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					Have you ever received any advertising calls from strangers? The terrible thing is that
they know you very well, including your name, telephone number and even address,
but you know nothing about them. How can this happen?
  The reason is telephone directory. They may find your name in the public directory,
or they can run a reverse phone number lookup to get your information if they
randomly get a number. You can do an experiment to verify test the reverse phone
search: Go to an online reverse phone number lookup directory, enter a number, and
then see what kind of information you can get. It is very likely that sometimes you
can see some of your own information, but sometimes you get nothing. In most cases,
you can find out the information related to a home telephone number, but you can't
find out the information related to a cell number if you don't pay for it.
  The owner information of a home phone is always public information. If you choose
a home phone service, you can pay a fee to remove your name from the public
directory. But the first reaction of people is always "NO", just to reduce costs. Thus,
confidential information like your telephone number, address, are all listed in the
public directory, and can be easily searched by others. Some marketers just follow the
telephone directory to call people, trying to sell something. If you want to stop these
types of calls, you can subscribe your number to . Then no one shall
make this kind of calls any more, and it is protected by law. But even if you already
signed up, your telephone number is public information, and others still can find your
information easily, even if they do not have the right to call you.
  If you subscribe to a cell service, your information will not be released to public
directories. Others can not easily get your information for free. But they can if they
are willing to pay. The cell phone company may share your information with some
reverse phone number lookup companies. Somebody can access your data via your
number by paying a certain fee and running a reverse phone number lookup.
  To find out the information of a phone owner, go to: Reverse Cell Phone Number

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