, not
like another product I had found online that was healthy called Jay Robb Whey
Protein. As indicated by the name, it uses whey protein. I looked for this option only
after trying the shake first and it was ridiculously sweet, and I thought to myself that
cannot be healthy.

Another consumer had a positive report to convey about their experience with
Herbalife products.

Advantages: Let's me go that extra mile, with no funny side effects.

Disadvantages: none found

I came into Herbalife products by attending an event, I didn't need the products but
wanted to see them for myself as I have heard great things about their supplements.

I decided to give the N-G-R tablets a try. They claim these tablets will give you an
instant energy boost after 30 minutes of taking them. The tablets contain "natures raw
guarana" and some caffeine(I'm assured this is natural caffeine). The bottle tells you
to take 2-4 tablets per day, but I only take one when my energy levels are flagging.
I have tried a number of energy products and they don't work for me. However, I am
very pleased with the results I had with N-G-R. Instead of wanting to drop down in
front of the tally in the evening, I'm happily buzzing around getting all those never
ending tasks completed. Before a night out I pop an N-G-R and can party till the early

Again, this consumer is pleased with the results of the products. I have to warn as a
naturalist that taking a closer look at the n-r-g tablets the level of natural guarana
extract is in much lower proportion to the quite high quantity of caffeine. If you are a
natural star bucks addict and have caffeine tolerance this product could very well be a
beneficial addition to your energy boosting goodies.

Negative side effects of too much caffeine include addiction, ulcers, acid reflux
disease, and many other ailments imposed upon your esophagus and stomach.
However, as long as you are used to a heavy dose of caffeine, you should be fine on
this, but be wary if you are not.

This is the conclusion of my review, while it is an effective form of weight loss or
energy boost, it does have its affects that should be noted. Depending on what you
want will depend on how you receive this review.

Again, continue to do your research but from my best understanding, Herbalife looks
for Results over anything else. I myself recommend against this but judgment is up to
each individual and knowing what you are sacrificing for the results you can make a
conscious decision. That is what matters most.

Ellie Gant is the editor for Online MLM Secrets, where you can objective, expert
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