Google Sniper 2 Review-Does Sniping Still Work in 2011? by vfranks


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									 Google Sniper 2 Review
Does “Sniping Still Work in

      By Kris Van Gundy
       Google Sniper Past Success

•   #8 on George’s Top 10 List for Sales
•   Review Sites Used “Sniper” Site Construction
•   Ranked and Continue to Rank Between #1-4
•   Earnings of over $15 per Click
•   ONLY Used Sniper Sites (2) to promote GS
•   Sniper Sites Work Outside of the IM Niche
ClickBank Earnings From GS
#8 in Final Standings
#1 on Google For Google Sniper Bonus
       Google Sniper 2 Review
     Does Sniping Work in 2011?
• Yes, but your keyword research must be
• Yes, but you need to think outside of
• Yes, but you need to “automate”
• Yes, but you may need to build SOME links!
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