Replace the Use of Hair Color with a Lace Wig

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					You might like your very own natural hair but many a time you might feel the need to
change the color of your hair or your hair style temporarily. Hair color can damage
your hair. You might have used hair extensions in the past but now with the advent of
the lace wig it has turned out to be very popular. If you have already been wearing
weaves you will be well aware that they can thin out your hairline. And unlike the
weaves that do not let you tie a pony tail and clip it to the back of the head, the full
lace wig lets you do that while the lace front wig lets you wear a low pony tail at the
  Many a time you might have taken a look at the top celebrities like Tyra, Oprah
Winfrey and Beyonce and wondered how their hair always looked so good. Perhaps
their hair was of really good quality. Or maybe their hair stylist did a great job of their
hair. Now the secret is out; we all know that they used a lace front wig each time they
needed to sport a new hairstyle or a new look at such short notice. Now you can have
your dream about having gorgeous hair come true. After looking around a bit, you
should know how to choose, use and maintain your lace wig so that it lasts long.
  The lace front wig is the most realistic type of hair wig or hairpiece that is available
in the market today. In the olden days one had to pay a big price to get a custom fitted
lace wig and hence this style was affordable only by celebrities. But now it can be
afforded by the common woman and is a lot cheaper than what a new weave would
cost. And because the lace wig can be worn for as many as two years or more if worn
not so often and if worn everyday could last for as long as six months, you can see
that it is a good investment after all. The human hair wigs are made from human hair
which is sewn into a lace cap matching your scalp so that the wig goes unnoticed
when worn.
  The main feature of the lace wig is its hairline and the roots which when parted make
it appear as if the hair is coming right out of the scalp. This effect is obtained because
each hair is sewn by hand into the lace cap. The lace front wig normally has a base
that is either made from thin skin or polyurethane or lace. The lace bases are very
delicate but they also permit the skin to breathe. Lux Illusion, French lace and Swiss
lace are some of the wig bases that are used in the in stock lace wigs. An exclusive
triple knot method is used in the Lux Illusion; here the knot is not visible and makes it
appear as if the hair is coming right out of your scalp. French lace makes use of bigger
squares and the material is slightly thicker.
  Then you have the Swiss lace which is thinner as compared to the French lace and
has squares which are smaller. For active lifestyles the lace wig of the French and
Swiss type are both good but the French lace front wig is said to be more popular.
  So if you want a lovely lace front wig, take a look at the entire range available here;
you are sure to find a lace wig that will suit your taste.

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