Restore the Pacer to factory settings If all else fails_ you can by dfsiopmhy6


									                             Restore the Pacer to factory settings

If all else fails, you can try restoring the Pacer to its factory settings. This will remove all
files, workout definitions, and settings from the Pacer and may help you get started again
with a clean slate. Here are the steps to do this:

1. Plug the earphone in the pacer (port marked with the earphone icon) and put the earphone
into your ear.

2. Turn on the Pacer by moving the mode switch to “Free Run”

3. Press and hold the “update” button in the middle of the Pacer
4. While continuing to hold down the update button, insert a small paper clip into the small
reset hole on the back of the Pacer, at the lower left side. When inserting the paper clip,
you’ll soon meet a resistance. This is not the reset button yet. Please insert the paper clip
until the bottom, press the reset button once with the paper clip and release it right away

5. At this point, the Power indicator should turn off and then back on, indicating a reset. The
audio will turn off too.

6. Continue holding down the update button for 10 seconds

7. After about 10 seconds, all three LED indicators (the power indicator, stride sensor
indicator, and heart rate monitor indicator) should start blinking green in a sequential order
around the update button in the middle of the Pacer.

8. Once the lights start blinking around, you can release the Update button.
9. In a few moments, all the LEDs will turn off

10. Then, the Stride Sensor (shoe) LED and Heart Rate Monitor (heart) LED will blink red,
indicating a firmware downgrade

11. The following light sequence follows:

       a. Stride sensor (shoe) LED is steady red.
b. Heart Rate Monitor (heart) LED blinks red.

c. Then both SS (shoe) LED and HRM (heart) LED turn off.

d. Main Power LED flashes Red
       e. Main Power LED flashes green and becomes steady green

12. Pacer comes back on and tells you “Welcome to miCoach. Please sync with PC”.

13. Download the latest version of the Manager (with admin rights).

14. Try synchronizing again to download the firmware and your workout definitions


       •   This will wipe everything off from the Pacer
       •   The Pacer will be re-formatted to factory settings. User will need to sync to
           download the firmware and get his/her workout definitions.
       •   This is a last resort option when the file system on the Pacer seems corrupted. If
           this doesn’t work, the device is likely defective and should be returned or

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