Renting an Apartment with Bad Credit

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					Having bad credit can affect you in a lot of ways. Not only can it impact your ability
to purchase large ticket item such as a new car or electronics, but it can also affect
your ability to get a job or even an apartment.
 There are some apartments in Carrollton, TX that do not conduct credit checks to
qualify you for a new apartment. These communities, in most cases, use your rental
history and other background information in order to approve your application.
However, most Carrollton apartments routinely conduct credit checks and have
minimum qualifications in order for you to lease at their property. Below you will find
some tips to assist you in your apartment search if you think you have bad credit:
 Obtain an updated credit report
 You should review your credit report at least once per year. It would not be
uncommon for there to be inaccuracies on your report that could be adversely
affecting your credit score. There are three major credit reporting agencies and you
will want to receive a complete report from each one. You are entitled to one free
copy of your report a year from each credit reporting agency, Experian, Equifax, and
TransUnion. The reports are not always identical which is why it’s important to
review each of them individually. If you do see inaccuracies, no matter how small
they may seem to be, you should immediately begin to work on getting them
 Correct any mistakes on your credit report
 As mentioned above, you should ensure that your credit report accurately reflects
your credit situation. This includes any outstanding amounts and late payments
reported, as well as correct identifying information. If there are mistakes, you should
work to correct them. The process for correcting any mistakes can be time-consuming.
Therefore, you should keep a list of the inaccuracies, communications you have made
with the credit reporting agency to correct the inaccuracy, and any verification
documents that will be helpful. Not only is this a good practice to ensure to follow up
with the credit reporting agency, but this information can also be provided to property
management companies for them to take into consideration.
 Consider debt consolidation
 Debt consolidation can help you fix bad credit if you have several revolving credit or
other accounts that are currently delinquent. Because each account affects your credit
score, you may benefit from a debt consolidation loan. Debt consolidation loans are
designed intentionally to provide funds that pay off several accounts. In turn, you
often can get a lower interest rate as well as have the convenience of servicing only
one loan. This same process also works with student loans. If you have federal student
loans that are being reported on your credit report, consider a student loan debt
 Get a co-signer
 If you have checked your credit situation and your credit is either extremely limited
or poor, you may have to find someone that is eligible to co-sign on your lease with
you. It is a good idea to start with your immediate family and close relatives. Keep in
mind that the person that co-signs on your application with you will also be obligated
to the terms of the lease contract. If you fall behind on your payments, get evicted, or
leave extensive damage to the apartment unit that you lease, your co-signers credit
can be affected as well as yours.
  Be prepared to pay a larger deposit
  There are some times that property management can deny your application due to
credit, but allow you to compensate for your poor credit by paying a larger deposit.
Ultimately, property management has a sincere motivation to lease an apartment unit
to you in order to increase and/or improve their occupancy rates. However, they also
have an obligation to investors and owners to manage the risks involved when leasing
out their real estate. Paying a larger deposit will allow the management team to
minimize their risk of leasing to someone with bad credit. Perhaps you can use the
assistance of an apartment locator and move for free so that you’re able to pay a larger
deposit by saving money on moving expenses.
  As with other things, renting an apartment can be tough when you have a bad credit
score. However, with discipline and patience, you can improve your credit score and
credit worthiness in order to find the perfect apartment for you.
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