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                                     Refurbishment Analysis

                                                              SAVES your money
                                                              SAVES your effort
                                                              SAVES your time
Welcome to the proven best corrosion protection in
the world: it also protects budgets by thousands of
pounds. Give wet paint the brush off.
In any of more than 250 colours, in any of its many textures, Colourgalv protected steel
has all the qualities, features and benefits you’d expect of a state of the art material.

Thirty years technical heritage goes into every millimetre. Up to twenty five years’
guarantee is available with every project.

                                                              Practical as well as on budget
                                                              • Sympathetic to environment through organic
                                                                  coating and being solvent-free -
                                                                  no VOCs.

                                                              • Strong sustainability credentials with negligible
                                                                  waste in the processes

                                                              • Highland is Akzo Nobel / Interpon approved for
                                                                  a galvanized substrate, one of a select few
                                                                  companies in the UK.

                                                              • Highland has one of the largest capabilities to
                                                                  powder coat steelwork in the UK and can
                                                                  accommodate items of 7 x 3 x 1.2 metres and
                                                                  up to 750 kg in weight.

                                                              • Anti-graffiti coating version available, passing the
                                                                  rigorous London Underground test.

Don’t paint yourself into an
expensive corner
For many architects, engineers and specifiers,
excellent corrosion protection is no longer enough.
Colourgalv was launched by Highland Colour
Coaters to provide customers with all the benefits
of galvanized steel plus an extra durability – over
100 years in some cases - and abrasion-resistance
that paint-based systems cannot match.

Galvanizing costs are almost identical to a two-coat
paint system, which may survive for only ten years.
Refurb with Colourgalv and
save money from day one!
Our proven abilities help us provide outstanding options for our clients at
any stage of a job.

At the outset, Highland can conduct a free survey to evaluate the project’s
suitability. We can offer coating solutions expressly devised for individual
problems. Where items can be saved through remedial treatment, we can
save the steel, and where items are corroded beyond repair, we can source
suitable fabricators. If a client - whether private, Local Authority or
otherwise – has no access to direct labour or an independent contractor,
we can make erection services available.

The Colourgalv service is a complete, one-stop solution.

So what’s stopping you calling us?

Affordability you can’t afford to ignore
                                       COLOURGALV DOES WHAT IT SAYS IN THE CASE STUDIES. With
                                       Colourgalv, the extended life of the finished product provides value for
                                       money superior to that of wet paint alternatives, as our portfolio of
                                       independent case studies proves.

                                       We have several recent studies taken from entirely independent research
                                       undertaken by Carr McLean Watson, Quantity Surveyors, Glasgow.

                                       ‘‘ This case investigation.result ofmy team atrigorousstand by
                                                     study is the
                                                                   I, and
                                                                            the most
                                       these results as true and independently produced in every
                                       aspect. The ‘quality’ paint specification was proposed by a UK
                                       recognised industrial paint supplier, and the ‘budget’ paint
                                       specification by the sub-contractors as typical site practice.
                                       Jim Moore, Partner
                                         CARR, McLEAN & WATSON

RESIST the elements • ExTEND the
 Case Study East Linton Guardrails, East Lothian
 Client       East Lothian Council, Road Network                        Options
              Management, Transportation Division                       1. Do nothing – not an option due to danger from
 Contact      Dave Northcott, Senior Structures Officer                    corrosion.
                                                                        2. Paint on site – not an option as steel was beyond on
 Address      John Muir House, Haddington, East Lothian
                                                                           site repair, plus paint would only last months in this
 Phone        01620 827827                                                 environment.
 Fabricator Loaninghill Fabrication Co. Ltd                                Hence guardrail required to be completely replaced
                                                                           with the correct coating specified, or shot-blasted
 Erector      AG Thomson & Sons Ltd                                        and Colourgalv’d. Colourgalv could be used on the
 Project                                                                   uneven shot blasted surface and paint could not.
                                                                           Ultimately the options are a) shot-blast and
 A199 East Linton Pedestrian Guardrails. Road being                        Colourgalv b) fabricate new and Colourgalv
 de-trunked, hence required upgrading. Funded by                           c) fabricate new and wet paint.
 Scottish Executive. 222 number panels, each 2.7m long.
 223 posts, each 2m high. Bracket fixings and bolts to                  3. Fabricate new or shot blast – a cost comparison is
 suit. All badly corroded and in state of disrepair, as per                provided, obviously with shot blasting being a more
 ‘before’ images, below.                                                   sustainable solution as it re-uses old steel.
                                                                        4. Coating – wet paint vs. Colourgalv, a cost comparison
                                                                           is provided, obviously with Colourgalv being a more
                                                                           sustainable solution, lasting up to 25 years until first
                                                                           major maintenance, whereas wet coat paint requires
                                                                           re-coating every 2-5 years in this environment.

