Rendering Weatherproof Characteristics To Your Outdoor Wicker Furnishings by djsgjg0045


									Wicker furniture pieces, especially outdoor wicker sofa sets, are among the most
popular furnishings utilized for outdoor decor. This is due to their light and colorful
aesthetics and they are also known for their ability to facilitate air circulation, which
makes them the most favorite outdoor furniture pieces. However, wicker furnishings,
even those that are used in patios, lawns and other outdoor spaces are not naturally
weatherproof. Frequent exposure to outdoor elements like dust, wind, smoke, sand
and rain could contribute to the early degradation of these furnishings that could make
them unsafe to use especially if they lack protection. Discussed below are some
methods that you could apply to weatherproof your wicker furnishings.

  As outdoor wicker furnishings are subject to dust, sand and other outdoor elements,
it is likely that they would become dirty and moldy. As such, it is vital to periodically
clean your wicker furnishings in order to maintain their functionality and style. With
the use of a portable vacuum cleaner that has a round bristle brush head attached to it,
carefully vacuum your wicker furnishings at least twice a week. This practice will
remove the dust on your wicker furniture pieces as well as the food particles that hide
in the fiber crevices of your resin wicker dining sets. By the end of spring or summer,
bathe your wicker furnishings with warm water and oil soap that is especially
formulated for cleaning wood items. Dry them properly before storing them for the
cold seasons.

  Paint your resin wicker dining sets and sofa with paints that are especially
formulated for wicker furnishings. At least every three years, repaint such furnishings
from top to bottom as well as their undersides and arm seats. Once the paint has dried,
apply two coats of marine varnish to give them a waterproof finish as this substance
could withstand all elements but consistent downpours. Hence, such substance should
be applied every two years. Marine varnish is also efficient in preserving the natural
hue of wicker furnishings made from natural materials like rattan, bamboo and abaca
among others.

  Another practical method of waterproofing your outdoor wicker sofa and dining sets
is by coating them with tung oil. Parallel to marine varnish, tung oil cannot
thoroughly protect your wicker furniture pieces from consistent exposure to
downpours and power washers. However, it could prevent dampness from absorbing
inside your furnishings that could soften and stretch their fibers, making them unsafe
to use. You could apply tung oil with the use of cloth all over your furnishings before
you put them outdoor and again when you are going to store them by the end of the

 Wind is one of the major contributors for dust and grit build up in the crevices of
your wicker outdoor sofa and dining sets that often leads to their early abrasion. To
keep your wicker furnishings away from dust and grits, it would be more preferable to
place them in a sheltered spot in your outdoor space that cannot be accessed by
prevailing winds. However, if your outdoor space does not have a covered spot, it
would be wise to purchase or have custom-made furniture covers for your wicker
furnishings to protect them against outdoor elements. Another option that you could
settle with is to add a retractable canvass, especially if you would be leaving your
furnishings in your lawn or patio.

 During cold seasons, it would be better to store your outdoor wicker sofa and dining
sets indoors. Even if your furnishings are well-coated with marine varnish, they still
cannot withstand the power of frost, ice and snow. If you won't be using them indoors,
make sure to store them in a dry place and have them covered so that you could use
them for next spring. Once you are able to consider all these things, you can be sure
that you'll be able to enjoy the services of your outdoor wicker furnishings much

  If you have an outdoor wicker sofa or resin wicker dining sets sitting on your patio,
it is important that you weatherproof them. Wicker outdoor sofa and dining sets,
especially those made from natural products like rattan and abaca, could not withstand
consistent exposure to outdoor elements. When not in use, store them in a dry place
away from direct sunlight and downpour. Also, repaint them with marine varnish and
tung oil every once in a while to avoid damages.

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