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					Any time you move it will be stressful. This doesn’t matter if you are moving to
another apartment down the hall or across town. But removal companies will try their
best to work with you to make your move less stressful but you can help that process
 As you get closer to the moving day, you will need to make sure the removal
companies can easily get to your house and not be blocking any of the neighbor’s
houses or driveways. Tell your neighbors what day you are going to be moving so
they have all of their vehicles away from your home so the removal companies can
get their moving van as close to the house as possible. Make sure you have adequate
space for them to maneuver around your house, yard, driveway and garage. If they
have to negotiate through a lot of stuff move will take longer and it will cost you
 Make sure the removers have adequate room inside the house to get their dollies or
pads or ramps in place so they can use them. If everything is stacked tight things will
have to be moved before they can actually begin working. And the more times boxes
are moved about, the more chance they have of having something break inside them.
 If you are going to move the appliances then drain the washing machine hoses.
Empty the refrigerator and freezer chest. Make sure any lose parts are stabilized so
they don’t come off along the way. Anything you can do before the removal
companies arrive to make the move easier will benefit everyone. This doesn’t mean
hauling about boxes, but making sure your boxes are well marked with what room
they will go into. Also make sure you mark boxes that contain fragile items with
FRAGILE in very large letters. If it needs to be set a certain way in the moving van
mark it with arrows pointing that direction or write TOP or BOTTOM on the boxes.
 Believe it or not, movers do read those labels. When they have moved all of your
boxes out of the house they may set them outside the van according to size. Then the
driver will direct the movers to bring him boxes so that he is able to pack his truck so
the weight is evenly distributed. It could be a problem if he put all of the weight on
one side of the truck or all of it at one end. When he has the men bring him the
respective boxes they will see your labels and will stack them accordingly. So be
certain you have marked the boxes correctly. If you have a box of crystal glasses at
the bottom of a pile of ten boxes filled with books you may only have shards of
crystal instead of goblets.
 You need the services of a moving company and they need you as a customer so if
you have a symbiotic relationship it helps the entire process.
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