 This Case Study is just one of many. We have studies in our archive which correspond with specific problems, such as those dealt with
 in three recent comparative studies made independently by Quantity Surveyors Carr McLean Watson, which objectively demonstrate
 Colourgalv powdercoating’s advantages over wet paint. For details please get in touch.

lifespan • COmBAT the vandals • ImP

  Project Outcome                                               Quality wet paint system vs Colourgalv
  Inevitably East Lothian Council elected to shot-blast and                    Quality
                                                                                Paint      Colourgalv    Colourgalv
  Colourgalv. Not only did they save money, but it also                                                   SAVING
  increased their sustainability credentials by recycling the                  System
  guardrails rather than opting for new fabrication, and         Year 1      £32,435.72    £11,752.70    £20,683.02
  through the application of a highly sustainable, VOC-free
  solution, which protects the steel from corrosion for over     Year 5      £46,869.54         £0       £35,116.84
  50 years. As shown in the ‘after’ images, above.
                                                                 Year 10     £61,303.36         £0       £49,550.66
  Fabricate new vs shot blast
                                                                 Year 15     £75,737.18         £0       £63,984.48
                    Cost to       Cost to      Colourgalv
                   Fabricate     Shot Blast     SAVING           Year 20     £90,171.00         £0       £78,418.30

   222 panels       £27,750        £5,439        £22,311
   223 posts        £3,568         £1,115         £2,453        SAVING
   Total            £31,318        £6,554        £24,764

  Budget wet paint system vs Colourgalv                         ‘‘ When ittake anyto exterior steelwork you
                                                                really can’t
                                                                                   shortcuts as it’s important
                                                                that it complements the surrounding
                     Paint       Colourgalv
                    System                      SAVING          environment and adds to the aesthetics of the
   Year 1         £18,676.68     £11,752.70     £6,923.98
                                                                locale. There can be nothing worse than having
                                                                unsightly, rusting rails and had they been
   Year 5         £28,446.46         £0         £16,693.76
                                                                conventionally re-painted in-situ, there
   Year 10        £38,216.24         £0         £26,463.54      would’ve been no guarantee that the guardrails
   Year 15        £47,986.02         £0         £36,233.32      would not exhibit corrosion within a few years.
   Year 20        £57,755.80         £0         £46,003.10
                                                                ‘‘ By using Colourgalv, the rails will remainto
                                                                corrosion free for 50+ years, and not have
                                                                be re-coated in the first 25 years, saving the
  SAVING                                                        Council thousands of pounds.
                                                                             David Northcott, Senior Structures Officer

PROVE the looks • REDUCE the cost
Colourgalv is provided by Highland from Cumbernauld, close to the
national motorway network, and conveniently placed between
Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Our custom built plant provides galvanizing and powder coating
services under one roof, to the highest standards. Flexibility is another
Colourgalv hallmark and solutions are tailored to specific requirements.

Services include:

• SAVES money from day one
• FREE survey service
• FREE quotations
• COMPLIMENTARY CPD presentations
• Design consultancy
• Fabricators sourced
• Installation service (if required)
• Up to 25 years guarantee
• Order tracking
• Xpress Galvanizing (24 hours)                                Or rethink new build?
• Xpress Colourgalv (on request)                               Get it right first time and specify correctly. Our track
• Specialist transport                                         record is outstanding – and so are the savings.
• Shot blasting and other pre-treatments                       Contact us today.

                                                                                                                          Visualisation by Coevolution. Photographs for illustration purposes only.

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