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					About Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where the account holder has the rights to
manage his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf
of third parties. The reseller could purchase the host services as whole sale and sells
them to customers, possibly for a profit. Many hosting companies are available today
which would allot you with certain portions of hard drive space ad bandwidth for web
hosting. The resellers may rent a dedicated server or granted with permission to sell a
certain amount of disk space to his customer. But in this case, he is not supposed to
rent the server.

There are many reseller hosting packages available. Some packages are cheap and
some cost a lot.
Just host reseller:

With Just host, you could now set up your own web hosting company without the
bother of managing your servers. There are many plans introduced with Just Host
reseller hosting plans, so you will get everything to own web host. Thus Just host
helps in increase your revenue through reselling. The reseller hosting does not require
any knowledge about web hosting. Because the network infrastructure and hardware
functionality will be maintained by data center operator. The dedicated server owner
configures, secures and updates the server. The only job that the reseller has to do is to
interact with his or her own customers and managing the reselling process.

For 2010, the best reseller host was awarded to Just host reseller. There are offering
many plans such as Bronze plan, silver plan, gold plan and platinum plan.

Based on the plan, the hard disk space and bandwidth would vary. For example, in
Bronze plan, the reseller will be provided with 75 GB space and 600 GB transfer that
costs $19.95 per month.

But for Gold plan, you need to pay an amount of $49.95 per month with 150 GB
space and 1250 GB transfer.

Offers with packages

Nowadays many offers are provided by the hosting companies. Let’s see in detail
about the reseller hosting packages.

HostGator reseller

Host gator is the largest cpanel/WHM reseller hosting provider who provides various
plans starting from $25.95 per month for unlimited site hosting. To help resellers to be
successful in reselling, this reseller is providing free add ons such as free site builders,
over 4500 templates, domain name reseller account, free billing system and even also
a multi language control panel.

This kind of packages would help the resellers to increase their income from reselling

Basically the web hosting reseller might be a web design firm, website builder or
system integrator who offers the web hosting as an add on service. For web hosting
entrepreneurs who wants to start a company, this reseller hosting is the best method to
earn income in an inexpensive way.

Cirtex Hosting packages

Some of the reseller hosting packages would let you to host many websites as well.
This Cirtex hosting allows you to earn more with online business by keeping your
costs low by offering the hosting services to others with only one reseller account.
Their packages starting from $24.99 to $54.99 with unlimited websites and domains.