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					Certified Mold Removal 鈥?offers reliable mold remediation NYC with extreme
knowledge in mold inspection and remediation. Certified Mold Removal has its own
process of detecting, inspecting and finding mold remediation. Certified Mold
Removal uses infrared cameras to see clearly what is present behind the walls.
Certified Mold Removal also uses moisture readers to determine the levels of excess
moisture or condensation behind the walls, which will determine the source of a mold
growth 鈥?such as any moisture interference, water damage, etc. Certified Mold
Removal take air samples to check if there is mold in the air, and swab samples off
areas of suspected surface growth itself. Certified Mold Remediation also make a
baseline comparison using particle counters in the home as well as outside to
determine the amount of negative particles that are in elevated levels compared to the
outside of the premises. Within 2-Certified Mold Removal receives the lab results and
submits them to the client, along with a full report from our company detailing the
findings of the technicians, such as:
  1. If mold is present in the property.
  2. The severity of the growth. 3. The treatment process necessary to remove the
  4. How to prevent the mold from reoccurring, along with standard and infrared
images pertaining to your property.
  The cost for the inspection is $550 and that includes the air testing, swab sampling,
infrared technology, moisture readings, a detailed report clarifying the type of mold
present, if it is toxic or non-toxic, how severe the growth is, how fast it is growing as
well as the health symptoms relating to this form of mold. If the mold growth has
escalated to another floor, additional tests are required at a cost of $100/test. If mold
removal is necessary, the $550 gets applied towards the fee of the mold removal.
Certified Mold Removal Service Guarantee: Mold Inspections Five Boros Mold
Specialist will guarantee that upon completion of any mold remediation services
performed, all elevations of fungi and/or mold growth will be removed from affected
areas. In addition Certified Mold Removal guarantees that no new mold will reappear
in the treated areas for up to 2 years from the date of remediation. Should there be a
problem for any reason whatsoever, Certified Mold Removal will send a technician to
the property to address the issue accordingly. All guarantees are in effect once all
pertinent fees are paid in full by the client. More information regarding Mold
Remediation NYC can be read in mold remediation NYC.